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Chapter 172.

172 I let the children to pay the tribute

It was eight days later that the baby army returned.
Come to think of it, the depopulation of the monsters in this area has considerably advanced, so monsters can't be found unless going afar.
Thanks to that, I almost died because of hunger.
There's only SP 3.
I will die.

Because it can't be helped, I ate the thing in the vicinity that's the eggsh.e.l.l and stave off starvation.
The eggsh.e.l.l is soft unlike the bird's egg, so it can be eaten.
Something like eating the thing that I produced by myself is unpleasant, but needs must when the devil drives.
I ate the sh.e.l.l that didn't have taste.

My status recovered a little only when I ate.
Although it's a slight amount by time progression, it's recovering.
If I take proper meals in this condition, complete recovery seems to be possible.

I stave off my starvation like that for eight days.
The babies who returned at last have considerably reduced in number.
About half?
Well, they are weak.
I was on the verge of dying by starvation.
Rather, I have no choice but to say that half of them did well to survive.

Besides, somehow, the level rises overall.
I mean, doesn't the status rose a lot?
The status that should have been All 3 at level 1 has the status around All 50 at the average level of 5.
The rising value of one level is around ten?
Oi oi.
My childhood rising value was 1 per level, you know?
What's with these excellent brats.

The babies carry the preys that were killed by them.
It's quite a lot.
Ten corpses of monsters are carried.
What's with these excellent brats.

Let me see, ah, the frog.
Various monsters that I have seen before are exhibited.
When I observe those guys, the whole bodies are entangled by the thread, and there are traces that they received "Poison Fang" from several parts.
Why these guys cooperate to restrain the opponent with the thread, and drive in "Poison Fang" all at once?
Come to think of it, the "Cooperation" skill is added in most of the babies.
I don't have the skill though.
What's with these excellent brats.

In addition, although only ten was able to be brought this time, it's obvious that these guys defeat the more monsters than that, right?
Although it's probably to fill their stomach, otherwise, they will starve to death.
There's no way these guys can become level 5 with only 10 monsters.
How many monsters that these guys killed?

For the time being, it's the prey that they caught with great pains, so let's eat it.
Ah, I yearn for sweet foods.
But, I can't say the luxury.
I will endure until my status returns.

I wonder will it return immediately if I level up.
But, my present level is 30.
It won't rise with just a little thing.
Here as expected, it seems to be good to wait the recovery slowly.

Thus, Babies!
Go and get food again!

Although they don't complain because they don't have vocal organs, the babies march again.
It's gross as usual.

After that, seven days later.
My babies carried the preys again and returned.

Oi oi.
There are some that become bigger here and there though?
Among the child spiders of the palm size, there's a slightly big one around 30 centimeters mixed at the ratio of one to ten.

『Mini Lesser Horo Neia LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:125(Details)
 Average Defensive Ability:125(Details)
 Average Magic Ability:125(Details)
 Average Resistance Ability:125(Details)
 Average Speed Ability:125(Details)
 「Magic Perception LV4」 「Magic Manipulation LV4」 「Enhanced Poison LV1」 「Poison Fang LV4」 「Spider Thread LV3」 「Cooperation LV4」 「Night Vision LV8」 「Poison Magic LV2」 「Shadow Magic LV1」 「Poison Resistance LV4」』

Minimum evolved into Mini.
Besides, it's probably the influence of the evolution, but the "Shadow Magic" is added.
What's with these excellent brats.

The number doesn't decrease much this time, and the corpse of the monster brought back is 20.
They return one day earlier than the last time, and the result is double.
What's with these excellent brats.

I receive the preys gratefully.
My status recovers considerably, and it becomes around 1000.
My body grows bigger with it too.
Because my species didn't change, it's not a change like evolution, but it looks like my body simply grows bigger.
I who was palm size have grow to the size around 30 centimeters.
It's the size almost the same as the Mini.

When the babies left the preys, they leave immediately before I order them.
They can judge it by themselves already?
Aren't their head unexpectedly good?
What's with these excellent brats.

I'm glad that I gave birth to them.
And, I don't have to simply eat because I'm hungry.
No, I thought about it a little.
It might be fine if I eat these guys.
But, at the end, I didn't eat them for the reason that the thing gained is a lot if I use them until the end rather than eating them.
The expectation hits the mark splendidly.
Rather, it's more than expected.
Mother is happy to have such excellent and brave children.
Please pay the tribute to mother with that condition.

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