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219 Training (Clone) Results
The Vampire child began calling me “Master”
What is this fellow saying?
Did her head boil?
Besides, even she calls me “Master” I don’t feel any respect at all.
She’s saying it half-heartedly and unwillingly
If you don’t want to say it then don’t.
In the first place, why did you suddenly call me master?
I don’t understand.

That eccentric behavior of the Vampire child persisted as we continued our journey.
For three years we walked around various places to eat special products, and we finally we reached a Human territory.

My specs improved well in this three years.
Given that it took three years, I can’t say I grew up well.

First, I was successful developing a recognition obstruction magic, which is an improved version of camouflage.
They can only perceive me as 「White」, and nothing else.
Since most of my feature is white, I implant that characteristic in their consciousness and not let them perceive any other characteristics.
I can go out now since they only recognize me as white.
With this, the stares has stopped.
However, the disadvantage of this technique is when they see through it, it won’t affect them anymore.
It means it’s not a very strong technique.
It’s no problem to the extent of a conversation, but the technique is broken when I am observed continuously.
So, my face will be revealed when I get on a relationship where I meet them everyday.
Well, as long as the mob ignores me it’s okay, there’s no fatal drawback from this.
Though I continued improving it, the priority fell down.

s.p.a.ce magic has a constant result.
To complete the pa.s.sage to earth, and manipulate the relative physics of the different dimension of s.p.a.ce and time.
Apparently I have an apt.i.tude in spatial magic.
I think this magic is my only talent, since the other magic apt.i.tude is inherited from D.
I intend to expand on this field in the future.

As well as making the Evil Eye work, taking over the system and changing the basic foundation of how G.o.d operates.
I’ve done a lot of things.
I’ve got confidence on my Evil Eyes.
The new version of Evil Eye of grudge was completed.
As a result of me getting carried away, an even more amazing skill from the original was made.
Furthermore, I’ve completed a new set of Evil Eyes.
A few more until the completion of the dream Ten Evil Eye series.
Fufufu, my chuuni soul is trembling. (TN: 8th grade syndrome/chuunibyou)

I feel that the number of things I can do has multiplied, but my combat power didn’t change that much.
Iya~, Even though I think it should go up, in the first place it’s too high, so it won’t rise up beyond the span of measurement error.
It’s something like the crew of a battleship getting a new gun.
The war potential would rise up, but it’s doubtful compared to the battleship.
Like that.
My original spec is already at a high level, so a new small new skill won’t be noticeable.

Well, what can’t be helped, can’t be helped.
Given my rapid growth in the system, I feel that my pace has been slowed down, but normally this should be my speed.
The world isn’t that sweet to make me a strong G.o.d in a short period of time.
If it is, then Kuro should’ve graduated from a low-rank G.o.d a long time ago
If (Clone) continues the effort just in case, I think I will slowly get better in the future.

Come to think of it, turning into a G.o.d from being just a spider is already a huge success, aiming higher might be too much.
D however didn’t expect me to survive, but I don’t think so.
Iya~ calling it unexpected might be true, she probably didn’t lie.
When D stored Wakaba Hiiro’s memories into my soul, the fragment of D’s soul came together with the memories.
A fragment that is the size of garbage waste that according to D she didn’t notice.
But, it’s a fragment of a High-end G.o.d.
The soul of a tiny spider was filled with it and it affected me .

To be frank, I almost have no memories of being a spider in my previous life.
That’s right, that’s all I remember, after that, I see Wakaba Hiiro’s inconsistent memories, you can call it imagination.
Even if I say that most of my memories are fake, Wakaba Hiiro’s memories played a significant role.
Because this and D’s soul fragment is too large.

My soul that received such a fragment mutated the soul of the Original Spider and that’s the present me.
The strength of my soul rose markedly at this point in time.
My being able to learn skills fast and having extremely high apt.i.tude with the skills is all caused by this
D made the skill system, so the system will adapt with D’s soul
Thanks to the strength of the soul, I was able to master Parallel will and Appraisal.

Iya~ When the Demon King heard about the appraisal she was like 「Haa?」
Her head just like exploded.
I never dreamt of using such a dangerous thing!
I didn’t know that you’re that frightening.
And because of that I felt an unpleasant feeling when being appraised or when I strike down mad demons.
Ahahaha, so that’s why.
We’re attacked by random demons.
I didn’t know!
If I knew I wouldn’t be using Appraisal!

Though I was shocked by that fact, I’m not using Appraisal nowadays.
Thus, it is not inconvenient when it’s not in use.
Since it’s a skill derived from the system I cannot make a completely similar magic.
I’m a bit lonely today.

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