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Here's chapter 21.
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《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV3』 has became 『Appraisal LV4』》

Oh, finally my "Appraisal" leveled up.
Recently, I didn't feel sick from overflowing information. Everything's going well.
Well, let's see what has been added to it?

『Small Lesser Taratect LV6 No name』

No change?
Just when I was thinking about it, there were some lines with color under the species name.
What's this?

『HP Bar』

I appraised the green line unintentionally.
As a result, I know what the line means.
HP, an abbreviation often used in games.
In short, when you run out of HP, you would get a game over. A health gauge.
The gauge appeared in the appraisal result.

I am simply glad.
Up until now, I can only know how many damage I had received through my sense only.
From now on, I can understand my current condition just by looking at the bar.

Now, my HP gauge is approximately full.
It looks like it decreased a little and on the right end of the line, there are some bar color in black.
Though I want it to be in numerical form but I should appreciate what I have now.

And there are three different bars under the HP bar.
First of all, let's appraise the blue one under the HP bar.

『MP Bar』

Well, it's as expected.
If there's HP then there's definitely MP.
I think it should be showing the amount of my remaining magic power.
Even if I say that, I can't use magic so it's unrelated to me.
It will probably decrease when I use magic.
Of course, my MP doesn't decrease because I don't use magic.

There are two bars under the MP bar which is a mystery to me.
It's a yellow and red bar. But the two of them sticks together and become a thick bar.
I don't know what this bar shows.

『SP Bar』

Skill point?
Is it necessary to make it as a bar?
No, wait.
Maybe this is not skill point?
Since SP is abbreviated, I don't know which abbreviation is it.
Yosh, I should appraise SP.

『SP:Stamina Point』

Ah, as expected, it was not skill point and it was the abbreviation of a different word.
It's confusing!

A physical version of magic power. Does it decrease if I move?
Mmm, hmm?
But why there are two gauges?
Moreover, the upper yellow gauge is full while the red gauge has decrease around one-third.
What are the difference of these two?
For trial, I appraise the stamina point again.

『Stamina Point:Point consumed by movement』

Ah, un.
After all, I don't understand it.
Ah, but won't I understand it soon if I observe it?
If possible, I want to appraise myself continuously because I want to look at my HP constantly.
I try to maintain the appraisal cast on myself.
Hmm, is it like this?
It looks like it went well.
Now, I can always confirm my HP unless I cancel my "Appraisal" on purpose.
It became quite convenient.

Though it's convenient being able to see my own HP, but won't it be advantageous if I can see my opponent's HP?
By looking at the opponent's HP, I can know how many hits to defeat it and if my opponent is a magic user, it's natural to win if I knew it's MP.
Well, I still haven't meet any monster that can use magic.
But, able to know a part of the opponent's information serves as a huge advantage in a fight.
Did the "Appraisal" skill finally raised the cheat skill flag?
I intentionally acquired the useless "Appraisal" skill because I had antic.i.p.ate that this would happen.
It's not that I never knew that it's useless!
Let's pretend that it's like that!

Well, let's pull my self together and explore the dungeon.
Oh, a monster.

『Elro Ferect LV2 Failed to appraise its status』

I withdraw my previous remarks.
It's still useless.
Why does it have to fail in such a crucial place....
Haa, I'm a fool to expect from it.

For the time being, I should do something with the centipede.
But isn't it impossible to launch a surprise attack here?
Although, it haven't noticed me yet but it's heading towards my direction.

Ah, I got a good idea!

I crawl up the wall stealthily.
The body of a spider is convenient for such time.
Without change, I arrive at the ceiling.
Ugh, it's slightly hard to cling on the ceiling upside down.
But I can hold on if I brace myself.

I move along the ceiling stealthily.
Hold on, my leg!
My stamina gauge is decreasing?
Now's not the time for it. I need to concentrate on my strategy.

I arrive right above of the centipede.
Yosh yosh.
That guy haven't notice me who's right above of it.
I attach a thread to the ceiling and descend quietly towards the centipede.

And then I jump at it!
The centipede starts to panic but it's already too late.
I wrapped it with my thread.
And bite it!
This is my so called "Be careful, I'm coming from the top" strategy!
A great success!

Well then, itadakimasu.

I recall about the stamina gauge while eating.
When I was clinging on the ceiling, it was the yellow gauge that decreased.
I decreased slowly when I straddle my leg.
But now, it's fully recovered.

《Skill proficiency reached. Acquired skill 『Paralysis Resistance LV1』》

O, Oh!
Centipede, I didn't know that you have paralysis in your body!
Won't it be dangerous if I failed to defeat it with my surprise attack?
Let's be careful next time.

Somehow the red line of the stamina gauge is recovering a little.
Thought it should have decreased by around one-third, it's recovering slowly and now, it's around a quarter from full.
Did I do anything that can recover my stamina?

....Ah, I ate my meal.
So it's like that!
I see.
I understood it a little.

In other words, the lower red gauge shows the current whole physical strength.
And the upper yellow gauge decreases when stamina is used instantaneously.

For trial, I try to run at full speed.
The yellow gauge decrease instantly.
I ran out of energy at the same time as the yellow gauge was exhausted.

Zeze. (ゼーゼー) (Gasping sound)
Ah, running at full speed after eating. I'm such an idiot.
My stomach is aching.
This is intense.

However, with this, it's confirmed.
The yellow gauge is the gauge of instantaneous power.
I would lose my breath when it's exhausted.
However, because it's consumed instantaneously, the recovery is fast.
In fact, once my panting stops, the gauge recovers steadily.

And the lower red gauge is my total physical strength.
The red gauge decreased a little when I ran.
It seems dangerous if the red gauge is fully exhausted.
Like I cannot move if it's exhausted.
I don't want to be in such situation.

It would recover if meals or nourishments are supplied and I should always pay attention to the remaining amount of the red gauge.

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