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Chapter 198.
This is probably the hardest chapter to translate in this series. Or maybe it's just because of the skill name.

198 Underground ruins

I dig a hole, and push my way through deep in the underground.
A layer of the different feeling of material appears clearly so far there.
That can't be natural by all odds, and it was the man-made object.

There's no reaction at all even if I use the "Soil Magic".
While the "Soil Magic" is called the soil, the range that it affects is considerably wide.
Even if it's soil or metal, if it's a big solid body that has a shape, it has function on anything.
Alaba constructs the bridge instantly, and I can dig the hole smoothly is because of such a reason.

And, that "Soil Magic" was repelled by the wall at my feet.
In other words, it has resistance to magic.
I appraise the details of the wall with "Wisdom".

『Impossible to appraise』

Although it's not that I didn't expect it at all, I was not able to appraise the wall.
Because I know that it has resistance to magic, it's probably impossible to break it with magic.
Having said that, when it's said whether it can be destroyed with physical strength or not, I can do it, but when I do it, I don't know what will happen.

I decide to make full use of Detection and grasp the whole aspect of this underground facility reluctantly.
It was no use.
Although the Detection pa.s.ses to some extent, it becomes dim in the hollow part, and the Detection can't be activated well.
It seems that there's a jammer.

This is slightly, no, considerably bad.
Although it's good if the jammer is from the wall, if some kind of magic is activated inside, this underground facility is alive.
That's a big problem.

Should I inform Gyurigyuri?
Even if I say so, I don't have the way to inform him.

I have no choice but to get in, huh?
I found a thing like the entrance of this facility with Detection.
I dig the hole along the wall, and advance to the entrance.

In the wall that broke off on the way, a square s.p.a.ce of one side about 5 meters filled up with soil appears.
But then, the inside is filled up with soil.
I move the soil with magic.
And, the appearing door.

The door is made of heavy metal, and it seems to be the type that slides from the left to right to open.
There's no thing like a k.n.o.b.
 Well, that's obvious.
It's clearly different thing from the civilization above.
It's a mechanical door that was clearly made to open automatically.
This square s.p.a.ce might have been an elevator originally.

I put my hands on the door that's unbecoming in the fantasy world.
The door that's buried in the soil for a very long time didn't open automatically.
I reluctantly force it open manually.
Although it can be opened because of my status, this is too heavy.
But, such an impression becomes trivial immediately.

Ahead of the door that I broke open forcibly.
The emergency light that emits faint green light.
I'm shined by the light, and the inside of the underground facility appears faintly.
Well, I have the "Night Vision" though.

An unbelievable thing was put there.
A metal puppet of the height about two meters.
In a word, it was a robot.
In addition, it was made with considerably advanced technology.
That's aligned on both sides of the wall.

No no.
I did expect it, you know?
Although I did, what's with a robot in the fantasy world?
Moreover, this robot is a combat type no matter how I look at it. Thank you very much!

The worst one is these robots are still alive.
In the evidence, the robots begin to start together with a noisy siren.
Although a voice of something can also be heard with the siren, unfortunately, because it speaks in a different language from the one that I learned from the Queen's knowledge, I don't know the contents.
Well, at any rate, I think that it's the announcement that an intruder came, so intercept it.

Intruder, in other words, it's me.
I'm intercepted.
d.a.m.n it.

The robot stands up.
It was a four-legged robot.
There are four arms too.
Although two of that are reproduced from the human's arm, and the weapon like the sword combined with the gun is attached on the other two instead of the hands.
Is it the 2 guns 2 swords style?
The normal arm also grips a heavy large caliber gun.
Is it the 4 guns style?
There's no head, and a small muzzle is attached instead.
Is it the 5 guns style?

Approximately 100 robots of such world tearing outlook.
Approximately is because "Wisdom" doesn't activate well in this facility.
Somehow, the Detection jammer is not from the wall, but it seems to be the magic obstruction activated in this building.
Even if I try to activate magic, it doesn't go well as if the construction is being obstructed by something.

This is bad.
I'm in a pinch plainly.
As long as I'm here, I can't use the skills.
I can only rely on simple hand-to-hand combat.

Magic obstruction, that's according to the name, it obstructs the activation of magic.
In other words, magic can't be used.
And, in fact, most of the skills are magic.

The skill's ident.i.ty is a simplified thing that a.s.sist so that the magic can be activated easily using the power of the system.
The power of the soul of the skill's owner forms as plain power.
Whether my thread or my poison, everything was the product by magic.

And, naturally, resistance is also included in it.
The "Physical Nullity" that I have.
This one always sets up a barrier on my body to the powerful physical attack.
In fact, I myself don't nullify the physical attack.
Furthermore, despite saying nullity, if I'm hit by the power that exceeds the barrier's defensive ability, I will receive damage normally.
If I'm hit seriously by an alien who was born in the super vegetable planet, I will break into small fragments.
[TL note: Dragon Ball reference. The super vegetable is basically Super Saiyan(as how Toriyama pick the name from vegetable/yasai) and the vegetable planet is Planet Vegeta]

The resistance is the magic that always deploys a defense barrier to the attack and the neutralizing function.
Because the magic is obstructed naturally by the magic obstruction, the present me is in an origin state without any resistances.

Furthermore, my status is also done by the magic called Enhanced Body and Cover Enhanced Destruction(被破壊強化 TL note: ???)
The offensive ability is only reinforced with hitting muscle strength by magic.
I only raise the muscle strength corresponding to it to move quickly.
Because I activate it in the body, the magic obstruction has a small influence.
It doesn't mean that it's not only small.

Regarding it, it's good if the defensive ability is inside the body, but the surface skin receives the magic obstruction directly.
In other words, one thin skin is almost the state without defense.
Although I can still endure it in the body, when the thin skin tears off, the defense of the place that torn off falls.
And so, if it's pierced, it will become a fatal wound sooner or later.
Something like gradually torn off from the skin, what's with that torture.

The army of 100 robots vs. I who's without skills and my status is weakening.
Ah, this is seriously bad.

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