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Chapter 177.

177 Inside the Demon King

I am Maou-in-charge.
There's no name yet.

I'm the spare body that's possessing the Demon King.
It's very bad.

The start was the present main body that's the Information-in-charge at that time, found out the existence that interfered our souls.
Apparently, it seems that we are connected to the other party by the soul. Then, it's planned to rule from here oppositely using the connection.
The method dispatched we Parallel Wills, and it was the method to erode the other party's soul.

I who was the Body-in-charge at that time, boarded into this strategy willingly.
After all, speaking of Body-in-charge, a pitiful frame.
My existence value becomes the maximum when peeling the scales.
Pitiful me.

A once in a life time opportunity to escape from such a pitiful position.
There was no way that I will miss it.
But hold on.
Then, I had a bad feeling when it became the step that who will be in charge of the Demon King that seems to be the most dangerous.
I was selected unanimously.
d.a.m.n it.

And, I have begun to pick a fight with Mother who interfered us and the Demon King who's the top and the origin of the Taratect species secretly.

I wait and see what happens first without moving.
First of all, I start from capturing the surrounding Queens.
Although the Queens are under the control of the Demon King, she didn't give the Queens firm ego like us.
Thanks to that, even if the Queens are eroded little by little, they didn't notice..
The erosion to the Queens continued steadily and quietly.

The situation changed after "Taboo" reached max level.
The main body became enraged.
Well, really.
Although I understand her feelings, is it enough to be enraged to that extent?

It looks like only me who thought so.
Although I understand it now, I think that the others including the main body except me, ate another person's soul and received the influence.
Only I alone didn't attack the Demon King yet.
I think that the main body received the influence by spare bodies' feedback.
I think that at this time, we have definitely begun to separate from the main body.

And, finally, the time when I attack the Demon King came.
Well, I was very scared.
After all, it's the Demon King.

I start hacking the Demon King's soul.
She found out immediately.
As expected of the Demon King.
Although it was a deduction that she didn't notice her subordinates, the Queens are being attacked, at the moment when she received the attack, she noticed my existence.
Furthermore, it looks like she noticed the present condition of the Queens.
Even though it's likely her first time to received an outside attack through the soul, the action was quick.

At first, the Demon King tried to eliminate me.
The result is a failure.
I'm a mind body of the soul.
Physical attack doesn't have any significance in order to eliminate me, and it must be the ability to interfere the soul like the Heresy Attack.
But, we have the "Heresy Nullity".
The elimination of us is impossible with the attacks in the system.

I understood the impatience of the Demon King very clearly.
But, we don't have the composure to that extent.
Even though it's nullified, it doesn't mean that there's no way to attack.
It's just that there's no damage, but the Heresy Attack has the effect to delay my actions.
Because of that, the erosion advanced only slowly.

The Demon King went for the next action immediately.
She can't defeat us who are mind bodies.
Then, there's only one method.
She has to defeat our main body.

The Demon King located the main body's location by the connection of the soul that we used oppositely.
Fortunately, the Demon King was at a quite remote place from the Elro Great Labyrinth where the main body was.
In addition, she can't use the Transfer magic.

Still, the Demon King starts moving.
She was very fast.
Although the main body was also confident in speed, the Demon King's speed was abnormal.
I understood that the main body will lose if this is fought directly.

I erode while the Demon King moves.
Thanks to that, I succeeded in linking some information.
A part of the Demon King's memory, five senses, etc, come to be shared.
Among that, there was the Demon King's status, and I recognized that this is bad.

The Demon King has come close to the Elro Great Labyrinth at last.
But, apparently, the main body is not in the Elro Great Labyrinth anymore.
Did she perceived the Demon King's approach, and run away successfully?

I also had the time when I thought so.
The main body that I thought to have ran away, makes a base near the town somewhere, and seems to stay there grandly.
This is bad.
This is the Demon King attack event.
I must inform it to the main body quick.

But, a problem occurred here.
The soul of me and the Demon King fused quite deeply at this point in time.
To be frank, it's a level that's already inseparable.
If I separate it forcibly, either of the soul, or the worst, both souls will collapse.
Besides, I'm always restrained by the Demon King, so I can't move freely.

It's the end.
The main body showed her stupidity for not noticing the Demon King's approach, and was beaten completely by the Demon King just as I thought.

Although it looks like she manage to survive at the last moment, the situation is not good.
The Demon King and I have fused considerably deep.
In other words, if I disappear, the Demon King will know it.
Even though the main body was defeated, I didn't disappear.
The Demon King knows it.

The Demon King understood that the main body didn't die.

But, she didn't understand what kind of trick was used.
For the time being, she go to eliminate the Queen that has been eroded.
She enters the Elro Great Labyrinth.
She reaches the bottom layer in no time, and kill the Queen very easily.
Seriously a monster.

Up to there was the Demon King's a.s.sumption.
Next, she looks like she's going to crush the new main body that seems to be in this labyrinth.
Very bad.
When the main body dies, we probably will die like a chain reaction.
This is bad.

But, they stopped the Demon King who step forward.
The Earth Dragons that stay in the bottom layer.

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