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Here's chapter 19.

19 It's not a big deal if it does not hit!

It's a pleasant feeling to recover completely.
Oh dear me, I didn't thought that there was a recovery technique by leveling up.
( いやはや、レベルアップで回復なんて技があったとは TL note: not sure about this)
I completely forgot about it.

But this can't be use that many times right.
I just leveled up a while ago and that means that it would be long way to go before I can level up again.
If I were to bear such a serious injury after each time I fight, my recovery speed won't be able to catch up with it.
Then, I would need to build a simple home there and stay indoors in order to recover....

It's no use if it's like that.
After all, I would return to my original life.

Although I say it, it's just a discussion about what to do.
I don't get stronger suddenly just because my level rose.
If it's my weakness, then I would use my head to find a way to win against it.
To be frank, if I were to launch a suicide attack without thinking, it would be like crossing the Sanzu River. ( TL note: Sanzu River)
Ah, even though I was reincarnated, I don't have the memories where I crossed the Sanzu River.

Is there no other way than this?
Though I don't want to get hurt if possible, but I can't say such luxurious thing.
Rather, there's not even a guarantee whether I can win the fight next time or not.

Even a while ago too, I would die if I made a mistake.
What if the frog didn't plunge itself into the thread as planned?
I don't want to think about it.
Getting through without being hurt in such a last-minute life-or-death state, the hurdle is slightly too high for me.

No, wait.
Though I a.s.sume that I would get hurt every time, but isn't it slightly dangerous?
I receive damage with my paper defense.
Un, it is very bad.

Among the monsters whom I have met, the frog doesn't seem to be so strong.
Though I know its strength after fighting it, but its appearance is just doesn't look strong.
Though it has the color that makes people be cautious with its poison, but it doesn't look strong.
Without poison, if it's only simple physical fighting strength, then there are others that seem to be more stronger than it.
Well, I was driven into critical condition by a single blow from the weak-looking frog.

Won't I get killed 1 hit if it was an attack from someone stronger?

It's possible.
If that happens, it's won't be an injury anymore.

What should I do?
No, there's only one measure.
It's no use even if I have hope in my defense.
I should think that it's death if I received an attack.
That means, I just have to avoid my opponent's attacks!
Isn't it easy?
What an impossible game?

In my previous life, the evasive ability I have in the game was the result of repeated practice.
Now I will confess it, I keep dying in the game.
It's the so called learn by dying.
I observe the attack pattern of my opponent with the premise to die and learn through it.
With that as foundation, I could able to control weird character like dodging specialist for the first time.
Therefore, I can't win against the enemy that I have never met before.

My current situation is somewhat similar to the game character.
The game character specialize in speed and also had offensive power increased.
Other status are in their initial value.
It was a worthless character with a paper defense and with no measures against long-distance attacks.
Now, I'm suffering because of this.

In the first place, the reality is way much different from the game.
Because in the game, I only need to use my fingers to move, but in the reality, I need to move my whole body.
Even my view, it's not good if I were to be glued to a game screen.
Above all, there's a feeling of tension that it will end if I die.

Eh, do I not seem to be tense?
Such a thing...Huh?
I don't feel tense.
Ah, let's forget about this talk.

Un, anyway, it's different in the game and the reality.
Even in the game, I'm premise to die. Me being an evasive character in the reality is impossible.
Though there's no reason, but there's no good plan either.

In the first place, I have too little cards to play.
Though the thread is useful in many ways, but the poison fangs only had one way to use it.
I believe that the "Appraisal" will become useful if it levels!
Though the resistance skills are useful, my original defense is poor.
What's left are the "Heresy Magic" and "Taboo" with unknown effects.

Heresy magic, it should be possible to use long-distance attacks if it's called as magic but I don't know how to use it.
Ah, I seriously want a tutorial.
If it's possible to acquire it, I should have know at least how to use it.
Magic which only exists in fantasy and I thought I can use it if I imagine it.
I think there should be a simple function like that.
Well, it's no use pleading for something that doesn't exist.

I peek in front stealthily from the rock shade.

『Small Rock Turtle LV2』

It's a turtle carrying a rock on its back.
It can be said that it's big, probably has the same size as the Galapagos in the Earth but there was no impact if it's compared with other monsters.
But it has the Small word in its name. Does that mean this guy is a child?

『Small Rock Turtle:Hatchling of Rock Turtle』

Ah, just as expected.
Is that so.
It's a child with that size.
I absolutely don't want to meet its parents.

Well then, let's get moving.
It hasn't noticed me yet.
Then, let's launch a back attack without reserve!

I jump out of the rock and approach at full speed.
I jump at the rock sh.e.l.l and shoot my threads.

Nuo! ( ぬお!)
It was shaken off!
But I succeeded in shooting my threads to it.
The turtle can't move anymore, Iiiiiiii!? ( いぃぃぃぃ!?)

the turtle tore the thread and rushed forward!

Evacuate, Evacuate!
I avoid it with a side step!


With a terrible impact, the turtle plunges into the wall.
I would be crushed flat if I receive that....
It was the first time that my thread got torn.
This is bad?

The turtle turns around to my direction.
It rushes again!
I avoid it!
It rushes again!
I avoid it!
It rushes again!
It's enough already!

I hook a thread on the foot of the turtle while avoiding its rush.
The turtle stumbles and rolls in the reaction of the rush.
It's lying on the ground upside down.
When it comes to this, it would have a hard time to get up.
Well, I won't give enough time for it to get up.


Though I would die if it hits, but it's not a big deal if it does not hit!

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