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238 – Academy × 2

The ojii-sama absolutely gave it his all. Against the overwhelming difference in status, he was able to close the gap with willpower alone. I’d never expected him to hold out that much. To the extent that it’s a bit of a shame for him to be left in a world like this. To the end he always did his best, and was cut down by ogre-kun. I’ll just say that his last moments were beyond splendid.

What’s curious is ogre-kun, as it seems that at the end his sanity instantly recovered. Hrm. It seems that he’s not actually been completely swallowed up by Wrath yet? Maybe even now it’s still possible for him to turn back to how he was. Though saying that, I got no idea how though. It’s possible that Kuro would know, but he’s all sealed up though. Sorry, ogre-kun. There is nothing I can do for you. Good luck.

With such feelings I’m leaving ogre-kun alone for a while. The other problems are at the human academy and at the demon academy.

At the demon academy, I guess you could say that the problem is the vampire girl building a reverse harem, and then sucking their blood. The impression I got, is that when she’s sucking their blood they’re being mesmerized by hypnotism, or something? Somehow the ones who have their blood sucked don’t remember, it seems. Hmm-mm. In that case, well, is there a problem?

The vampire girl is a vampire after all. Being a vampire basically means having to suck blood you know. If anything, until now she’s been sucking too little instead. Apart from what I made her drink she hadn’t ever drunk anything on her own.

Going in hand with her body’s growth, have her instincts as a vampire also blossomed in that respect? For some reason or another, the act of sucking blood has the sense of being erotic, so it seems plausible that around the time of p.u.b.erty that changes will occur. Well, either way, I guess it’s faster to ask her directly.

「Blood? Yes, I’m sucking it.」

She gives a light reply with a sense of “what of it?”. Ah, somehow I know without even asking. Vampire girl, it’s your debut as a genuine vampire. That’s what that light reply indicates. In short, compared to vampire girl’s human consciousness, her vampire consciousness has become the stronger one.

The soul is pulled by the body. Even with the same soul, if the body changes, and the soul lives for a long time in that body then the soul will be pulled along and also change gradually. Vampire girl used to be human. But, now she’s a vampire. She has her memories of when she was still a human, with such instincts remaining as well, but now she’s living as a vampire. Obviously, her soul will become more vampire than human.

For the vampire girl, her way of thinking as a vampire is already strong. Her resistance to sucking blood has gone away. Think of her sucking the blood of her reverse harem members as being on the level of an afternoon snack. She sure has fallen.

In this, maybe I am also part of the reason why. For the vampire girl to have awoken her vampire consciousness to be this natural, maybe compared to when she was a human there was too big a divergence. From when she was young she has been trained by me, and her soul has been continuously upgraded after all. So, it was just too big a change compared to when she was human and most of her old self is now gone. Hah hah hah.

Well, there’s no harm in it. Since she was actually born as a vampire, she has to live her whole life as a vampire after all. If she had her human consciousness around forever it would just get in the way after all. Compared to the time when I once worried about Mera, having total awareness as a vampire and acting on it is many times better I’d say. Basically, do it even more! So for the vampire girl, all is well.

Sensei on the other hand, seems to be meeting with someone. To sensei’s side is a body that Potimas is operating. It sure seems that that he’s up to something in the country called the Anareich Kingdom. While I don’t know the exact details involved, it’s clearly nothing decent. I gotta strengthen the monitoring. I make my clones secretly pursue after those two. Their destination, is the royal castle of all things. In a room in the royal castle, sensei and Potimas meet with two children.

「When sensei has given a self-introduction I think it’s common courtesy to give your name as well you kno~ow.」
「Excuse me. I am the fourth prince of this country, Shurein Zagan Anareich.」
「I am the eldest daughter of Duke Anabald, Karnatia Seri Anabald.」

Well. These two are ones I’d marked as possibly being reincarnators. Since I had prioritised sensei, I hadn’t looked too deeply into the royal castle, so it feels like things have developed in an unexpected direction in an unexpected place. As for why I’ve not looked too deeply into the royal castle, there’s one other reason.

「I see, I see. A prince and a d.u.c.h.ess is i~it. How ni~ice. I’m so in moe~e.」
「It can’t be, Oka-chan!?」
「You mustn’t use -chan on sensei you kno~ow? But you’re ri~ight.」

Confirmed. Ahh, reincarnating as a prince and d.u.c.h.ess huh. What’s with you being winners in life from the moment you’re born. What about me who was born as a spider monster in a labyrinth? Discrimination, much?

「So, would you mind telling me your names from your previous lives the~en?」
「Ah, I’m Yamada Shunsuke.」
「I’m Ooshima Kanata.」

Bwha!? Gak, gough! I unconsciously choked.

Whatcha playing at D!!??

Heeeyyy! Ooshima-kun? What’s with the s.e.x change? Umm, well, since he was reborn I guess a change of gender isn’t that strange, but still. But, this, D totally did it on purpose right?

Eeehhh? Sensei, this isn’t the time to be going “I’m so in moe~e”. It’s a big problem. What’re we gonna do about this? Well, there’s nothing that can be done though.

Ah. What type of person was Ooshima-kun again? Hmm-mm. Ah, I remember. There was one time he confessed to me. Well, to be precise it was to Wakaba Hiiro though.

That memory, isn’t a particularly happy memory though. Ooshima-kun, came to confess with the a.s.sumption that he’d be completely rejected you know. After being shot down, he easily withdrew saying “I figured as much”. However, perhaps what was unfortunate for Ooshima-kun, was that from this point D kept an eye out on him.

Gender ident.i.ty disorder, is not quite what it was, but Ooshima-kun wasn’t really interested in the opposite s.e.x. Boys are wild beasts. In comparison, Ooshima-kun had little desire for such things. The full realisation of that, came from observing him after the confession. The way in which he looked at girls was different to the other boys. In addition, I suspect that Ooshima-kun himself was aware, of just how abnormal he was in comparison.

That is why, he confessed to Wakaba Hiiro with the a.s.sumption of being rejected. He wanted to establish the fact that he was rejected by a girl. Thus, he chose the one who’d most definitely reject him. If he established the fact that he’d confessed, he would then be able to conceal his abnormality of not being interested in girls. If he’s rejected then there’s no need to go dating either, it’s then convenient instead. It was a hopeless confession from the start, and unsurprisingly he was completed rejected. He created that situation.

It’s sure not that pleasant a feeling. In short, even though he wasn’t in love at all, it’s the case that I was used to be confessed to after all. Even if that wasn’t actually me, I still actually have the memory of that. Did both D and I have the same feelings I wonder? In that case, maybe Ooshima-kun had his gender swapped as a bit of hara.s.sment. I’m sure that D, is more than capable of doing that.

Hmm. That being said, it’s certainly the case that D takes a special perspective on things you know. Even if that’s treating someone as a plaything. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had trained that strange skill you know. “Commence strict monitoring of the target”, or something.

And then, there’s one more person I’m worried about. Yamada-kun’s little sister. In this country, originally there were three people who I had marked as possibly being reincarnators. Born at almost the same time, the three people who were called geniuses. Though it’s the case that two of them were actually reincarnators, the last person was excluded by sensei. She’d probably investigated by using the Ruler Authority I’d guess.

Though she’s not a reincarnator, she’s a genius rivalling a reincarnator. I’m worried. I guess I should investigate that little sister a bit.


Translation notes:

It’s a bit hard to describe Oka-chan’s original way of speaking. She often adds a cute emphasis at the end of sentences – so I used drawn out vowels and a ~ character for that. I’m sure most readers here know what “moe” means in this context but Oka-chan uses the verb form (moeru) instead, which I decided to translate as “I’m so in moe”.

The lines spoken by Oka-chan, Shunsuke and Kanata in this chapter are mostly originally from chapter S11, though in that chapter we don’t actually see them give their original names though it obviously happened around then.

Karnatia’s name has previously been written as “Carnatia” but since her nick-name is written as “Katia” and her viewpoint perspective chapters are K1 and K2 I changed the C to a K.

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