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224 Archduke
It was after midnight that the master of the mansion returned.
It is a young man.
However, because the unlike the Human race the Demon race is long lived, I can not tell his age by appearance.
When you considered his very quiet atmosphere with his youthful appearance, it may be that his age is considerably greater than his appearance suggests.

「It’s been a long time. Demon Lord.」

The man kneels down before the Demon King.
Though he keeps calm on the surface, his heart seems to be considerably frightened.
If I listen carefully I can hear his disturbed heartbeat and my nose takes in the scent of his strained sweat.
What did you do that you’re so afraid of this disappointing Demon King?

「Thank you. Wasn’t work busy?」
「Yes. However, considering the Demon King has returned, I rushed to give you priority.」

The Demon King gives the man words of appreciation laughingly with a smile.
The man is surprised to see the Demon King like this and makes a dubious expression.
Ah, I see.
Is the Demon King this man knows the Demon King before she became a disappointing Demon King?
Oh, Would you still be surprised if I didn’t come and change her?
The Demon King before becoming disappointing did not talk too much and her atmosphere was completely different.

「Then, because there are children you do not know, could you introduce yourselves?」

The Demon King urges the man.
The man stands up, lowers his head and begins his self-introduction.

「This is my first time meeting you. I am entrusted with the management of the Demon territory capital, I am called Balt Fisero. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.」
「You should rely on this fellow if there is something you need, because Balt is an Archduke working as the mediator of the true Demon race.」

In other words, with the exception of the Demon King, he is the top of the true Demon race.
That explains why I’m getting a considerably strong signal from him.
Even peeping at his soul I understand he’s considerably strong.
Well, he’s still inferior to our vampire child.
In addition, what the Demon King seems to be saying is he arranges things politically, he is not the top of the military division.
If that’s the case, is his combat ability low among the Demon race?
It may be necessary to raise my overall evaluation of the Demon race by one step.

We introduce ourselves respectively.
I simply told him just my name.

The discussion moves to the school entrance of the Vampire child and Balt approves it readily.
There doesn’t appear to be any problems with having Mera register in the army.
However it doesn’t seem possible to place him under the Demon King’s direct control.
At present, there isn’t an army under the Demon King’s direct control. This seems to be because it will take time to reorganise the army.
Well, the Demon King hasn’t been here for many years so it’s inevitable.
Therefore, Mera will be a.s.signed to the fourth army temporarily.
Balt has direct command of the fourth army who’s primary duty is the defence of the Demon race territory capital.
The reason why it is not the first army in charge of the capitals defence is because the first army is always deployed on the border of the Human race territory.

I will also be a.s.signed to the fourth army temporarily for the time being.
Even if I say so, for the most part I won’t be very active.
At most for appearance sake.
I can move as I please.
That’s approved by the Demon King.
I was given a warning not to make too much commotion.

I understand that Balt has taken an interest in me, because the Demon King gives me special treatment.
Even if I say taken an interest, it isn’t really a friendly feeling.
A searching feeling.
Does he possibly have an appraisal skill?
It felt that sort of atmosphere somehow.
However it’s easy to find out when someone is Appraising you.
I have heard from the Demon King that it is a breach of manners to Appraise someone face to face.
I a.s.sumed he used appraisal based on my intuition, did he refrain from doing it face to face?
If that’s so it’s possible to hide and appraise secretly.
Should I give a little warning?
I don’t give a d.a.m.n even if he appraises me, but it’s not good that the Vampire child is also appraised.

I open my eyes a little.
Balt trembles in surprise when he sees my eyes.
Aa-ah, he’s scared, he’s scared.
As well as a gross appearance, because I played tricks to cheat you a little you feel afraid.
Let’s name it ‘Evil Eye of Panic’.

「Because you’re looking, don’t look」

I only say that.
Despite the wording being a little obscure, I seem to have conveyed it to Balt.
He nodded while dripping cold sweat.

Satisfied with his att.i.tude, I close my eyes.
It’s clear that Balt is relieved.
I won’t say that I’m sloppy.
A butler and a maid of the mansion also see my eyes and fall down.
It’s impressive enough able to stand without losing consciousness.
Hey, was the effect of the Evil Eye too strong?
Oh well.

We’re going to remain acquaintances with the archduke leader of the Demon race called Balt this way.
A few days later, the vampire child was admitted into the school, the Demon King went to the Demon King’s castle and Mera was a.s.signed to the fourth army.
I saw them off from the mansion.
I think I’ll make this mansion a base for the time being.
I have Balt make an entry permit for the Demon King’s castle so that I can enter anytime for the time being.
Well, I’ll kick up my heels alone for a while and will act slowly.

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