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Chapter 203.

203 Uninhabited area

「Yo yo. Newborn Maou Shoujo Ariel-chan visit!」

Oi, someone retort her.
The smartphone, silence.
Gyurigyuri looks away quietly.
I decided that I never saw it.

「Huh? Did I fail?」

A big failure.

c.r.a.p, this is really c.r.a.p.
Although Maou-sama has become slightly unexpectedly pitiful, how do you intend to take the responsibility?
No no no.
I have nothing to do with it.
I'm innocent.

「Oi, what would you do with that?」

Gyurigyuri-san, don't ask me.
And, D, say something.

「Huh? I wonder what's wrong. Somehow, I feel that I'm being treated incredibly rude even though I just appeared」


「That's enough. Don't speak anymore. Just by you speaking, something in me complains of sadness」
「Isn't that harsh!?」
「The harsh one is you!」

Gyurigyuri who weakened from the knee suddenly, and begins to do orz.
Isn't he seriously crying?
Well, when a person of the old friend relation changes into such pitiful state...
I understand the feeling.

When I understand it alone, the revived Gyurigyuri grabs my head.
Wha-, it hurts, it hurts!?

「This is something you did originally, right? How do you intend to take this responsibility?」

I give up! I give up!
No matter how I take it, nothing can be done!?

「No, Gyurie, aren't you completely denying the present me inadvertently?」
「That's not it. It's just that I was only a little upset that the degree of pity is more than expected」
「I would be happy if you can use an indirect expression a little more though」
「The result of using indirect expression is the present words」
「Aren't you harsh!?」

I who's thrown away.
My face was grazed hard.
That hurts.
Ah, because I don't recover automatically, I must recover manually.

「And so, why did you come here?」
「I thought that I should make up with k.u.mo-chan over there」

Ah, come to think of it, on the last time we met, she did say something about a joint struggle.
Ah, that is the memory as the Queen that was in the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Because the apotheosis has begun at that time, the conversation with the Demon King ended halfway.

That reminds me, why is the Demon King here?
There should have been a considerable distance from the Elro Great Labyrinth to this underground facility.
Did she learn Transfer?
Ah, I'm also interested what happened to the Queen's body after that.

「Ah. Even though the half was the same person, when I face the real thing like this, I don't know what she's thinking」

How rude.
I always repeat difficult considerations variously.

『k.u.mo's thought no.1, why is the Demon King here?』

D, you really are not reading my mind, right!?
The truth is you're reading it, right!?

「Hmm? What do you mean?」
『In k.u.mo's subjectivity, she talked with you in the Elro Great Labyrinth as the Queen is the last, but after that, when she woke up, it seems to be strange that the Demon King appeared here who was far away』
「Eh? Ah. She just woke up」
「Ah. Just now」
「k.u.mo-chan, it's already 47 days ago that I talked with the Queen in the Elro Great Labyrinth, you know?」

That means, it takes that much time for apotheosis?
It's not equal to the evolution.

「By the way, this is the first time that I talk like this. Nice to meet you, D-sama. I am Ariel who act as the Demon King of this generation」
『Nice to meet you. Although I don't know whether there's a second time or not』

The Demon King and D didn't met before?

『Thought no.2, what happen to the Queen's body? Thought no.3, is this the first meeting of D and the Demon King?』

You definitely can read my mind, right?

「Well, the Queen is pretty much alive after that. However, because it's like a husk of soul, I only feel that it's living. It should be usable if you insert a subst.i.tute soul into it」

I see.
Although I certainly thought that it will die, it's alive, huh?

「It's only me who have met D in this star. Even Sariel hasn't met」
『By the way, he at that time shook like a newborn fawn』

Gyurigyuri frowns.
That means, it's true, huh?

「There's not much chance for a low rank G.o.d like me to meet a high rank G.o.d like you」

Um, is D seriously a considerably great G.o.d?
I certainly thought that she was a crazy, can't be understood, and mad G.o.d.

『Divine Punishment』

Although it's unknown that what was done, it's certain that I have received an outrageous damage.
Very painful.
Even if I were to say where, I'm troubled that where hurts, but somewhere super-hurts.
What's this?
Is this the attack of G.o.d?

「Why this girl writhes suddenly?」
『It can't be helped because her head is pitiful』

Why do you have a convinced face, pitiful Demon King?

「The talk doesn't advance at all」
「Yeah. I want to do a serious talk by now, but k.u.mo-chan don't want to make up with me?」

No no.
If possible, that's OK.
Originally, the reason why I pick a fight with the Demon King is because I thought that I might be ruled by the "Kin Domination" skill sooner or later.
Although I have the "Heresy Nullity", there was an influence to some extent that there was a change in the mind.
Now that I surpa.s.sed you even in power after the apotheosis that the connection of the soul completely disappeared, I don't think to fight forcibly.
Thus, I nod to affirm it.

「That means yes, right? Then, don't you have the intention to joint struggle with me?」

You said such a thing in the conversation with the Queen.
That's right.

I shake my head to it.

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