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Here's chapter 26.
Next one coming up soon.

26 De-hikki plan

Several days have pa.s.sed since I defeated the snake.
But I don't know the accurate amount of days pa.s.sed because I'm in the dungeon.
In the meantime, I'm living idly.
I can't seem to finish eating the snake and because of the new food get caught in the web, it's impossible to move from here.
At first, I thought that this a vacation, but this might be bad.
At this rate, I will return back to become a Hikki. (TL note: Hikikomori/shut-in)

I took a glance at the mountain of preys that I killed in these past several days.
Mountain. Yes, it's a mountain.
It's not Yamada. (TL note: In the previous sentence, she used 山だ and now she uses 山田. Basically, a pun)
That reminds me of the Yamada-kun in the cla.s.s of my previous life.
No, now, it's just something trivial.

Anyway, the preys are stacking up and becomes a mountain at that place.
It became like this because I killed all the monsters that got caught in the web.
When I was in my home, I ate it as soon as I caught it. But I don't want to set my hands on another prey until I finish eating the snake so I decided to keep it for the time being. And so it became like this.

I was able to killed it easily because there was no monsters like the snake.
Among them, there was a level 6 monster and there's a considerably strong monster too but they are now part of the mountain.
Well, it may not be strong even if it's level is high.

My level is 9.
I'm equal with the snake in level.
But, the snake is overwhelmingly stronger than me in battle ability.
On the contrary, I'm confident that I can't win against a lower level monster without using my threads.

In my opinion, I think that the most important thing in measuring one's strength is the type of the species.
Even in the same level, if the opponent is a higher ranked species, there may not be any chance to win.
The only time where superiority and inferiority is decided by levels is when the opponent is from the same species.
The one I know is probably the huge spider that should be the strongest. Supposing the huge spider is level 1, there's no way I can win against it.
Against such large build, I would die easily no matter how hard I try even if it's level 1.
It's better to think that the difference in level as a reference.

When thinking so, there's a gap more than the level difference between the snake and me.
Actually, I manage to win because I happen to build my simple home but if I were to encounter it without preparations, there's no way I can win.
It can be said that I'm considerably lucky.

As for the snake now, about three-quarter has disappear into my stomach.
Should I think that I have ate three-quarter of the large build? or should I think that there's still a quarter remaining?
There's still the corpse of the monsters which piled up like a mountain, so I should say that there's still a quarter remaining.

With this much stored, it might start to rot before I eat it.
Well, I don't think I would have a stomach ache even if I ate rotten things because I have "Corrosion Resistance".
I rather prefer it to be slightly rotten because it might raise my skill level.
The taste?
I can endure eating it now because I have ate the poison monsters that taste bad continuously.

It looks like it's impossible to move until I finish digesting all these foods.
As long as I can finish eating the snake, I can somehow reduce the number of food because there's no large monster among it.
Or perhaps I should say that I would really return back to a Hikki if I don't finish eating.
I thought that here was only a simple home and yet this is becoming the same as the previous home due to the duration of my stay increased.

Isn't it because the home became excellent since it caught a lot of preys excessively?
Still, even a monster won't try to attack my solid home.
In my previous home, I use threads that's hard to see as much as possible because it's solely for catching preys. But now, in this simple home, I never set up such threads because this home is acting as a defense.

When I'm thinking about it, a vibration is transmitted from the thread.
It looks like something got caught in the web.
Food will increase again.
I didn't imagine that I would be troubled with such gluttony.

For the time being, I head towards my prey.
It's struggling with quite a strong power, is it a big one?
If it becomes so, then my withdrawal period will get longer again.
If possible I would prefer a small one but it's just a luxurious worry.

『Elro Randanel LV3 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV3 Failed to appraise its status』
『Elro Randanel LV4 Failed to appraise its status』

3 monsters were caught in the web.
Ah, it's the three guys that I caught before in my previous home.
Are these three monsters one set?
However, the quant.i.ty might be bigger than catching a big one.
I mean the quant.i.ty of meat.

For the time being, I strengthen the restraint by adding threads and I carry all three of them with a web.
Removing this web is the new technique I learned after coming here.
It's convenient because I don't need to separate a part of the web one by one.

I set up a new web and head back to the center of the home carrying the monsters.
Ugh, as expected, it's heavy when there's 3 of them.
I should have carry it one by one without being reluctant to do it.

Dossei! ( どっせい!)
Ah, it was heavy.
My body started to feel pain.
Even my HP decreases plainly.
I will have them compensate for this anger.
Though it's considerably unreasonable, I don't care about it.

Thus, Chomp, Chomp, Chomp!

《Experience points has reached a certain degree. Individual, Small Lesser Taratect LV9 has became LV10》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》
《Skill points gained》
《Conditions met. Individual, Small Lesser Taratect can evolve》

.... What?

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