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Chapter 171.
k.u.moko army?

171 Since when were you under the impression that I can't escape from the Great Demon King?

The eggsh.e.l.l broke.
I re-reborn!

Ah, it was dangerous.
I was nearly about to die seriously.

Even though I tried to play dead after getting defeated suitably because I have "Immortality", the "Abyss Magic" is used.
I got impatient.
If I was a little late to cut the connection with the main body, all of the Parallel Wills were going to die.

At that time when I made to receive the Demon King's "Abyss Magic", I escaped by only pulling out my soul from the body by force.
Although such a thing was my first time and I didn't know whether it's possible or not, I sent my everything like dispatching the Parallel Wills.
The sent destination was the egg that laid by the experimenting "Sp.a.w.ning" skill in the Elro Great Labyrinth.

The "Sp.a.w.ning" skill is the skill that can produce my kin as eggs without copulating.
Although it was the skill added after eating Mother, I return to the home in the labyrinth and tried this skill.
As a result, the egg was able to be produced by consuming SP.
Because the egg didn't hatch immediately, I left it there as it is, but I never thought that it will be useful in such a way.

The "Abyss Magic" is bad.
Even I will die if I receive it directly.
Something like "Immortality" and resistances are meaningless before that magic.
Because that magic is the magic with the power of the quasi-Administrator cla.s.s.
A brutal magic that all the flesh and souls are thrown into the MA area.
It's the only means that can kill me by the power in the system.

It was really dangerous.
It was unexpected that there was a person who can use "Abyss Magic" other than me, and it's also unexpected that it was used as the finishing blow.
Ah, although there are only relatively easy battles recently, why is the time when I fight with a formidable enemy like this is always life-threatening?
I should have become strong enough to say that there's no enemy anymore.
Why am I beaten one-sidedly?

Well then.
For the time being, I was able to survive even though it's barely, let's confirm the present condition.
First of all, status check.
I burst into laughter after seeing my numbers.
All status 3.
It's not a mistake in vision, it's 3.

The word, 'Decreasing' is next to the status with the highest value which is the previous numerical value.
Did the status fall temporarily because I changed bodies?

Well, it can't be helped.
My present figure is the palm size after all.
The size of the egg that was born by the "Sp.a.w.ning" is almost equal to the chicken's.
The new body born from there is small.
If it's the previous status with this size, the appearance is a fraud.

Although there's no change in the skills, with this status, direct combat is impossible.
It might be better to stay hidden for a while until my status is recovered.

Ah, h.e.l.lo?
The Demon King might go there.
Do your best!
{Impossible impossible!}
For the time being, you should escape in the similar way as me if it becomes a pinch.
{I will}

I finish the meeting with Mother-in-charge.
Should the attack of the soul to the Demon King be stopped once?
No, but it's my bad that I have let her approach me off guard this time.
If I make full use of Transfer and run around without being careless. Even if I said that, if it's my present status, I can't activate Transfer.

Therefore, everyone, stop the attack for a moment.
「It can't be helped」

Carry out the strategy to play dead.
The "Abyss Magic" was the finishing blow, so that means there's no experience point.
Because the experience point is a thing that's gained by absorbing a part of the defeated opponent's soul, if it's the "Abyss Magic", even that is collected.
Because there's no experience point gained, there's no need to worry that the fact that I'm alive will be found out.
I was about to die because of the "Abyss Magic", and it's a strange story that I was saved thanks to "Abyss Magic".

However, what to do from now on?
With this body, proper action is impossible.
I mean, will the status really return?
If it doesn't return, what should I do?
Before that, what should I do about the meal?
Can I hunt with this poor status?

Isn't it dangerous in various ways?
What should I do?

When I'm worrying, rustling sounds begin to sound from the surroundings somehow.
Ah, that's right.
I laid about 1000 eggs for trial.

My babies who break the sh.e.l.l one after another, and come out.

『Minimum Lesser Horo Neia LV1
 Average Offensive Ability:3
 Average Defensive Ability:3
 Average Magic Ability:3
 Average Resistance Ability:3
 Average Speed Ability:3
 「Magic Perception LV1」 「Magic Manipulation LV1」 「Poison Fang LV1」 「Spider Thread LV1」 「Night Vision LV7」 「Poison Magic LV1」 「Poison Resistance LV1」』

Somehow, it's a species that I have not seen before.
Although my species is the Zana Horowa as it is, what are these guys?
Besides, these guys have the "Poison Magic" by nature.

『Minimum Lesser Horo Neia:The new species produced by the Zana Horowa』

A new species!
Is it D?
Is it her act?

Never mind.
Although these guys are weak, there's a lot in numbers, so they are usable.
The "Kin Domination" seems to work properly, so if I give these guys an order to hunt, isn't it all right even if I don't do anything myself?

Hey, My Babies!
Bring food for me!

The 999 child spiders that begin to move all at once obeying my order.
Uwa, gross.

What a parent to make the children who just born to serve the parent.
Do your best, my children.

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