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257 – Writing is wonderful

If I can’t talk then why don’t I just convey it with writing! I’m such a genius. If I just convey what I want to say in a book beforehand, then I don’t need to have any unnecessary conversations. After I do that then I just have to get the other party to read the book of their own accord. In addition, while they’re reading the book, I don’t even have to be nearby anyway.

I quickly got engrossed in writing books. Now I can even attack the ones I’ve been hesitant to get in contact with previously! Yahoo!

First is imouto-chan. From now on I’ll arrange it so that imouto-chan will secretly support Natsume-kun’s actions. Well, I don’t intend for her to get too involved though. Ultimately I will consider myself lucky if imouto-chan is able to gain a Ruler skill. I better not view imouto-chan as a p.a.w.n. I dunno when her love for her brother might run wild and she’ll betray me after all.

Therefore, I will hand over some simple written instructions that’s more like a memo.

「What is this?」

I simply say that and depart quickly. If I carelessly allow the conversation to continue she’ll start blabbering on about her onii-sama. Once that happens it’ll take at least about an hour before I can free myself. An hour of horror. I don’t have time for that.

While I’m at it, I go take a peek on Natsume-kun’s condition.

…Let’s pretend I didn’t see that. Would even a drug addict get that bad? Is this really okay? Hmm. Well, if he’s able to get a Ruler skill, I’ll then just dispose of him at an appropriate point. Please wait in antic.i.p.ation of Natsume-kun’s actions next time.

Now then, next is Argnar. Shutting the elves out from the demon territory is now almost entirely successful. The dangerous elements amongst the demons have been completely eliminated across the board. To be honest there’s not much left for Argnar to do. I guess I can just have him make preparations for war. At the rate things are going, it seems that I’ll be able to pull the humans into a large scale war in a few more years.

When the war is over, next will be to go destroy the elf village. I have decided this. However, Potimas is obviously not going to drop dead that easily. Based on the intelligence from my clones inside the barrier, I know the internal conditions of the elf village well enough, but there’s a critical place I’ve not been able to infiltrate. Namely, the place where Potimas’s real body is. It’s not so much about the infiltration itself, but that I’ve still been unable to determine where it might be. It sure seems like he’s been hidden carefully. After all, even after all this time, he’s been able to elude both Kuro and the Demon King and is still alive. Well, in Kuro’s case I’m sure that he’s simply been hesitating about whether to destroy Potimas or not though.

Once I locate Potimas’s real body, I’ll get rid of him. The preparations for that will probably be completed after the war has ended. Well, there’s no need to hurry. I can just slowly build up the siege.

In order get another side to partic.i.p.ate in that siege, I gotta go call out to them then. I’ve been putting it off until now, but I’ll have to make contact sooner or later. He’s probably the most abstruse person I’ll face apart from Potimas, so I gotta be prudent.

I’m about to get in contact with the pope of the Divine Word Religion. He’s also the Ruler of Temperance. To be able to destroy the System I need the Ruler authorities and he is one of the people who possess that.

Based on the intelligence gathering of my clones, I have good idea of what objectives the pope is working towards. It’s probably similar to Argnar’s. Like how Argnar wants the demons to survive no matter what, the pope wants the humans to survive no matter what. However, unlike Argnar, the pope is a Ruler. In addition, if the Demon King is correct, he’s also maxed Taboo. He’s maxed Taboo, yet he still wants the humans to survive. That’s not possible with an ordinary resolve. Depending on the situation, he’s capable of being a much more troublesome enemy than Potimas.

I’m writing a book. It’s become quite lengthy. The contents are, the current state of the world, regarding the reincarnators, the forthcoming movements of the demons, my efforts to bring about the destruction of the elves and a request to join in that.

I’m sure the pope already understands about the current state of the world. Otherwise, I don’t see why he would have initiated a war with the G.o.ddess religion. Over the ages, no matter the world, it’s always the case that religious wars become a mess. There’s not many people who would ever go through religious conversion anyway, and no matter how much they struggle bad feelings still remain. Particularly in this case, since though the Divine Word Religion and the G.o.ddess Religion have different dogmas, they revere the same G.o.d. There’s no way the pope doesn’t know that. On top of shouldering all sorts of risks, to still pursue a plan of reducing the power of the G.o.ddess Religion at this time, is a decision that he must have reached precisely because he has a clear understanding of the current status of the world.

In the case of the reincarnators as well, I think he has has a certain degree of comprehension. At any rate, the pope is commandeering the reincarnators after all. He’s sure to have spoken to them. As a small supplementary addition to the contents, I guess I’ll add notes on why the reincarnators ended up reincarnating and anecdotes on the Hero and Demon King from the previous generation. I’ll avoid touching upon D. It’s better that way. Knowing about that could cause a disaster. After all, she’s seriously an evil G.o.d. Imagine if such a G.o.d decided to seize the lifeline of this world, eh? That pope, would probably get holes in his stomach from stress I guess?

What I wrote about the forthcoming movements of the demons, it’s pretty much half guesswork. I want to make sure of how the pope interprets and reacts to that. If he abuses that information to attempt to obstruct me, then I’ll have to show no mercy unfortunately. To be blunt though, no matter how the pope reacts, it won’t have any affect on the war. The Demon King’s strength surpa.s.ses anything in this world. Even the cheat enabled reincarnators, are no match for the Demon King. Just by herself the Demon King could destroy half the world. Obviously so long as there’s no intervention from either Kuro or myself. Against that Demon King, whatever the pope decides won’t actually amount to much at all. Either way, the outcome won’t change.

Yes, the outcome won’t change. Whether he opposes avoiding the war, or whether he a.s.sists with annihilating the elves, there’ll be no change in the end result for the pope. For my final objective, I need the Ruler authorities. And the pope will probably not accept that. That being the case, I’ll have no choice but to kill him and steal it from him.

I teleport and appear right in front of the pope. Just when he appears to be in discussion with Kusama-kun, one of the reincarnators.

「Who might you be?」

The pope is unshaken, but still poses his question cautiously. Kusama-kun is clearly shaken and his voice quavers. There’s sure a gap between them in dignity.


I leave the book I wrote there. And then I teleport away. What happens next is up to the pope. Now then, I wonder how it’ll turn out?

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