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Here's chapter 30.
Still haven't fully recovered so no second chapter today. No release on tomorrow too. I think I need to rest properly. Now back to the chapter. Here are the skill names used in this chapter (Suggest if you have a better one):
毒爪 = Poison Claw 操糸 = Control Thread HP自動回復 = Automatic HP Recovery SP消費緩和 = SP Consumption Down 探知 = Detection

30 Let's acquire a new skill!
Well, now that my skill points has increased, I want to acquire a new skill. But this is bad if I don't do it carefully. There's the "Appraisal" too and I would end up regretting if I simply decide what to pick.
For the time being, I want to focus on thinking after safety is secured. I ignore the remains of the frog which I have finished eating and quickly build a simple home. I'm already skillful to be able to make a simple home like an odd job.  ( もはや簡易ホームくらいなら片手間で作れるくらいに手馴れた。TL note: not sure about this)
Yosh. With this, I can concentrate.
First, the skills that I shouldn't acquire. I should refrain from acquiring anything that's related with magic because there's the case of "Heresy Magic". I can clearly see that the pattern where I don't know how to use it and it will end up useless. I will also exclude all the skills that its effect can't be known just by looking at its name.
Next, I also shouldn't acquire skills that I seem to be able to acquire it myself. When thinking based on my experience up until now, each skill has its own skill proficiency. Once the skill proficiency reach a certain degree, the skill level will rise. I think that the skill proficiency will still increase even if the skill level is less than 1 and once it reach a minimal required value, a new skill will be acquired. It might be a feature only for the resistance skill because up until now, all the skills I acquired through this way are all resistance skills. But if I can acquire it by myself, there's no need to use my skill points for it.
When thinking so, I think that it was not a mistake to have acquired "Appraisal". After all, I don't know how to raise the "Appraisal" skill proficiency from 0. In addition, unlike magic, I know how to use it. The "Appraisal" might be rare skill even though I have been saying that it's useless.
After thinking about it, the skill that I should acquire must be a skill that I know how to use and skill that's difficult to acquire by myself. I feel that the conditions is quite severe. In the first place, with only the skill's name, acquiring a skill without knowing its effect is a very scary system. I need to continue inquiring about the name from the voice of heaven so that I can confirm it.
Though I have tried it before, I need to request about the skill that I want to acquire to the voice of heaven in case when skill points is consumed and a skill is acquired.  ( 前にも試したけど、スキルポイントを消費してスキルを得る場合、該当するスキル名を取得したいと天の声(仮)に申請しないといけない。 TL note: not sure too) The voice of heaven will react when there's such a skill name but the voice of heaven will remain silent when there's no such skill name. Therefore, I must inquire steadily whether there's such a skill or not from the voice of heaven.
Because I often inquiry when I'm free, some skill names are confirmed. I think I will acquire the skill that matches the conditions from that. 
There are 5 choices. Poison Claw Control Thread Automatic HP Recovery SP Consumption Down Detection
"Poison Claw" and "Control Thread" are skills that I can use to strengthen my skills. "Poison Claw" is similar as "Poison Fang". Just that its a claw version. "Control Thread" is a support skill to use my "Spider Thread" more efficiently. If there's a problem then it's that the "Poison Claw" is considerably weaker than "Poison Fang" after acquisition. "Control Thread", I don't know whether I know the way to use it or not.
"Automatic HP Recovery" and "SP Consumption Down" are both support skills. The effects are probably just as its name and I think having it will make things considerably convenient.
Last, "Detection" is quite a risk. After all, I want to take measures against surprise attack if I were to live in this dungeon. Though it's the skill for that, the effect that I demand from this skill is doubtful and the way to use it is also doubtful.  ( そのためのスキルなんだけど、私が求めてる効果がこのスキルにあるのか微妙だし、使い方が分かるかどうかも微妙なライン。TL note: don't know about this) I think that it will become some sort of bet to acquire this skill.
Though there were other skills that I want, this was the lineup after I took the use of the skills. Still, I didn't think to pursue romance in this situation which my life hangs on it. What's left are skills that I want but lack of skill points. Like "Immortality". No matter how I think, the necessary skill points for it is way much higher.
Un. I'm at loss. After all, rather than developing new strategies, I'm currently on the path of strengthening my strategies. Well, there's no help for it to prevent it meddling with an incompetent skill.  ( まあ、それも下手なスキルに手を出して痛い目を見ないようにするには仕方ないんだけどね。TL note: not sure about this) That's why I think I should remove "Automatic HP Recovery" from the choices for the time being. After all, in my case, the possibility that I will die if my HP decreases is high. Since I want to stick with the a.s.sa.s.sin style, I must avoid any situation that can decrease my HP.
If that's the case then, two from the remaining four. What would I do? The "SP Consumption Down" is the only one without demerits. It feels too safe. If I have "Poison Claw", then I can develop a lot of strategies but it seems hard to raise its level. The "Control Thread" is useful if I can use it but if I can't use it, the damage is large. The "Detection" is more like a gamble.
Mumumu. Umu. Yosh, I have decided it.
《Currently you have 200 skill points. The skill 『Control Thread LV1』 can be acquired by spending 100 skill points. Do you want to acquire it?》
《『Control Thread LV1』 was acquired. Remaining skill points 100》

《Currently you have 100 skill points. The skill 『Detection LV1』 can be acquired by spending 100 skill points. Do you want to acquire it?》
《『Detection LV1』 was acquired. Remaining skill point 0》
I acquired "Control Thread" and "Detection". I have chosen the two skills that has the highest gambling element in it even though I said that I won't take the risk because my life hangs on it. Ah, maybe I'm not suitable for gambling. Anyway, it can't be helped for what I have chose.  Let's pray that I can use this two. If it's not usable, I'll cry. Though I don't know whether tears fall from the spider's eyes or not.

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