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Chapter 197.

197 The treasure is buried underground?

After taking over the ant's nest, I decided to strengthen the underground Detection when moving.
I was encouraged by the initial success.
In a double meaning.

The ant was very delicious.
It's sour probably because it has the "Acid Attack".
That sour was also exquisite.
I can say so because I have the "Acid Resistance" skill, and if I don't have the resistance, it seems to damage just by eating it.

And, the larva was slightly sweet and was delicious.
There was no chrysalis probably because it's a monster.
Probably, when the larva evolves, it becomes the ant's figure suddenly.
Although there were the eggs, because they seem to become food again if they hatch, I wrapped it with threads and left it.
I will keep them alive now as food when my eggs hatched,
If I wrap it with threads, they can't move freely even if thy hatch out, so with this, it's safe even if they hatch earlier than my eggs.

It's excellent as a base, and it's delicious as food too.
That's why, I think that I will find the hot spring by strengthening the underground Detection while searching for the ant's nest incidentally.

The movement was going well.
I avoid the town and the highway of the Humans as much as possible, and because I advanced the trackless path, I was able to expand my range of action without a particularly big trouble.
I killed the monster on the way, and annihilated something like the bandits.
Thanks to that, the map of "Wisdom" became quite wide.

If it's this wide range, I can escape with Transfer as much as I like.
If I don't let my guard down, it can be said that there's almost no need to worry that I will be caught by the Demon King.
Even if I was caught, it won't become the worst situation because there's the egg insurance.

However, it becomes impossible to escape forever.
The connection with Maou-in-charge has cut.
That means Maou-in-charge has been defeated by the Demon King, and was taken over oppositely.
Maou-in-charge, I won't forget your scale peeling.

Then, that means all of the soul takeover plans have become nothing while I was escaping.
The only chance to able to defeat the Demon King in the present condition disappeared.
Then, there are two future actions that I can take.

The first one is to continue escaping like this.
Although the Demon King defeated me again, the Queens' erosion is still continuing.
Because the erosion of one Queen has ended recently, the remaining Queen is three.
The three will be completed soon.
The erosion seemed to rise probably because I evolved.
Although I can't defeat the Demon King now yet, I can bring it in to equal if I unify with the remaining Queens.
It's plan 1 to devote myself to escaping until that time.

The second one is to negotiate a cease-fire with the Demon King.
My immortality is outstanding even in the present condition.
Although I can't defeat the Demon King, I only can't defeat her, and it's impossible for the other side to kill me.
I can't defeat the Demon King, and the Demon King can't kill me.
Both are deadlock.

In addition, the Demon King repelled my soul attack.
The urgent threat can be removed.
In that situation, if I withdraw from Queens and apologize obediently, there might be a possibility of forgiving me.
Because the Demon King was attacked by me and received it, if I apologize with sincerity saying "I won't attack you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.", and somehow works well. Such a wishful thinking.

Actually, both the Demon King and I are hopeless any further.
Even if I finish unifying with the Queen, when it's said whether I can defeat the Demon King or not, to be honest, it's a strange line.
In the first place, that Demon King, if she's not an Administrator, isn't the most she could do is to take a draw? (TL note: I don't know this part. Not sure whether it's a reference or not)

To be frank, I don't want to fight against the Demon King anymore.
The risk is too huge.
Although I must do something to the world as fast as possible, I want to spend the rest of my life peacefully and leisurely if I finish it.
I want to eat delicious foods, and live idly.
Who will fight against such a large and ghastly monster willingly?

However, in case that the Demon King has a vindictive personality, I may be aimed from now on.
When thinking about it, I want to become stronger by unifying with the remaining Queens, and compete with forces.
I want to think that it's not too late to even apologize after that.

Well, that part depends on the Demon King.
Although I might need to put an end to this in the worst case, I want to decline it if possible.
That's why, I will choose the escape of plan 1 for the present, and when the time comes, I will activate the plan 2.

Now that I decided the future plans, I found an underground hollow.
There's a hole at a considerably deep position.
It's the depth that my Detection is on its limit to even barely perceive the ceiling in the effective range.

Isn't this looks like the ant's nest?
But, it's too deep for it.
In addition, the ceiling seems to be made very firm, and it's like a man-made object.

I have a bad feeling.
A man-made object in such a deep underground.
Judging from the cultural level of the Humans that I have seen so far, a question comes into mind whether there's such technology to dig the until this deep in the underground and even the technology to build man-made bas.e.m.e.nt there.

In addition, the place where I am now is in the forest without people.
The depths of the deep forest where even the adventurers don't come near.
Will a person make something in the underground of such a place?
Can a person make it?

I must check this.
If my thought is correct, it's necessary to confirm this mysterious underground facility no matter what it takes.
Perhaps, my expectation is right.
The problem is whether it's alive or not.
Although I don't think about it, in case that it's alive by any chance, it's necessary to stop it by all means.
No matter the what dangers are.

I made up my mind, and began to dig the soil.

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