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Chapter 212.

212 Maou-sama's 3 hours cooking

We arrived at the town.
Although that's good, the Vampire child's skills didn't grow so much on the way to here.
Although it seems that she acquired the Gross Feeder t.i.tle, the growth of the skills is not very good.
Well, she only move simply, so there's no way that the skills will grow so easily, huh?

We went to the inn directly when we arrived at the town.
Because the Vampire child had a almost dead face, it's to let her rest.
Did I feed her poison too much?
She has already acquire the Gross Feeder, so it's good to return the meals to normal, huh?

In addition, I also want to eat a proper dish by now.
After all, while the Vampire child is eating poison, I also eat poison on account of her.
That Demon King, even though I told her that make mine without poison, she said that it's unfair like that, and feed me with poison dishes.

But, that's also until here.
Let's fulfill the promise with the Demon King that to feed me with delicious things.

For the time being, the inn.
We search for the best inn in this town, and enter it without hesitation.
The Demon King pa.s.ses a somewhat large tip, and rents the best room.

Leaving behind the Vampire child who seems to be in bad condition and Mera, the Demon King and I went shopping.
On that occasion, I summoned three clones made based on the young spiders that I recovered recently for house-watching, and left them there.
Because the recovered young spiders were in the condition that the self has not budded, I absorbed them as it is and use them as spare bodies unlike the Babies that have been left in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Although they are not strong individually, if there are three of them, they can at least repel the Dragon cla.s.s.
Because the people in the inn received the Demon King's Intimidation, they will not do anything rash, but when humans be dazzled by money, you don't know what they will do.

And so, the shopping.
We're mainly buying foods.
In addition,  we're buying the high grade ingredients generously.
The Demon King is rich.

However, the glances are irritating from a while ago.
After entering the town, I'm seen all the time.
I'm not a show.
Ah, I'm getting irritated.
I feel like I want to ma.s.sacre the people who looks at me.

......Even if ma.s.sacring is not good, isn't it okay if I select them?
Among the glances pointed at me, I perceived the evil one.
While the Demon King is busy shopping, I enter the back alley like running away from the owner of the glance.

I walk to a place where there's no people nonchalantly while window-shopping the back alley's shops.
Like I lose my way in an unfamiliar town.

When I reach the place where there's completely no people, I was attacked silently.
And, at the same time, the a.s.sailant's neck flew.
Although I only swing the Severing Thread lightly, the a.s.sailant died without being able to resist.

It was too disappointing that it didn't cancel my irritation.
Although I don't know why this guy attacked me, it's probably capture me and sell as a slave, or make me as the hostage to threaten the Demon King, or to vent his s.e.xual desire.

Although it was a useless trash who can't even reduce my stress, because there's blood, I will collect the blood.
Although it's for Mera to drink, I want him to collect blood on his own by now.
The Demon King is pleased with him, and I take care of him as the Vampire child's extra, but to be frank, I'm not interested in him.

I finish the work quick, and throw the corpses into the different s.p.a.ce that the spare bodies are stocked.
I feel that the spare bodies have begun to eat the corpse in the different s.p.a.ce, and return to the Demon King.
However, this must be done somehow quick.
If I'm this irritated just by coming to the place where there's a lot of people, I don't know when I will explode.
There's Kuro too, so I will somehow endure ma.s.sacring, but my feelings are the worst.

「Fuu. Bought, bought」

It seems that the Demon King's shopping finished while I was doing something pointless.

「Un. This should be enough for today」
「What do you plan with buying the ingredients only?」
「Hmm? I will cook, you know?」

I certainly thought that this town's first cla.s.s chef will be called to cook, but the Demon King does it?

「Fufufu. I don't live a long life just for show. Let me say this, I declare that my cooking ability is several steps higher than the chef anywhere」

Very well.
Then, show me your ability.

The Demon King who returned to the inn reserved the inn's kitchen, and started to cook.
I returned to the room, and waited for the dish to complete impatiently.

It took three hours.
It was after three hours that the Demon King carried the dishes to the room borrowing the power of the inn's staffs.
I waited.
I waited all the time.
Well done, I who have endured until here.
Because the sleeping Vampire child woke up by the smell, everyone sits at the table.

「Then, itadakimasu」

I set my hands to the long-awaited dishes.
First of all, start from the fish.

At the moment it enters the mouth, the taste of a thick sauce fills.
Although the taste is close to the mayonnaise, it's a more elegant and mild taste.
And, in spite of the thick taste, the fish's original umami oozes out firmly, and intertwined with the sauce.

I ate such a delicious thing for the first time in my life.
Ah, come to think of it, I never ate a normal dish before.
Only the sweetness of the fruits and sweets that I received as the offerings.
Eating a proper dish without poison like this is really the first time in my life.

When thinking so, I cried.
I ate while tasting it one by one.
Although I felt that it became a little salty because of the tears, the alcohol advanced there accordingly.

Good morning.
When did I make a simple home?
The bed was covered with a white coc.o.o.n.
I mean, when did I sleep?

My memory flew.
Although I remember that I was impressed by the Demon King's homemade dishes and I ate it, there's no memory from the midway.
Did I get drunk and sleep?

For the time being, I wake up.
When I go out of the simple home, the Demon King greet me with a very good smile.

「Shiro-chan. Lightning Body release!」

Somehow, the Demon King is shining in white.
At the same time, the unleashed fist pierced my body many times.

「Clench your teeth!」

Wh-What is it from the morning?

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