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Chapter 169.

169 No more tributes 

Three days after killing the middle-aged man.
After that, the number of people come to my place decreased.
I mean, it was prohibited to come.
That goes without saying because I have killed the middle-aged man.

The citizens' reactions are generally annoyed.
There are people who say that the middle-aged man deserves to die without hesitating.
Although they don't speak of it, it looks like most people think so.

But, among them, there are people who think that the spider is dangerous after all.
Such people are usually glared by the people in the surroundings, and they correct what they have said in a hurry.
Religion is scary.
Actually, seeing from the citizens, I'm a very dangerous creature.
But still, the worshiped faith.
Those who believe will be saved.
Judging from a j.a.panese sense, religion is hard to understand.

Well, such thing doesn't matter.
The problem is the number of people that came decreased, and the tribute decreased.
Even if it's prohibited, the people who come will come.
Faithful people, and people who want the wounds and disease to be cured.
But, such people come only in bit by bit.
It doesn't come, the food doesn't come.

There's no sweet food.
It's painful.

I was able to replenish my decreased SP relatively easy.
Come to think of it, the complete recovery by level up disappeared before I know it.
Well, I can somehow imagine the reason.
I have exceeded the acceptable limits that can be recovered.

The complete recovery of level up comes from the "n%I=W" skill.
Although it's something like an extra function that was set by D so that we don't die easily, the energy for the recovery is pumped out from the world.
Although it would be good that a little amount of energy is pumped out when it's a low status, when I became this strong, an enormous amount of energy needs to be pumped out to recover.
That's why, was it set that supply will stop when a certain point is reached? Or, did D tamper the setting in real time?

If I think about it, the shedding didn't take place even if I leveled up recently.
Recently, because my HP didn't decrease when I level up, I didn't mind it, but I think that the recovery probably stopped from there.

So, I looked for prey to recover my SP that had rose greatly and irregularly to the maximum.
Even if I say so, I have set an aim.
Although I wander around aimlessly when I'm free to fill the map of this neighborhood, I discovered a considerably large-scale group of bandits at that time.
I mean, they made a village.
At that time, I didn't attack because the judgment was strange whether it's the bandits or it's a village made at a remote area.
No, well, almost all of the villagers have the "s.n.a.t.c.h" skill, so I think that they are obviously bandits from their appearance.

Because I became able to understand words, I confirmed whether the bandit village was really a bandit village or not.
Well, should I say as expected? It was the bandit.
It was confirmed that they are a large-scale group of bandits that move in organization, and attack village or town in the vicinity, travelers and moving merchants.

Now that I know that, there's no need to hold back.
I annihilated them and eat them deliciously.
There were quite strong as bandits, so the experience points were delicious.
Thanks to that, my level rose by 3.
The taste was not so bad because they made a village and they are clean.

So, the stomach is satisfied.
But, this and that are different.
There's always room for sweet foods.
Even if my stomach is satisfied, my heart is not satisfied.

Well, it can't be helped.
I must think that it's better even if the offering is little.
When I was in the labyrinth, I can never eat sweet foods.
If it's compared with that, now is more luxurious.
Ah, when I taste luxury once, I can't return to the origin.
Desire is frightening.

Because it can't be helped even if I asked for the moon, I will pick up the sound in the town and eavesdrop today.
The rumor of the war begins to appear among the citizens.
As expected, I think that there's no war.
That's the scheme that make use of the diplomacy to raise the war.
The other party is a small country too.

To be frank, the benefit obtained is lower than the cost.
It might be good if there's at least one strong soldier who's matchless, but when I see the human's strength that I have seen so far, I don't think that there's a human who's matchless.
Then, after all, it becomes a war of attrition, and the soldiers will be used until the end.
There's also the consumption of the supplies, and there's also the post-treatment after winning.
To be frank, even if they fight and win, it's a long way off to obtain any benefit.

Ah, but wait.
This country is religious country.
When it becomes a religious war, will it change?
Ah, then it's not impossible.
Judging from me who's secular, it's unbelievable that a war will start by faith.
Even in the Earth's history, there's a lot of religious war.

The me who's used as the excuse of the war.
Nai wa.
I'm not such an exaggerated thing.
Do I have to say "Stop, don't fight for me"?

Oh, well.
If a war happened, that time is that time.

And, the one on my mind is the Vampire child.
That child spends days peacefully for now.
It looks like the people in the surroundings haven't notice that she's a Vampire.
Rather, the person herself might not know about it either.

I didn't know about my status until my Appraisal level rose.
As for that child who didn't have Appraisal, that means she doesn't even know her own race, right?
Thanks to the True Ancestor t.i.tle, there's no weak point as a Vampire, so there's no subjective symptoms.

Then, what will happen when she knows it?
The n.o.ble's daughter is a Vampire.
It only smells of troubles.
What should I do at that time?
Although I don't want to be concerned with her, what should I do?

Well, at present, it doesn't seem that there's a human who has Appraisal in the surroundings, so isn't it all right?
If there's a person who has Appraisal, it will be an uproar.
Ah, if only Appraisal can be used with "Thousand Miles Eye".
I can confirm the status of the people in the surroundings.

The "Thousand Miles Eye" is evolved from "Clairvoyance".
Although it's simply the distance that can be seen increased, the distance is abnormal.
I can see the Elro Great Labyrinth from here.
I can see the distant scenery while being here as much as I like.
It's an amazing skill.

At this time, I was absorbed to hear the sound in the town.
I was a little careless.
If I confirm it properly, I should be able to evade it.

My Home is blown off.
An outrageous shock.
Moreover, I was not able to perceive the magic formula means that the destruction is not by magic.
It's either a pure physical attack or an attack by the skill.

「Finally, I found you」

I look at the person who brought the holocaust.
The Demon King was there.

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