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215 Like I’d live in this world! I’m going home!


The glances from other people are becoming annoying after I became a person.

Ugh, annoying.
Those stares are annoying.
Especially from the men.

First they look at my face, but then don’t you think it’s rude to stare at my bodyline? (Pun:k.u.mo you s.e.xy beast, -I mean spider) (ED[Missere Meow]: I fap to Shiraori’s smexy body every time)

I’m wearing a loose robe to cover my body as much as possible, but there are limits. Like, when my neckline is exposed, suddenly I get gooseb.u.mps.

But I’m a spider.(Pun: But that’s forbidden love!)

I know that there’s that kind of fetish, but I didn’t expect that I’d become a target of such.
Is my hairstyle bad?
Is doing triple braid exposing my nape is bad?
Should I undo it?

However, if I undo it then I’d have to wear THAT.
It’s like I can’t fool the people’s eyes and prevent them all from focusing on me.

I can do it right?
I mean, isn’t this easy?
Isn’t this easy with the camouflage skill?
Even if I don’t use a skill, I can use a similar magic as subst.i.tute perhaps?
Let’s start the other body camouflage magic immediately
Good luck, other me!

I kept on traveling like that.
Little by little, I can make skills.
It’s thanks to my other body that’s working hard.

With an extra body, I need to increase the energy allowance.
I can’t use sp.a.w.ning skill anymore, so it’s troublesome to make an extra body.
Just chop of a part of my body, and connect them together, and finish!

The lost part will just regenerate itself.
So much energy is consumed in production that my body is worn out
Now, I can ma.s.s produce 100 bodies a day.
With the steady increase, the work efficiency improved, that’s why I’ll just speed up even more.

An event has occurred.
It occurred in a certain place in town
Because Maou’s traveling expenses are exhausted, we dropped off to the adventurer’s guild
It looks like the adventurer’s guild is a bank
Maou has stored money there.
By the way, Maou is also registered as an adventurer.
But she can’t do much because it would be a huge rumor.

Since I was interested in the adventurer’s guild, I decided to go with her.
Adventurer’s guilds are fantasy’s standard spot, I want to visit it at least once.
I visited the adventurer’s guild with such lighthearted feelings, and a tragedy happened.

“Oh, a beauty!”

I suddenly got caught by drunk men.
Speaking about being in the adventurer’s guild for the first time, surveying the inside of the building with great interest becomes futile.
Speaking of, in addition to my new human body, whilst there was also no possibility which can give me harm, it was also bad that I was careless.
That’s why I was late to notice the hostile approach of the drunk adventurers.
His hand was already on my shoulder when I noticed him.
I, who was not accustomed with physical contact stiffened.
From there, I moved like an amateur martial artist.
It’s a shame that the opponent wasn’t flung quickly.
I did well reacting with that stiff body. The drunk men dared to do more.

He touched me.

“Oh!She’s a slender under clothing type isn’t she?”

He touched me.
For the first time in my life, I was touched

Normally, in such situation I should just blush and shout “Kyaa!” ?
That might be the right answer, but I can’t do it.
On the contrary, I turned pale and fainted.

When I came into, I was lying down in the break room in the adventurer’s guild.
With Maou beside me.

“You okay?”

The Maou’s face consists of 10% worry, 90% anxiety.
Her restless worry shows up in her face.
She should worry about me that much

For the meantime I nod.
Yeah, I’m okay.
It’s just that my breast are rubbed.

No, not a bit, not even a bit.

*Knock sound*

The drunktard from earlier came in.
And BANG! When I noticed, I was already at the corner of the ceiling, taking refugee.

I-It’s not scary
I said it’s not scary!

“Come on! She’s scared because you did that.”

Another man came from the drunk man’s behind and beat his head mercilessly.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry”

The sobered man apologizes in DOGEZA
It’s fine, I forgive you, I forgive you already so get out already!
Just get a little bit farther away.
Go somewhere!
Shoo! Shoo!

While I kept saying those in my mind, Maou chased out the adventurer.

“Shiro-chan, you’re bad at this aren’t you?”

“I’m not good at talking with people, do you think I’d be okay with touching?”

“That’s true.”

Ah. The devil’s laughing face shows that she holds my weakness now.

“Just to tell you, If you tell someone about this, I’ll destroy the world.”

I said it with a straight face.

The smug-face of Maou froze

I was exposed to such an ungraceful abomination by surprise this time, but I will not forgive those who will s.e.xually hara.s.s me.

N O  T O U C H !

I’d normally whack them before they can even touch me
However, those eyes are scary.
The high level of fear resistance I’ve lost, to actually drive me into a corner.

I mean, I was seriously weak against that guy’s hand.

While I have imagined that situation in my head many times and have prepared against it, when it actually happened I couldn’t do anything.

No, I believe that humans are scary.
Men. Scary.

C-Calm down
I’m okay, I’m okay.

It’s special this time, as long as I don’t do anything, I won’t be attacked. I think.
Ah, the last time I was attacked in the city.

No good!

Why does the race of ‘man’ exist in this world?!
That’s right, it’s the men’s fault.
Would the problem be solved if I eliminate men?
I congratulated myself for coming up with such a nice idea.

“Are you thinking of something no good?”

I’m not thinking of such things.

Ah, let’s just end this as a joke.
Seriously, I feel like I should hurry up the development of camouflage magic. So I won’t be dragged into some serious accidents.

When I started to think about putting effort on the development of camouflage magic, my other body contacted me.

“The route to Earth is opened,” it says.

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