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Chapter 187.

187 Communication ability

Well then, how should I speak?
I mean, can I speak?
When was the last time I talked to a person?
But, that's the Telepathy, so can't it be said as talking?

I'm getting nervous.
How do you talk with a person?
Rather, how do words spoken?

Ah, the middle-aged man is looking at me fixedly.
Wh-What should I do?
What should I say?
That's right, at first, isn't the basic to start a conversation is to talk about the weather?
Something like the weather in the labyrinth is unrelated!

Seriously, what should I do?
Calm down.
I should count prime numbers at such a time.
Prime numbers are lonely numbers.
1, 2, 3, da!
In the first place, 1 is not a prime number!

The weather is not good.
Something, is there something!?
That's right, greeting!
The greetings are basic!
Yosh, first of all, it's h.e.l.lo.
I will say it.
I will say it.
I will say it after counting for another ten seconds.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


Only the hoa.r.s.e voice comes out because my mouth is dried!

I moisten my mouth with saliva.
The voice comes out.
However, only to say the word "Konnichiwa".
It's not difficult.
It's not difficult.
It's not difficult.
I can do it.
A countdown in the heart once again.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.


I said it!
I was able to say it!
Good me!
I'm impressed of me.

「O-Oh. Thank you for calling out to me」

The middle-aged man who lowers his head from the praying posture.
The pose is a dogeza.

「I will introduce myself properly. I'm Ronant who belong to the Rengzant Empire magic division. However, If you give me the permission to serve under you, I'm prepared to abandon the nation. I will ask once more. Could you make me as your apprentice?」

Wait a minute.
Don't talk with such a long sentence all at once.
Because I'm thinking what I should say next.

For the time being, the apprentice is not good.


Un, no no.

「Please, somehow!」

Impossible impossible.

But, even if I say it, the middle-aged man doesn't seem to give up, and he has the atmosphere that he will follow me all the time.
That's troublesome.
I must somehow have him return volubly.

Appearing here is Hero-kun.
It's that.
I must think about a good excuse to let Hero-kun to return safely and the middle-aged man doesn't return.

This Hero is sent back, and raise him into an admirable adult.
If he's taught by others, he will surely see the things that he was not able to see naturally.
He will make this as the task from me.
If he accomplishes it splendidly, I will think about making him as my apprentice.

A perfect strategy even if I say so myself.
Now, I just need to convey it.
Convey it only.

Such a long sentence?
Err, impossible.
If I speak that much, I will die.
What should I do?
I might have been checkmated.
The biggest pinch ever.

Calm down.
It's not necessary to say it all at once.
It's fine to convey it little by little even with a word.

In addition, I can talk, but because this world's word p.r.o.nunciation is difficult, I can only talk a few words.
Even word by word, or rather, I can only say a word.

Yosh, I will say it.
Suu, haa.


I say it while pointing at Hero-kun.


First of all, was it conveyed to return Hero-kun?
Next is.

「May I ask? Although I suppose that this boy is the Hero, why is he with you?」

Don't question me back!
The words that I prepared for the next can't be used now!
Well, what should I do?
How should I answer?

Because I barged into the war, I picked him?
Although it's not wrong in general, how should I explain it?


This is the straightforward one and the closest.


Ah, un.
You don't understand, right?
Further explanation is impossible.

「Together, return」

I say it while pointing at the middle-aged man and Hero-kun.
The middle-aged man thinks a little.
Please, guess with this.

「In other words, you are trying to say that you want me to send this Hero to the country?」

That's right!
I nod.

「Then, if I sent this Hero back safely, will you make me as your apprentice?」

Why does it becomes like that!?
No no.
I shake my head.


I say it while pointing at the middle-aged man.


I say it while pointing at Hero-kun.


How is it!?
With this, do you understand?
Although I think that it's a miracle if he understands, how is it?

「You want me to raise the Hero?」

But, he's right.
I nod.

The middle-aged man thinks about something for a long time.
Although I don't know what is he thinking, my broken words might be expanding his imagination variously.
I hope that it's not a weird imagination.

「Yes. I understand. Although I can't foresee your profound thought, it surely has a deep meaning. This mission that you gave to me, I swear that I will accomplish it splendidly」

Very good!
The middle-aged man is reasonable!

「Well then, although I don't want to part, I can't leave the Hero like this no matter what the reason is. I will leave at once. Hopefully, I can meet you once more」

The middle-aged man who lowers his head deeply.
You don't need to meet me anymore.

The middle-aged man who leaves carrying Hero-kun with Transfer.
Come to think of it, the first one that I talk with in this world is that middle-aged man, huh?
Somehow, I feel a little lost.

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