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218 A maid appears
「I finally won a round」
「I never thought that you would defeat me this fast.
I got done」

Congratulations, Round GET!
I was finally able to take a round!
I often came to play and continued challenging her to a match, thus my skill advanced.
I usually get close once every three games, however Just when I thought I’m going to win a round, finally! I finally did!
With this, can I take another round from her?


That’s ridiculous
How do I respond on an Insta-kill move?
C-could it be she lost on the first round on purpose
To collect the gauge, she threw away the first round!?

However, the match isn’t decided yet.
Third round of fate!
Both of our gauge is empty
Then, this is a true measure of arm power.

「Let me say one thing」

Before the call of the second round starts, D told me.

「In the next round, you will learn the difference in our status」

A G.o.dly aura rise from D’s body
No way.
Is she going to use it?!
The power of G.o.d that has been sealed so far?

「I’ll put my serious effort…「Please don’t let it out」」

A woman’s voice interrupted D’s speech
And at the same time, the game was turned off.

Looking at the location of the outlet, there’s a maid heartlessly pulling out the power supply
Eh? Maid?

「I was searching」

While the maid said that with a smile, I looked at D
I wonder
She looks so kind, she has an atmosphere of a graceful Yamato Nadeshiko flavor, but, her smile is scary
Somehow, the word ‘mother’ came into my mind
It’s like she’s someone you can’t go against.

「I was careless.
I released my power after making various effort of hiding this place」
「You lack awareness as a top-level G.o.d.
This time you run away from home.
Come, let’s return home」

D is a runaway girl?
Somehow, my image of her collapses like crazy

「In addition, what is that?」

Maid looks at me
Is she calling me? is that so?

Ah, I don’t think I can win.
I didn’t even notice the maid appearing to begin with
I mean, even she’s a beauty, her presence is thin.
It’s not magic.
I can’t find anything unusual
Yet, having almost no presence is impossible.
She can use a technique I don’t know to erase her presence, if I get careless she will disappear in front of my eye.
In other words, I’ll get caught in her trap.
For an opponent to catch me this easily, she can’t be weak.

「This is my new toy」

In the end you called me your toy!
Iya, that’s her real intention.
I won’t forgive her if that’s her true intention

「She’s just a clone isn’t she?
What is this?」

Don’t treat me like I’m not human!
Ah, not human but a spider

「In order to pull the wool over your eyes it was created to make everything balanced, An unexpected situation where a Spider became a G.o.d.」
「I don’t get it」

I really don’t know the meaning.
In other words.
D created me to hide the fact that she ran away from home?
Wow, the meaning of my existence is so low.
Why was I created as a scapegoat? I had that kind of question, but to think that it was such a dull answer.
Why making me a scapegoat would cover up the fact that you ran away from home?
The world of G.o.ds is full of wonder

「Anyway, Go home.
Your pile of work has acc.u.mulated」
「I don’t want to go home.
I don’t want to work.
I’ll just play with my life like this」

Ah, this is my original.

「Don’t be selfish.
Who would manage the netherworld if you don’t do it?」

The maids point at D
She’s smiling but there’s a blue vein illusion in her forehead.

「I’m busy managing h.e.l.l」
「It’s not that you can’t right?」
「It’s not about me being able to do it.
Labor is mandatory.
Come, let’s return」

The maid finally used force
She gripped the lower part of D’s neck and dragged it.
She’s taking her the primitive way.

「I’m sorry but I will return here for a while because of reasons.
As I’ve told you before, you can do as you like.
Then, see you」

D threw out words of goodbye as she was dragged
And then D disappeared from the room, I was left alone

D, you’re surprisingly nice
I’ll remember our short moment

Now then, search search
There should be various items hidden in the room because it’s D
There’s no memory like that from Wakaba Hiiro, but it won’t be weird if there’s some treasure lying in here.

And, I found various cursed cards as a result of the house search
D said I can do what I want so I’ll use this gratefully

Even so, a maid is it?
I wonder if she says “Master”
Somehow that maid, she acts as equal even though she’s a maid
Ah, but I want to be called Master
Somehow, Just being called like that drowns me in satisfaction.

For the meantime, since D is taken away, I have no reason to stay here any longer.
Ah, s.h.i.t.
I didn’t win against her after all
She quit while she’s ahead!

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