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Chapter 193.
Lol. k.u.moko....

193 The Administrator complains

Gyurigyuri throws the dying Water Dragon casually to the sea.
How should I say..., the way he handle it is rude.
The Water Dragon seemed to resume breathing, and it just swam and left.

Gyurigyuri sits down next to me.

「It seems that you have act violently very much」

c.r.a.p, is he angry?
To be frank, if the opponent is the Demon King, I can use the egg revival, so a situation that I can't die is created even though it's not 50-50.
But, this man is different.

Administrator Gyuriedistodiez.
This man is the resident of the same area as D who's this world's strongest existence.
In other words, G.o.d.
It's not a metaphor, but truly a G.o.d.
The cheat of cheat that can interfere the system partly.

Recently, I'm starting to grasp vaguely what kind of existence is the G.o.d.
When it becomes like that, I understand well how dangerous this man and D are.
If the Demon King is a tank, Gyuriedistodiez is a nuclear weapon.
It's the problem before winning or losing because it ends when it explodes.
He's such an existence.

He's at the second place that I must not make him angry following D.
The second place that wins the Demon King in the third place by a wide margin.
I see, here's my place to die, huh?

「Thanks to that, I'm having a headache」

Gyurigyuri lets out a big sigh.
Ah, un.
Rather than he's angry, it's like the atmosphere that the boss who held an apology festival because the subordinate's mistake.
Although he's not angry, he's only feeling tired.

Gyurigyuri distort the s.p.a.ce, and takes something out.

「Do you drink?」

When he remove the cover, a mellow smell drifts.
It was alcohol.
Gyurigyuri takes out two gla.s.ses from the different s.p.a.ce, and pours alcohol.
One of those has been handed to me by force.

「Accompany me. I'm allowed to exhibit this much power」

Ah, yes.
Although I didn't drink alcohol before because I'm minor, because it's scary if I decline in this situation, I will accompany you.

Gyurigyuri drinks up the alcohol in a single gulp.
Good drinking manner.
This person must be drinking considerably usually.

Although I don't understand about alcohol, for the time being, I will enjoy the smell.
It's a strange feeling that the smell mixes with the smell of the sea.
One gulp like that.
Ah, it's slightly sweet, and it's delicious.

「There's a lot of it. Drink it without holding back」

I drink up the alcohol in the gla.s.s as I accept the offer.
Gyurigyuri pours another helping without a moment's delay.
I enjoyed the alcohol that I drink for the first time in my life.

「Good grief, the trash Potimas confined himself indoors. Although I have placed the minimum nail, I'm sure that he's thinking of something worthless. Even though that is already a hopeless trash, Sariel says not to kill him. If those words were not told, I will tear him apart and beat him down into the h.e.l.l. Neither Ariel and Dustin listen to what a person is saying. Especially, Ariel. Even though I told her many times to not interfere, what kind of thoughts does she has to jump into the vortex. Ah, I understand her circ.u.mstances, but then, if she consulted me, I could at least mediate for her. Although I think that the guy is at least my companion, this means it's my own complacent. Well, it suits me who's a stray Dragon. Loner, loner」
「Uhehe. The world is shining」
「It's probably not shining. Such a world, if Sariel was not here, it would be abandoned long time ago. Although I can't forgive what the other Dragons did, the people in this world are all fools and trashes. It's a good evidence that not even a person is liberated by the purgation system. Everybody only acc.u.mulates crime points, and it won't even decrease. How much evildoing must be acc.u.mulated until they are satisfied. And yet, they babble something like subjugating the evil Dragon, and challenge my subordinate that I entrust the area's management. Which one is the evil one, huh? Good grief」
「Ah, happiness」
「I'm unhappy. The future is very bleak. However, it can't be helped. This is also the weakness of falling in love. I want to grant her wish. Even if she will die because of that, if she smiles in her last moment, I will endure anything. However, I'm not concerned with the future things after she dies」
「You are also you. Not enough just by picking a fight with Ariel, you even interfere in the human's war. What are you trying to do? Ah, no. I understand your reasons and your feelings. I also thought a lot of times that I want to tear them apart. Speaking honestly, it's true that I feel a little relieved. The Divine Word Religion has terrible corruption, and the G.o.ddess Religion has become quite different from the normal teachings. In the first place, Even though they have no rights to believe in Sariel, they are shameless. Know shame. Shame」
「Kill everyone」
「As a matter of fact, that's the quickest. Unfortunately, because Sariel hates that the most, cleaning up is impossible. And, because I can't betray this Sariel's feelings, cleaning up is impossible. It's something that I can't have it on my way. If I don't drink alcohol, I can't do it」
「Alcohol is delicious」
「Good drinking manner. Drink more」

Good morning.
When did I sleep?
Somehow, yesterday's memory is vague halfway.
I drink alcohol with Gyurigyuri, and hears his complaint.
What happened?
Although I feel that I heard Gyurigyuri's complaint for a long time, I can't recall it in detail.

Gyurigyuri is not here anymore.
He only come here to drink in frustration?
He only wants me to hear his complaint?
What's with that G.o.d?

For the time being, I understood one thing.
Alcohol is delicious.

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