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Chapter 189.

189 Body function verification

I move to the lower layer with Transfer.
In front of me is the three Earth Dragons.
Kaguna, Geere, and Fuito.

As I check them with Appraisal, their level never rise.
There's almost no growth in the status too.
Only two or three status rose by 1.
Although a lot of days have pa.s.sed since the last time I checked them, they only grow to that extent.
There's no change in the skills at all.

Rather than saying that the Earth Dragons growth is slow, my growth rate might be abnormal.
Although I thought that I don't have any other cheat-like skill than the "Idaten", it might be quite a cheat in growth.

Well, that's why, although I ran away from the Kaguna and Geere duo before, if it's the present me, I can win even if Fuito joined and became a trio.
I mean, it's easy.

The main reason why I ran away from these guys before is because I lack of firepower and defensive ability.
I lack of firepower and I hardly inflict any damage to Kaguna. Because I lack of defensive ability that it's dangerous to even receive one hit, I'm forced to retreat before the duo of the defense Kaguna and the speed Geere.
But, I evolved after that, and by unifying with the Queen, my status has rose tremendously, so if it's the present me, there's no losing factor.

That's why, I won't use magic this time, and I think that I will fight against the three Earth Dragons in a hand-to-hand combat.
It's not that I'm underestimating them.
My present body that evolved into the Arachne is different from the complete spider-type.
With the intention of the trial run, it's necessary to grasp what kind of thing it is.
Well, it can also be said that I'm underestimating them though.
If I don't grasp the difference from before properly with a lower rank opponent, I will be uneasy when I fight against an opponent who's equal or higher than me.
In order to evade that, I must verify the Arachne's body in a combat properly.

Then, there were only these three Earth Dragons.
The Earth Dragons in the bottom layer are fighting against the Demon King.
The Demon King is out of question.
As for the other small fries, the opponent will die before I can try it.
Although the Water Dragon is worthy as an opponent, because it's a fight at the special environment called the sea, it's not suitable for the verification.
Therefore, concerning the opponent who has the ability to some extent, and is not influenced by the environment, they were chosen.

The Earth Dragons stopped moving as having bewildered by me who transferred, and they get into fighting stance like having prepared in the end.
Although they understand that they can't win judging from my presence, still, I can feel the intention to confront me.
Although Alaba was the same too, I feel that the Earth Dragons are full of the samurai code of chivalry.
I can't understand it.

Kaguna at the center, Geere as the vanguard, and Fuito as the rearguard. They move to the position.
Geere who excels in speed and has steady strength is place as the physical attacker, Kaguna who specializes in defense becomes the wall, and the variously halfway Fuito turns to support.
With this, if Fuito has a complete rearguard strength, the balance would be good.
Although Fuito is the same all-rounder type as Alaba if I see in the future, it looks like the jack-of-all-trades and master of none feeling is stronger if it is its present strength.

Geere jumps out first, and swing the blade that grew from its hand at me.
Although it is fast, judging from my present status, it's the speed that I can avoid with composure.
Combining the "Super Thought Acceleration" and the "Future Foresight", it seems to stop.

I dodge the single blow that aims at the human part without difficulty.
I think about the purpose this time, and it's not dodging at the last moment, but to release my serious speed to some extent and dodged it with composure.
Then, the human part shook.

The body is pulled on contrary to the direction of movement at the accelerated moment, and it shook by the reaction at the same time as stopping.
Ugh, this is unpleasant.
Ah, this is no use if I don't straddle properly when moving.
Failure failure.

Kaguna's breath approaches me who's reflecting.
This time, I move by putting power to the part where the human and the spider is connected.
I was able it move properly this time without the body shaking.
Although I stretch both hands sideways to keep the balance on this occasion, from the feeling just now, it seems that I can keep the balance even if I don't do it.

Geere catches up with me desperately, and attacks.
Geere's speed is 4123.
It can't be compared with the monsters everywhere, but it can't catch up with my speed that's one digit difference.
I draw the approaching blade at the very limit this time, and evade it.
No problem.

The returned sword that aims at the neck of the human part is dodged just by having the human part to bend down.
The human part is considerably flexible.
Although I don't know whether it's the same level as a ballet or a gymnast, it seems that the body is soft that it can move without any inconvenience on the spider body.
If I feel like it, I can make the human body to lie on the spider body looking upward.
If it's that condition, it seems that I can move the body similar to the complete spider body.
Well, that will kill the advantage as the Arachne.

I stop Geere's blade with the hand.
The so-called the serious catching the sword with bare hands.
I just entrust to power and break the blade.

I produce threads from the fingertip and entwine Geere that stops moving like being surprised.
I swing Geere that was not able to move, and throw it.
Throwing it to Kaguna.
The two Dragons clash with each other like being entangled, and fall over.

I approach Fuito that can't do anything so far before the two Dragons revive.
The immature Dragon can't react to my speed, and the spear hand pierces the body deeply.
The spear hand has the offensive ability to even penetrate the scale and inflict damage.

Further from there, I produce threads in Fuito's body.
The threads destroy Fuito from the body, and take the life.
This is nasty.
It's convenient.

Geere who struggles without being able to break out of the threads and Kaguna who gets up.
I wind the threads around Kaguna.
I pull the threads that has the slash attribute as it is.
Ugh, hard.
As expected of a defense specialized.
But, that's only a little hard, and the threads cut the scale slowly, reaches the flesh, and finally, Kaguna's body was cut up.

I knocked down the remaining Geere that can't move with a fist.
One-two punch.
Right straight.
It died when I realized it.

When there's a hand, it's convenient in various ways.
I was able to discover the fault that I must straddle when moving with full power, so it was a very significant verification result.

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