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Chapter 180.

180 Spare body moves

Well then, although the main body went out triumphantly, the situation is not good.
Although I don't know why the bottom layer's Earth Dragons oppose the Demon King, I don't think that they can win the fight against the Demon King.
I who inherited the Queen's memory, grasp the ability of the Earth Dragons to some extent because I was the resident of the same bottom layer.
Although the leader of the Earth Dragons is strong, still, it's not equal to the Queen.
Even if it comes in crowd, it's meaningless before the overwhelming Demon King's status and the cheat-like skills.

Somehow, the Earth Dragons challenge the Demon King to a fight while understanding that.
Otherwise, there's no way that the proud Earth Dragons will take a withdrawing strategy that's clearly a stalling.
But, I don't understand why the Earth Dragons are stalling.
What are they waiting for?

No, even though the Demon King is moving this showy, I think that man will not partic.i.p.ate because he still hasn't appear at this point in time.
It's hard to think that Gyurigyuri who has the Administrator's authority don't grasp the state of his own subordinates.
I think that he leaves them while knowing that.

Then, it means that the reason the Earth Dragons attack the Demon King is their own judgment.
The Earth Dragons that stayed in the bottom layer for a long time have challenged the Demon King who's a far higher opponent.
I don't know the intention.

it's no use even if I think about the things that I don't know any further.
I will also move ignoring the main body's intention like the Earth Dragons that move arbitrarily ignoring Gyurigyuri's intention.

Ah, test test.
Can you hear me, ladies?
〈Loud and clear, over〉
(Same here, over)
〔Same here, over〕
「Same here, over」
As expected, there's no response from the Maou-in-charge.
〈Eh? What happened?〉
The Maou-in-charge is continuing the attack to the Demon King.
On the other hand, the Demon King fights back desperately.
To be frank, I think that she don't have the time to communicate with us.
〔Seriously? I mean, what about the playing dead strategy?〕
Ah, that, huh?
Probably, the Demon King already knows the fact that we are not dead.
(That's bad!)
Otherwise, I don't know why the Maou-in-charge attacks arbitrarily.
「When it comes to that, should we also move?」
Because the main body is in high spirits after reviving, I contacted instead of her.
(Roger. Then, I will begin to act)
How's everyone's erosion rate?
〈I guess around 85%〉
(A little over 80%)
〔Around 70%?〕
「Um, around 60%」
「It can't be helped! I'm the last one who got generated after all!」
Well, yeah.
Can you make it as fast as possible?
〔I'm doing it fast so far, you know?〕
With that in consent.
(You are fairly impatient. Did something bad happen?)
Although this still don't have any positive proof, the Demon King and the Maou-in-charge are having a considerable close fight unlike us.
And, she is eroding the Demon King somehow, but there's a feeling of being taken oppositely.
〈That's bad!〉
Although I don't know which one will fall first, she might be taken in the worst case.
(This is bad. When it becomes like that, the cheating direct soul attack can't be used)
〔Then, will it become a serious match with the Demon King?〕
「With that?」
I want to raise the forces of the main body even a little now.
That's why, I want you all to take over the Queens as fast as possible.
〔All right. I understood the situation〕
〈I will begin it immediately〉
My best regards.

With this, the other Queen-in-charges have start to move.
As expected, the main body knows that it's too dangerous to move in a weakened state, but now that she has revived, she shouldn't fall behind easily except the Demon King.
Because she's in high spirits after reviving, she might make a blunder at an unexpected point though.
Let's pray that she don't make any blunder.

Is there anything that I can do?
The best would be waiting for the status recovery quietly with the meaning of strengthening the forces.
After all, even though it's borrowed, I have the same strength as the main body.
If I revive, the forces will simply double with that alone.
This is big.

However, my recovery is considerably slower than the main body.
Although my body grows bigger pointlessly, the essential status doesn't recovers to that extent.
It seems to take more time until complete recovery.

Then, I shouldn't move unskillfully.
It's better to make a blunder rather than moving forcibly in a weakened state.
I decided to wait for the recovery quietly.
Now, I can only pray that the main body and the spare bodies to do well.

Especially, the Maou-in-charge is considerably important.
The future development will change completely by the Maou-in-charge's success or failure.

If possible, I have the feeling of wanting to help the Maou-in-charge, but I can't do it.
I from the start and the other Queen-in-charges have already fused with the Queens more than half, so it's impossible to move easily with only the soul like before.
The reason why I was able to move to the egg is that I moved together with the existence called the Queen.

I did an incarnation.
I can't exist as a soul anymore.
I have changed like this.

Then, in order to a.s.sist the Maou-in-charge, the main body must generate new Parallel Will.
But, I expect that the main body will not produce any Parallel Will anymore.
I think that the present state is a last-minute line.
It's possible to split while remaining intact with the main body's soul.

To produce Parallel Will means nothing but splitting the soul.
When more Parallel Will is produced, the main body's soul will wear out steadily.
Because the soul of the Queens and the Demon King have been absorbed by the influence of the skill, the main body's soul becomes a distorted condition.
If she produce more Parallel Will any further.
The worst case is the soul will collapse.
In other words, it's death.
Even if she has the "Immortality" in the system, she can't revive if the soul collapses.

It's tough that I can only wait.
Please, everyone.

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