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Here's chapter 34.
Well just want to say this.
Thanks for suggesting the names. Changes will be made in future translated chapters.
34 Sequel・Growth period
For the time being, let's kill the mouse that I left it because of the "Appraisal".
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Poison Fang LV6』 has become 『Poison Fang LV7』》
Oou. Looks like my fever hasn't end yet. Wonderful. When thinking about my weak status, if you take away my "Poison Fang" from me, then it can be said that I don't have any weapons. My first and last weapon which is the level of my "Poison Fang" is considerably important.  ( 最初にして最後の攻撃手段たる毒牙のレベルはかなり重要ですよ。TL note: not sure with this)
Let's stop today's exploration soon. My red total stamina gauge still has quite an amount but I can't afford to force myself further.
I make a simple home on the spot. Now that I have secure safety, I won't eat the mouse. Still I don't feel hungry because I have eaten that much. It's not that I can't eat anymore, but rather than forcing myself to eat it now, I should save it till I wake up.
Therefore, I lie down with my bottom. Before that, I have something to do before sleeping.
Nyoron. ( にょろーん。) Uneune. ( うねうね。) Nyun. ( にゅーん。)
It's not like I'm doing something indecent. I'm practicing "Thread Manipulation". What I was able to understand when practicing was that I can only manipulate 1 thread. It can only move as an earthworm wriggles. The range I can manipulate it is quite wide as long as the thread touches my body. The consumed MP is insignificant. That's what I understand.
For the time being, at the current stage, it doesn't seem to be useful in battle. Therefore, before sleeping, I practiced while MP is consumed and raise my skill level steadily. If the level rises, it's ability should also rise. Because "Appraisal" was a child who is capable, so "Thread Manipulation" should be usable when it reaches around level 6. But the journey to there might be slightly long.
When its level rises, I want to try out various things. Like the protective clothing that I gave up before or a way to kill using it or redevelop the enemy searching thread because of the "Detect". My dream spreads in various ways.
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thread Manipulation LV1』 has become 『Thread Manipulation LV2』》
Level up as soon as I say it!
Nyororon. ( にょろろーん。) Uneuneune. ( うねうねうね。) Nyuuun. ( にゅーううん。)
I see. The movement is not bad. Really outrageous. The level rose and the movement improved a little. Still, it hasn't reach the level suitable for battle, but the movement improves remarkably. It might be usable earlier than expected. 
I still have an amount of MP, so I will earn skill proficiency until I reach my limit.

Fua. Ah, I slept well. After all, I end up persisting until my MP almost exhausted and my "Thread Manipulation" manage to reach level 3. I intended to do it until my MP is fully exhausted, but when I'm running short of MP, I felt that it's dangerous to continue. Though I don't know what's dangerous about it, but I stopped my practice because I instinctively knew it would be dangerous if I ran out of MP.
After sleeping overnight, my MP is completely restored. Un. Like this, I can practice "Thread Manipulation" before sleeping without any problems.
No, wait. After all, it's fully recovered, so shouldn't I do it after waking up too? At any rate, I don't use MP usually and if it recovers through time progression, then won't it recover when I'm in the middle of hunting? Un. That seems to be more efficient. If there's a problem, then I can change it to practice before sleep only starting from tomorrow. You'll never know unless you try.
Thus, I practice my "Thread Manipulation". When my MP almost reaches its limit,
《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Thread Manipulation LV3』 has become 『Thread Manipulation LV4』》
I heard the voice of heaven.
Yosh yosh. Everything's going well. Because of my MP is almost exhausted, I can't confirm how much the movement improved. But it has already reach level 4, so it should be able to move well. Still, it's not usable in battle yet, but in the simple home, it might be possible to experiment on making protective clothing. I'm looking forward for tonight.
Now then, let's have breakfast. The menu is the yesterday's mouse. Well then, itadakimasu.
Umu. It's bad. Even if I eat, there's no change in MP. It looks like MP doesn't recover by taking meals. Because there might be something like MP restorative medicine, so perhaps, there are ingredients that can recover MP by eating it. The meat of the monster with high magical powers seems to be able to recover. Well, up until now, I have never happen to meet a monster that can use magic-like magic (魔法らしい魔法). 
However, after I evolved, I'm in good form. My skills keep on leveling and I was able to acquire new t.i.tles. It can be said that the wave has come. It's like the era is telling me to shine. Fufufu. There's nothing that can stop me now! Fuhehe. I will become stronger with this condition and I will advance steadily in the labyrinth. I already know that this labyrinth is wide and there's nothing that I can do but to look for the exit. Well now, my brilliant day begins! Uhehe.

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