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Chapter 188.

188 I'm hungry

The middle-aged man and the Hero left.
In other words, there are no others.
Ah, loner is splendid.

{I want a detailed explanation by now}

Ah, because the Queen was there, I'm not a loner.
For the time being, I tell the details that I barged into a war after going out of the labyrinth lightly.

{Oh, Jesus}

Somehow, the Queen grieved.
If it can be held in the head, it's on the crouching level.

{Hey, main body}
What is it?
{Do you understand your situation?}
{If you understand it, why are you increasing the troublesome things other than the Demon King!?}
It can't be helped-nen.
I was irritated-nen.
I flown into rage, and have done it-nen.
{Stop that "nen", fool!}
I'm sorry.
{Haa. For the time being, what's done is done. So, is there any possible problem that you actually barged into a war?}
To be frank, if it's my present strength, no matter how many people attack me all at once, I can repel them with composure.
{Well, from what I heard, that seems so}
That's why, I can do anything with violence no matter how the humans' country is thrown into confusion.
Power is everything. It has become a good era.
{No, it's not the end of a century of somewhere. The order is pretty much maintained properly. If the harmful animal of somewhere don't rage}
I wonder which harmful animal is it.
{That means the only problem now is the Demon King, huh?}
Gyurigyuri never come in contact even if I cause such a turmoil.
{About the Demon King, do you notice?}
Ah, un.
That has mixed considerably.
{What do you think will happen?}
I don't know.
To be honest, I can't expect it.
{Is it all right?}
It's not.
It's a big problem.
Seriously speaking, even if Maou-in-charge wins or loses, she has mixed considerably and changed, so I think that she won't be as before.
And, I can't imagine what kind of action that Maou-in-charge will take in the mixed condition.
I don't know the Demon King's personality too.
The worst case, she may be hostile.
If that happens, there's only one way left for me.
I gain experience points in somewhere to be even a little stronger while avoiding direct confrontation.
And, reach the Administrator cla.s.s.
{Can you do it?}
I mean, I think that I'm one step to there.
{Although this is something I did on my own, I gave permission to the other Queen-in-charge to advance the erosion}
If the Queens are unified, the goal comes into view.
{What should I do from now on?}
For the time being, wait for recovery.
If the Demon King moves, make full use of the Transfer to run away.

The Demon King is still fighting against the Earth Dragons in the bottom layer.
Although the Earth Dragons are holding out, it seems to end soon.
Whether they can last for another day or not.
However, because the Demon King can't use the Transfer, even if the Earth Dragons are defeated, it won't become dangerous immediately.
Time is needed to rise from the bottom layer.
If I think including that, I still have a few days left.
I want to do what I can do in the meanwhile.

And, there's something that I must do now.
My SP has decreased considerably by the evolution influence.
Because I was waiting for recovery before evolution, there were not so many stores of the SP.
The stock of "Satiation" empties, and has decreased to about half of my maximum SP now.

I must eat.
But, I don't want to take the food in the home now.
The food here is the Queen's food, so it's better to have her eat.
So, it's necessary to go to secure food by myself.

Because I evolved into the Arachne, I have two mouths that are the human mouth and the spider mouth, but which should I eat with?
If it's as before, it's the spider mouth, but I'm interested that what will it be if I eat with the human mouth.
I mean, this human is not a papier mache, right?
The digestive organs are there properly, right?
It seems that I have the five senses properly, and because I can think even in the human, I might have the internal organs properly.

Speaking of the five senses, will the taste change if I eat with the human?
I don't think that the sense of taste in the spider and the human are the same.
In order to confirm it, I must get foods.

If possible, I want to eat sweet foods, but I can't go to the town anymore.
Because I have done it.
Although the report probably has not reach the town yet, I won't be worshiped as Divine Beast-sama in the future.
Although I saved them thoroughly, I have returned the harm that was about the same as it.
When thinking about that, that means I have received the reward of doing it for free.
It's even.
Well, even if I think so, the other party will not think so.
I'm sure that they are thinking that they are betrayed.

I will pa.s.s on going back to the battlefield.
If I return to the battlefield unexpected after this and continue the ma.s.sacre, the position of Hero-kun who returned might worsen.
There are still many parts that are doubtful that he disappears with me and returned safely.
Although I don't know how will the treatment to Hero-kun, let's have expectations in the abilities of the middle-aged man there.
I wonder can I have expectations.
I became uneasy.

Well, even if Hero-kun dies, it's not a hard blow on me, and if it's like that, it can't be helped.
It's wasteful if I'm forced to say.

Well then, let's go to procure food.
Fortunately, I have something to rely on.
The three huge meats that I marked it and left it all this time.

Well then, let's go for a revenge match.
Aiming at the Earth Dragon trio, Transfer.

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