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2 Looks like I'm a monster

Well, it's regrettable to say that I have been reincarnated into a spider.
Although I accept the fact that I'm a spider, what should I do now?

Munch Munch!

For some reason, I heard a threatening sound.
It's no good to turn my eyes away from reality.
Before my eyes, there is the spider army that is probably considered as my siblings.
They are the only one who can produce the sound.

I glance ahead quietly.

Munch Munch!

What are they doing!?
Huh, are they eating?
They are preying on one another!?

The struggle to live between my siblings is what I can see.
No no no no!
This is bad, this is really bad!
Why must I fight against my blood related siblings!?
Ah, it's for food.
They are all hungry.
In fact, I am also hungry too.

I escape from the reality again.
In such a battlefield, I am just a innocent girl that will fall into the clutches of men in a blink of an eye.
Literally, it's a metaphor!

Escape ←

The only way to get through this situation is to beat a retreat.
Should I fight?
I am a genuine go-home club.
There's no way I can fight with such violent group.
Ah! My current appearance is the same as them.

I should escape if I have the time to think about useless things.


Now, what is it!?
A sound and vibration from the rear.
When I turn around, there was a huge spider.

Oh! Is it mother?
Or is it father?
This isn't going anywhere.
I'm even confused now.
Isn't that spider way too BIG!?
It's probably ten times of my size.
Was there a spider that big on Earth?

Hyoi, Chomp.


The huge spider stab the smaller spider with its claw and ate it.
It's like eating a snack.

Mother, even you...! ( TL note: You too, Brutus parody)
It looks like it uses its bottom to think.
I should run away from here safely and aim to survive for now!

I escaped at full speed.
I finally calmed down after I was tired of running till I can't even move anymore.
There's no spider chasing after me even if I turn around.
Ah, I thought I was gonna die.
Death immediately after I was born is not a good joke.

Now that I am conscious, I have think about various things.

I am currently a spider.
It's a fact that must be accepted already.
Well, there's no such technique where a human can jump over their own height easily and run on vertical walls.
What am I talking about?
It's a story about escaping.
With so many spiders in a place, it's impossible to escape by running straight.
If I were to compare it and say, it should be like charging into a bargain sale where there's a crowd of auntie.
What a reckless act!
No, well, I didn't even charged into a bargain sale before though.

Anyway, when I was escaping, I jumped and ran on the wall just like a ninja and escaped from the spider encirclement.
When I was running, I had an uncomfortable feeling because of the amount of legs but somehow I manage to move it properly without getting entangled.
Is it the so-called natural instinct?
Un, well, being able to move my body without any inconveniences is a good thing.

So if I am a spider, then what was that super huge spider that I saw a while ago?
Considering the situation, was that really my mother or my father?
I don't know much about spider's ecology but a parent who eats their own child should be in the natural world.
Well, it's a race where from the moment they are born, they started preying on each other so it shouldn't be strange that the parent eats its own child.

If that huge spider is my parent, then will I become that size someday?
I'm starting to feel sick just by thinking about it.
No, spider is a beneficial insect which helped other people. Isn't it better rather than the me in my previous life?
Huh, how strange, somehow I'm sad now.

Ah, no no.
Let's return to the thought that had strayed a while ago.

Comparing with that huge spider by the size of my body will be too much.
Because I don't know how big is my body is.
If my size is just like a fingertip then it's good.
If so then I can understand the size of that huge spider.
Still, it should be around the size of a tarantula.
However, if my size is bigger then that huge spider should be a new kind that is yet to be discovered on earth.
An undiscovered new species is still okay but I have experienced a reincarnation like in a fantasy so optimistic thinking is probably not good.

To confirm it, I have to find out my size without delay.
Is there anything that I can compare my size with?

I looked around the surroundings.
It seems that I'm inside a rather big cave.
Although there's no light, the view is favorable even it's dim.
I looked around restlessly.

Oh, Th-This is!

What's on the ground was people's footprints.

The are footprints of several people are left clearly!
In other words, it means that a person came here before.
That means there's human in this world.

I'm deeply moved when I know there was a person.
On the contrary, I realized a terrible fact.

My body was way much bigger than the footprint of a person.

a.s.suming that the height of the person is around 170cm, my size will be approximately 1m length.

Aah, un.
I had slightly thought so since I saw that huge spider.
No matter how I think, I am not a spider that's living on Earth,
In other words, this is a different world unlike the Earth and no matter how positive I think, I am definitely a monster....Thank you very much!

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