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225 Secret manoeuvres, secretly manoeuvring


Clone body group A are capturing Elro Great Labyrinth.
In cooperation with the babies, I aim for the opposite exit.
I predict the captures completion time somewhere between 7 to 10 days.
The clone maintains energy by eating monsters in the labyrinth.
After capturing the labyrinth it deploys to the Daztoldia continent where the Human race wields power. (TN: Did Turb0 already have a translation for this continent? I don’t remember it.)
My objective is to expand my field of activities within the Daztoldia continent.

Clone body group B are gathering information from the Ca.s.sanagarer continent Human territory. (TN: Again I don’t know or remember if Turb0 had translations for these continent names.)
There is no useful information at present.
Behaviour of the Elves, the whereabouts of other world people and also any information about things that make me anxious is being collected.

Clone group C is gathering information from the Ca.s.sanagarer Demon territory.
I am investigating the Demon race’s situation.

Clone group D is interfering with the system.
Understanding rate 8%.

Clone group E is reinforcing my war potential in a different s.p.a.ce.

It’s going well, going well.

From the mansion I confirm that everything is advancing smoothly despite lazing around like moss.
Fu, I appear to have become a lazybones with nothing to do throughout the day.
In reality, I, by myself am doing as much work as tens of thousands at the same time!
My clones are.
I am great.

My top priority is reinforcing my war potential.
I’m in the middle of establishing how to fight as a G.o.d.
When I execute my plan, my biggest obstacle is Kuro.
Conversely, I’ll be able to do whatever I like after I do something about Kuro.

Between the combat ability of Kuro and I, it’s certain that I’m weaker at the moment.
I ran various simulations with clones bodies during the journey and though my combat ability has improved, there is still an insurmountable difference between Kuro and I.
Kuro isn’t a long lived G.o.d for show either.
I’m not as naive as to believe that a beginner of several years can win head on just by becoming a G.o.d.

So I am searching for an unorthodox method to win.
If you can’t win by fighting head on, you just have to not fight head on.
As for that point, I’m a former spider.
I set traps and when the enemy is deceived, I weaken them with poison.
A species with cunning as a selling point.
Indeed tactics ideal for me.
Fufufu, I do not choose the means in order to win.

However this isn’t something which can be done right now.
This is tentatively the anti-Kuro strategy, though it makes some a.s.sumptions and will still take some time to complete.
It’s still the previous discussion where I’ll clash with Kuro even if I don’t get impatient, because it’s not decided whether it can happen, let’s proceed slowly.

Next thing being advanced is information gathering, spreading out the clone bodies to expand the the range I can move with transfer.
I collect information by dispatching my clones various places and I can make a foothold there for transferring at the same time.
With this, if something happens, I’ll be able to perceive it immediately. In addition it solves two problems in that I can rush there immediately.

I’m especially making effort in collecting information about the movements of the Elves and searching for people who reincarnated from another world.
The Elves are an opponent who the Demon King and Kuro watch, I should be cautious too.
Above all they seem to be aiming for other worlders. While investigating the reason, I want to interfere with their actions.
However, I feel like I’m losing the initiative everywhere I turn.
Because they have already attacked the Vampire child, the possibility that the Elves have already come into contact with a number of those who reincarnated is quite high.
Though I do not know how many that will be, it wouldn’t be strange if I’m already too late.
The Vampire child was in a considerably dangerous situation.

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the Elves.
Why are they aiming for those who reincarnated?
How is it possible to figure out who’s reincarnated?
Even I don’t know.
On my side, I only gather this information for the most part, I haven’t hit upon any information regarding reincarnated people yet, an elf saw through the Vampire child being a reincarnated person so simply.
There seems to be some mechanism, but I can’t imagine what it is.
For the time being, I’ll pursue the Elves in the future. I have no choice but to make sure I can find their weak point.

The information about reincarnated people doesn’t readily gather either.
Well, because there is no way to distinguish reincarnated people by appearance, the only possible sign is whether or not they have the n%I=W skill.
Appraisal can’t be used, because I’m cut off from the system, I cannot look for it.
First of all, I’m investigating those who stand out one after another, it’s inefficient.
In addition, it’s like the reincarnated people will have equal cheats.
It usually grows up inside, there might be reincarnated people who overdo it.
It’s impossible for everyone to be training for battle from the time everyone was small.
Rather, judging from normal human sense, isn’t that more abnormal?

Well, because D should have distributed each 1 suitable skill as a transmigration privilege, is it a cheat when compared with normal human beings?
Among them is the Vampire child’s vampire skill, there may be a pitiful victim who receives a skill they think is foolish.
Yes, because it’s D it’s seems likely there are such victims.

Just now there seems to be a hit on a person from information gathering, it is a prince of a country called Rengzand Empire I think.
A natural prodigy seems to be talked about.
It really looks that way.
It’s something I’d like to confirm somehow or other, but he’s indeed the prince of a rather large country and has a strong guard.
Though I can force my way through with the power of my clone, I want to go as gently as possible in secret.
I’ll wait for a chance for now.
The Elves may interfere.

And in my ears the rolling rumbling on the bed, the door opens violently with a ‘BAAAN’.
Turning my neck to face the door, one man stood there with a blue vein showing on his temple.
Though it’s a man I’m seeing for the first time, he looks like Balt.
Are they brothers or something?

「Is it this fellow? The woman who only eats?」

What a cruel thing to say.
Because it’s not incorrect, so I can not deny it.

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