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244 – This yandere imouto is so in love I can’t get through to her

Hmm. Though I want to prevail upon her, with my non-existent communications skills, will I really be able to have a proper conversation with imouto-chan here? I’ve basically got no confidence, okay?

Besides, for imouto-chan here, from what I’ve seen through my monitoring, her communication skills are also weak, though not as much as mine. Basically, she’s a yandere with a brother complex. So isn’t it a high degree of difficulty even for normal people to be able to communicate with her? So what about me then? Seems impossible right?

Thus, my deliberations last one hundredth of a second. Imouto-chan takes the initiative. Draw! Activate magic card! … I just wanted to try saying it, okay.

Imouto-chan has activated her magic. Hmm? This is poison magic huh. Also, isn’t this quite high level? She’s totally intending to kill, right? A poison mist fills the room. Well, that level of magic isn’t going to have any affect on me though.


Ah, c.r.a.p. Natsume-kun is making a breathing sound that you wouldn’t normally hear. He’s gonna die, he’s gonna die. I plan to use him then throw away eventually, but it’ll be annoying if I let him die now.

I interfere with the magic construction, it then disintegrates. Poison magic is a completely original magic skill sourced from the System, but it’s still possible for me to make it disintegrate at least. I can’t use it myself though. To not be able to use something I could use before, is quite a strange feeling. I guess I’d gotten rather attached to it huh.

「Wheeze, wheeze!」

Hey, he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die. Like a carp dying out of water Natsume-kun’s mouth is flapping open and closed, so I perform healing.

While I’m doing that imouto-chan thrusts a short sword at me with one hand.

Scarey-y. This girl’s killing intent is so huge it’s crazy-y. Well, that blade isn’t going to reach me though.


Imouto-chan comes to an unnatural seeming stop. h.e.l.lo, welcome to the spider’s web. Imouto-chan has gotten trapped in the spider threads spread out right in front of me, which is why she’s currently unable to move at all. Capture complete.

Or so I thought but this girl is surprisingly capable. It seems like the instant she realised that her body wouldn’t move anymore, she had already determined that she was being restrained by threads so fine that they couldn’t be seen. A chill radiates from imouto-chan’s body. Oh you can use cold magic as well huh. I guess her scheme is to freeze my threads, so that she can then break them and undo the constraint.

Too bad. Before my apotheosis that might have been possible, but now there’s n.o.body in this world except Kuro who could do something about my threads. Right now, even Kuro is partly sealed away in another dimension. Thus, there is n.o.body who can break out from my threads. It’s true enough that before my apotheosis that my threads were weak to water though.

Muhaha. Do not think of my current threads as merely being threads. Me = threads + poison, basically, so threads are an important part of my ident.i.ty. Of course I would not neglect to improve my threads. My current threads already half exceeded the laws of physics, as the threads themselves are half changed into a different dimension, having become a curiosity that is half material and half empty s.p.a.ce. I’m sure you don’t really understand from just hearing that, but the point is that it’s as if the structure of the threads are formulated at a microscopic scale. If you try to destroy these threads with the power of simple physical or magic skills it’s impossible, unless you have the power to destroy s.p.a.ce itself. While it is theoretically possible to destroy them with pure brute force, it’d be impossible without the physical strength of someone of the Super Vegetable-World cla.s.s.

The temperature of the room is currently falling steadily, but even now there’s no ice forming on my threads. Judging that it’s impossible to freeze my threads as things are, imouto-chan changes her target to me. A small spear of ice forms right in front of imouto-chan, then it’s fired.

Incidentally, imouto-chan and I are positioned about one meter apart so it’s pretty much point-blank range. Normally, if magic was fired off at this range it’d be unavoidable. Normally, that is.


Imouto-chan is shocked. All I did was, simply to open my eyes. With just that, the spear of ice that was flying towards me at high speed was helplessly smashed.

I wonder if I’ve overdone things with my Evil Eyes. As the end result of continuously improving my clones to make them more powerful, this has meant they’ve become stuffed full of various functions. One of those, is the automatic interception of any attacks within my field of vision. The practical application of my Attract-Repulse Evil Eyes that I had installed, applies to attacks within my field of vision without concern to my will, which are automatically repulsed and eliminated. In addition, with Fluoroscopy my “field of vision” has no blind spots. In short, no matter where it comes from it can be intercepted. With these, should the day come that friendly fire is judged as hostile, then some terrible injury will likely occur. For example, if the Demon King comes at me with a playful strike she’d be blown away. Well, since the function is intentionally disabled when my eyes are closed it should be fine.


Oops. Ability number 2, evocation of terror also overdid its job huh. Whoopsy daisy. With her brief lifetime experience, the impact of my eyes is too strong for imouto-chan. Even an elite demon such as Argnar succ.u.mbed to terror from them. It’s too harsh on a child.

Oh dear. You’ve done it now. Well, this room is Natsume-kun’s though, so Natsume-kun will be cleaning it up, so whatever. I did the same for the vampire girl back then, so I shall kindly pretend to have not seen it. Indeed, let’s do that.

Ah, Natsume-kun, you still alive? Not frozen to death? To the body lying down near my feet, I administer a light kick. That more or less sounded like a groan so he’s alive. Yup, he won’t die easily.

Imouto-chan is bound by the threads so can barely move, and is lightly shaking her head from side to side as if in fear. Ah, isn’t this going to engrave a deep trauma into her? Well, never mind. Rather than simply explaining, it’s simpler if terror makes her do what I ask. Particularly for this girl who attacks first and asks questions later.

Seriously, what is with this girl? She suddenly just tried to kill me. Is it that? Because I protected Natsume-kun, her target? It’s not like I wanted to you know.

Yamada-kun, your imouto-chan is far more extreme and dangerous than you realise. Be careful you don’t get stabbed in future okay? I’m actually pretty serious here.


Translation notes:

“Draw! Activate magic card!” – a Yu-Gi-Oh reference.

For “Super Vegetable-World” read “super saiyan” (or super saiya-jin) as the reference. Yep.

“Fluoroscopy” (透視) hasn’t been translated very consistently but it first appeared in chapter 124 and perhaps most obviously in chapter 202 when Shiro decided to keep her G.o.d eyes closed by default.

“Playful strike” – literally “skinship attack”, ie rough-and-tumble type playful fighting.

“I did the same for the vampire girl back then” – a reference to chapter 208 when baby Sophia wet herself.

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