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Chapter 206.
I feel very tired today. Manage to translate 2 chapters only. Going to sleep after finish posting these two chapters. Don't worry, tomorrow will be 3 chapters as usual. I don't intend to take a whole day rest when it's so close to the raws.

206 Black and white

Author note: The Demon King's point of view

Seeing Gyurigyuri who understood my action while has a difficult face, I'm relieved.
As the persuasion of Gyurie was the first problem when I take action, it's a big progress to have succeeded in it like this.
It's big that Gyurie became my subordinate even though it's only the form from the flow of the talk.
With this, I can make Gyurie to work like a carriage horse under his agreement.
Although his mental state in the heart is probably complicated, he will cooperate reluctantly now that he understood the necessity.

It can be said that I succeeded in winning the most troublesome enemy over to my side in a certain meaning.
I was prepared that I might fight against Gyurie in the worst case.
In that case, my defeat is inevitable.
Still, there was the thought of "Oh, well", but if possible, I wanted to live and fulfill my responsibility.

I have only done pa.s.sive action so far.
I let the Queen Taratects in every place to produce subordinates, and let them cull it suitably.
Otherwise, I placed a subordinate around the Elf Village and intimidated them to prevent them from having strange mind.
In fact, it ended uselessly.
I can't break through the barrier set at the Elf Village.
Potimas understood it, and didn't even put the teeth on me.
I fully realized it by this matter.

I was quiet for the excuse called to obey Sariel-sama's order so far while my former brethren made efforts for the world and died.
This power that I took a long time to acc.u.mulate it.
The time to pay the tab that I ran around so far without looking at the reality.
I thought that if I'm defeated by Gyurie, that can't be helped, and if this power returned to the world, that's alright.

I didn't think that the another worst enemy contributed to the evasion.
I look at the former worst enemy for an instant.
A white girl expressionless from beginning to end.
The beautiful features like it's artificial.
Because she close her eyes midway whether she doesn't like the creepy eyes, there's the atmosphere that it's more artificial.

In the subjectivity as my former Body-in-charge, I don't have the self-awareness that I was such a bishoujo, but now that I have become another person like this, she's a beautiful girl when I see her again.
Because there are some of my present features, she doesn't look exactly the same as the previous life, but still, an outstanding bishoujo.
Why was there no awareness in this?
It's mysterious even if I say so myself.

And so, even though I'm half of her existence originally, to be frank, I can't read what she's thinking.
Her expression doesn't change, and she doesn't speak at all.
What is she thinking? Or, She's not thinking anything?
I don't even know that.
When I thought that she's thinking about detailed things, she would be thinking nothing at all.
The wave is too intense, and the prediction is impossible.
Because she's faithful to desire basically, there's no problem if I tempt her with foods for a while.
Well, Because of this unpredictable condition works, Gyurie accompany me, so it turned out all right in the end, is it?

「Then, we will begin to act, but for the time being, we will return to the Demons territory」
「Ah, sorry, but I will leave for a little while」
「Hmm? Why?」
「I will check the star again to every corner whether there's a surviving facility like here or not」

Certainly, that should be done.
I also never thought that such a facility survived.
I thought that most of such place were smashed at the time when the system operates.
As expected, I don't think that there's another facility that survived similarly, but it's better to search for it.

「Then, I entrust that to Gyurie」
「Umu. When you leave here, you should destroy it completely」

It may become troublesome if the Humans discovered it.
Was it good or bad that k.u.mo-chan discovered it?
Maybe I should stop calling k.u.mo-chan by now.
After all, we're more or less comrades from now on.

「Then let's go. Wakaba-chan, or should I call you Hiiro-chan?」
「I hate both」

She spoke!?
Eh, oh, un?
Ah, no, of course she can speak.
It's not that she can't speak.
Un un.

But, why does she hate being called by her name?
She shouldn't have particularly any unpleasant memory about her real name though.

「Then, what should I call you?」
『How about Shiraori?』

D who remained silent till then breaks in.

『You're pretty much my kin candidate, so I named you the name as G.o.d, but how is it?』

After k.u.mo-chan thought for a while, she nodded slowly.
Although I don't know what she thinks about it in her heart because her expression doesn't change, it seems that she have consented by the name.

「Then, may I call you Shiro-chan?」

When it's Shiraori-chan, it sounds awkward.

「Ah, then, Gyurie is Kuro-chan」
「Why it becomes like that?」

Gyurie answers what I said on a whim back as amazed.

「Tsk tsk tsk. Gyurie is pretty much the Dragon G.o.d that became the legend, right? Although your real name doesn't remain in the legend much, you don't know when you will be found out, so you should at least falsify your name」

I make up a plausible reason.
Gyurie thinks about it for a while, and nodded slowly.

「Well, if that's the case, I don't mind」

Ah, he only gave up because this already become troublesome.
Such part being weak in pressure is not good.
That's why, he always become only the disadvantageous role, and as a result, he only fails.
He does seem so though.

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