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230 – I have been too naive

I, have been too naive. So naive it makes chocolate seem bitter in comparison.

Since becoming a G.o.d, the only one capable of opposing me is Kuro. Even with Kuro, if I can avoid a direct confrontation then I reckon I can do whatever I like. In reality it is like that too, though Kuro has continued to be cautious of me, he’s not perceiving me as an enemy. Since the start I’ve not recognised anybody else as having the potential to become my enemy, so there’s a gap in the response between us. To plug the gap in power between us I need time to build up my resources, and shall put them to good use. Even if it seems about to turn into a direct battle, I have some tricks prepared. For these reasons, n.o.body exists who can rival me on this world. Or so I thought.

So naive. So naive it makes soft cream seem bitter in comparison.

I might be G.o.d but I’m far from omnipotent. I’m just a bit strong. The proof is in the existence of Kuro who is not able to do much about this world. I should have thought a bit more deeply about this. Even if I had considered it, maybe nothing would have been any different though. And yet, I still have regrets.

I should have known. The depths of malice that people can have. Just how vicious the humans of this world can be. What I absolutely need to be vigilant against, is not simply people’s strength, but rather just how cruel their feelings can become instead. I should have known, yet I looked down on it.

So naive. So naive it makes raw sugar seem bitter in comparison.

The 4th army lead by the hoodlum has launched an a.s.sault on the 7th army. The 7th army which thought itself to be nearly ready for its own a.s.sault, instead found itself to be on the receiving side of a surprise attack, and are responding while terrified. Consequently, their defensive formation couldn’t be established correctly, and their defence line was breached with ease. At that point the defending side lost the majority of their advantage, and the battlefield turned into an all-around melee. In that event, the outcome was reflected by who had the highest morale. Though their armies were equal in strength, it was between the 4th army who were attacking with full preparation, versus the 7th army confused by being attacked when they were preparing to go on the attack. There was a clear difference.

That being said, it was just the opening stage, and the 7th army was able to regroup as combat entered the middle stage. I guess you could say it should be expected of a professional warmonger. Well, the initial loss was large even still, so no matter how they regrouped they were gradually worn down. The 4th army also did not attempt to forcibly attack in one big wave, instead switching to careful attacks to avoid exhaustion. Maybe, when the 7th army regrouped, if it had used continuous aggressive attacks, heavy losses might have been inflicted. The commander kept hotheadedness on the field in check, giving out clear orders. Not bad, hoodlum.

The outcome of the battle became clear. All that was left was how the 7th army commander Warkis would respond. If they resisted to the bitter end they would be annihilated. If they surrendered it would end there. Either way the leader Warkis would lose his life, but surrender was better in terms of saving the rank and file. The question was, what about the disguised man. As much as my clones searched, there was no hint of him on the battlefield. Would he realise the danger right away and flee?

That prediction, was half right, and half wrong.

There was a group who tried to break through the 4th army’s encirclement. Though few in number, with clever magic to open a gap in the encirclement, they still tried to escape somehow. The common trait of that group, was that they all had hoods concealing their faces.

It was clearly a group of elves. So I concluded, and sent my clones towards them. Though it’s fine to leave them to the 4th army, I’d like to at least grab one for myself. To isolate one in another dimension, lost inside the melee.

When I had concluded that, I found her. Found HER.

She was a small child, unsuitable to be on a battlefield. Compared to that little Hero from before, she was even smaller. Even smaller than the current vampire girl. Such a tiny girl, was fighting on a battlefield.

Miraculously, that child was in the middle, while the other elves fought. Considering her appearance, that child’s ability was high. But, the elves around her were adults with even higher ability. Even still, the child was in the middle. Protecting the child, they fought.

I heard voices.

「Don’t give up! Focus on escaping!」

To put it bluntly from my point of view, the chances of them being able to break through the encirclement, was zero. Considering all their individual abilities, without a hidden jewel amongst them breaking out from this place is impossible. I’m sure that they had realised that as well. And yet, like a ray of hope, they attempted to break through. They clearly had no intention of surrendering. They plunged themselves forwards desperately. As if to prove it, one, by one, they fell.

「Go, Oka!」
「Go! I’m already done for.」
「Don’t say that!」
「You’re going to save your pupils, right! Don’t stop in a place like this! Go!」

The mortally wounded man, musters his final strength for a rush. Even still, he’s easily countered and run through with a blade, and dies. No matter one’s resolve, one’s conviction, without strength you cannot accomplish your goals.

They’re elves. But, there’s something different about them. They’re different to the ones who were sent to target me. That lot were clowns, knowing nothing yet only believing in their own righteousness. That lot the Demon King said were the fool faction, with contempt.

But, I don’t care about that. “Oka” and “pupils”, was what he said. As to the meaning of those words, I realised it right away. Because, that child in the middle of the elves, her soul was on a completely different level to the other elves. The feeling from her soul, is similar to the vampire girl. That means only one thing.

I use s.p.a.ce Magic, sheltering the group of elves. At the same time, I recover the corpses too. The 4th army members who see their opponents suddenly vanish let out cries of confusion. The elves thrown into a strange location, also gape in incomprehension at their current situation. But, once they realise they’ve been saved, they raise cheers.

I heave a sigh of relief. But, the next moment, an uncontrollable anger bursts out.

s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t! s.h.i.t!

Yes, I get it. I get it already, the enemy’s motive. The enemy didn’t care whether the coup d’état was successful or a failure. It was just a test, to see if it could be done.

That was, if the Demon King’s army discovers a reincarnator, what action will they take. To see that action.

If they’ve been observing, then they should know that the Demon King is sheltering the vampire girl. The enemy wanted to see, just what kind of reception a reincarnator would receive here. In addition to that, to determine if they can be used as a hostage against the Demon King or maybe a disposable p.a.w.n.

Originally, I’m sure that group of elves intended to go against the Demon King directly. That way, the Demon King cannot fail to react whether she likes it or not. Then, due to the surprise attack from the 4th army their plans changed. The way things were going, that group would likely have been annihilated without producing any results. However, I saved them.

Such humiliation. Why after doing that, do I have to send back that person to be under the enemy’s thumb? Sticking to her soul, I saw the fragment of another parasite-like soul. If something happened, it seems that that person’s soul could be taken over. If, I had decided to keep hold of that person, I’m sure the enemy would have done that without hesitation. That person has been taken hostage.

By saving her, I have let the enemy know that she has value as a hostage. This way, the enemy shouldn’t be able to carelessly accompany her either. A hostage is basically, only someone who has value while alive after all. While she has practical value, that enemy can’t throw her away either. If the enemy does something stupid, I won’t go easy on him.

I take a look at the group I saved. She’s crying. While vomiting, she’s crying.

I don’t know what plot the enemy came up with. Though I’d bet, it’s probably something about how the Demon King has kidnapped her pupil. Then, while standing on a battlefield, help came. I don’t know just how much resolution and conflict she has within her though. I don’t know but, seeing her crying, vomiting and suffering appearance, it’s understandable that she’s embarked on a considerably painful road.

Despite all that, there’s nothing I can do for her. If I try, the enemy will take advantage of it.

Since becoming a G.o.d, I had thought that I had no worthy enemies. So naive. So naive, it makes the taste of blood spreading through my mouth seem bitter in comparison.

I’ll admit it. Potimas, you are worthy of being my enemy. And I shall make you realise this – just who you have made an enemy of. No mercy. Absolutely no mercy. I shall kill you in the depths of remorse and despair.

So please, sensei. Wait for me. I’m definitely going to save you. Someday, I’m definitely going to save you.


Translation notes:

In j.a.panese “amai” can mean both “sweet-tasting” and also “naive”, hence the running joke in this chapter with relies on both meanings. Because this doesn’t translate well I took a more liberal translation. For the last one with blood in her mouth, I presume this means that she has bitten her lip in frustration, or similar.

Shiraori refers to “Oka-chan” the cla.s.sroom teacher as “sensei”.

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