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Chapter 181.
I'm back. Back to normal speed. And, I'm at outside now, so I can't update the TOC yet.

181 It becomes something terrible

I transfer from the Elro Great Labyrinth.
Because they will probably be confused if I who have died appear suddenly, I transfer to a position far from the town this time.
I see the state of the town with "Thousand Miles Eyes" for the time being.

Somehow, isn't the number of soldiers little?
The number of adventurers is also little.
It has decrease by half.
What does this mean?

Oh, well.
The Vampire child is the same as before.
She's growing quickly and healthily in the mansion.
My Babies grow faster though.
It's not good to compare her with that.

The town chief who's the father of the Vampire child is not there either.

Neither the soldier nor the adventurer are there.
The town chief as well.
But, the town's function is working properly.

Is there even a war happening somewhere?

If a powerful monster appeared and must be subjugated, the town chief doesn't need to leave.
The town chief was quite strong as far as I have seen.
As a human though.
Then, it's possible that the soldiers and some adventurers are led by a person who's has the commander-like position, and depart.
Although it's possible, in that case, the possibility that it's a war rather than a monster subjugation is higher.

Did it possibly become a war with the country of the middle-aged man who I killed?
There was such a conversation before receiving the Demon King's attack.

But, is that really serious?
Although I certainly thought that it was a threat to the extent to make diplomacy advantageous, it was serious.
Religion is terrible.

However, it's still a guess.
It's not confirmed that the war really started.
In order to confirm it, I want to gather information a little in the town.

New skill, "Concealment" activate.
Although this skill is evolved from "Camouflage", it looks like it has the effect of removing the things that I want to hide from the other party's recognition.
In other words, if I use this skill on myself, my figure won't be recognized.
Up until now, because of the Fear Bringer t.i.tle, the stealth-type skills that have become half dead, finally, were able to revive.
The Fear Bringer t.i.tle's effect is to give fear to those who saw my figure.
In other words, if my figure is not seen, it won't show the effect.
I have already confirmed that not recognizing = invisible.
With this, I can act secretly to my heart's content.

I turn on the "Concealment" and the "Stealth", and turn off the intimidation-type skill like "Emperor" and the other skills that I activate always.
I break through the town's defense network easily, and the invasion succeeded without being noticed by anyone.
I eavesdrop on the resident's conversation while moving along the roof of the house.

Yes, outbreak of war confirmed!

It's already a hot topic in the town.
If I walk a little, war, war.
Rather, there are fewer people who speak of other things.

It seemed to have become a war with the country named Outsu country.
As expected, the Outsu country is the country of the middle-aged man who I a.s.sa.s.sinated.
Besides, it seems to be the country where the exit of the Elro Great Labyrinth is there.
It's hostile with the Sariera country for many years because of the difference of religion, and the monster that destroyed their fort is worshiped as the Divine Beast in the enemy country.
Of course, that's not amusing judging from the Outsu country.

The Outsu country is the religion called Divine Word Religion.
The Sariera country is G.o.ddess Religion.
As the scale, it looks like the Divine Word Religion is believed worldwide, but the national power of the Sariera country is much higher than the Outsu country.
In the balance of the strange power relationship, I appear.

Judging from the Outsu country, it would be a vexing problem.
There's the prestige as the country, and they want to eliminate me who's the monster that smashed the fort somehow.
But, I was worshiped as the Divine Beast in the enemy country.
In order to eliminate me without being offensive, they must first win over me to the country.
Therefore, that middle-aged man was selected as the negotiator.

This is probably fine even if the negotiation turns out well or fails.
The Outsu country's higher-ups only want to use me as an excuse to cause the war.
Otherwise, they wouldn't appoint such an incompetent middle-aged man as the negotiator, and if that middle-aged man does a goodwill amba.s.sador regularly, the problem will raise eventually.
If the Sariera country declares war because of that, it's a G.o.dsend.
It's possible to cause war under the name of defense.
It's just as planned.

Because I killed the middle-aged man this time, both countries became strange.
The Sariera country blames the Outsu country for trying to harm the Divine Beast illegally.
The Outsu country blames the Sariera country that the Divine Beast killed their diplomat.
In the end, it settled down in a draw, but then, I disappeared.

Besides, it seems that it's decided that the one who killed me is the underling of the Divine Word Religion.
Actually, it's wrong because I was killed by the Demon King, but there's no way the people know about such thing.
Although I don't know which camp spread the fake information, it looks like at least the Sariera country is thinking about the war.
When I eavesdrop on the resident's story, there's a lot of the contents like "We have to take revenge of Divine Beast-sama".
They are deceived successfully.

Ah, although I don't know what's the motive of the country's higher-ups, at least, it's confirmed that both countries are itching to start the war.
I'm used as the excuse, huh?

It's irritating.
Why they get excited when the person in question is absent?
Besides, my intention is disregarded.
If you want to start a war, you should just start it without minding the cause.
Don't use me as the excuse.

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