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Chapter 168.
k.u.moko understands the language now.

168 Write the things I want to memorize in the notebook and eat it like that

Mother eating ended, and status increases remarkably.
The skills are also mach.
Incidentally, another body obtained.
What am I already?

It looks like I absorbed Mother's memory and knowledge as the side effect.
To be specific, I came to understand the language of this world.
This, just when I was thinking of wanting to hear the content of the story in the town.
How timely.

Thus, let's eavesdrop on why the attendants of the middle-aged man become very pale.

Guessing from the fragments of the talk, that middle-aged man was a big shot of another country.
But, he was made to be a negotiator to win over me for his own country almost in the form of getting rid of a nuisance.
The negotiation with the mouth failed.
I was able to understand the language just now.
Even though I don't understand no matter what you say, negotiation is even impossible.
I mean, either way, with that middle-aged man's att.i.tude, I won't say yes.

The middle-aged man has already died even though he's asked about the crime of trying to hurt the Divine Beast-sama of the another country secretly.
Is the Divine Beast-sama me?
Nai wa.
Generally, spiders don't have the image of the Divine Beast.

Ah, it looks like it's confirmed that the ninjas moved by the order of that middle-aged man.
Incidentally, it looks like the town chief knows it.
It seems that the attendant who received the investigation confessed easily.
The ninjas didn't return, and the middle-aged man dies a mystery death.
As for the death of the middle-aged man, it seems to be already recognized as my curse.
No, although it doesn't change that it's my act, why is it known?

When I return to the talk, it might become a war by diplomatic issue.
So that's why, the attendants have such a pale face.
Because of the master's thoughtless action, they have make enemies of me and this country.
When I imagined that it might damage the mother country, of course they will become pale.

I mean, isn't that using me as an excuse?
Although it becomes a feeling like a war is happening because of me, I don't know, okay?
Why are you talking about me like I'm the country's holdings?
I don't particularly have emotional attachment in this country.

After all, it's the same as that middle-aged man.
Rather, it's more wicked to use that as an excuse to start a war.
It might be the right time to leave.
It was pleasant to be pampered, and it was a happiness that sweets are offered, but there's no reason for me to be treated as a human tool.
The likes of the human to look at me like that, your hubris is excessive.
I see the state for a little more, let's move if I don't like it.

I keep picking up the sound transmitted from the thread.
As expected, because I can't grasp all the sounds in the town, it's only a part.
I hear multiple sounds using "High-speed Calculation" and "Super Thought Acceleration" at the same time.
There's no way I can do such a thing without the skills.
If Prince Shotoku existed, isn't him a monster?

Although the "Super Thought Acceleration" is convenient, it was necessary to practice a little to understand the words.
Because the heard sound becomes terribly slow.
「Good Morning」 will be heard like 「Gggooooooddd Mmmooorrrnnniiinnnggg」.
Although such phenomenon happens because my recognition of time was prolonged than normal, if I'm not accustomed to it, I won't understand what the other party says.

I keep picking up sounds at random with the implication of practicing to be accustomed, and information gathering.
I was okay when I tapped the town chief because I only concentrated there, but when I pick up multiple sounds like this, there's a discrepancy that occurs to the recognition by all means.
Thanks to that, I became quite accustomed.
Well, still, it needs a great concentration though.

As a result of hearing the voice in the town, I have understood various things.

First of all, about me.
It's confirmed that I'm called as the Divine Beast-sama.
Well, this is something that I knew since the time I tapped the town chief.
It looks like I'm worshiped by the citizens with the feeling of I'm the guardian deity of this town.
As expected, it looks like the citizens are prohibited to approach here today because such thing happened.

Somehow, it looks like the start of me being worshiped is not only the story that I saved the town chief's wife and child.
This town, or perhaps I should say, in the country with this town, it seems that the religion called G.o.ddess Religion is active here, and it seems that in the G.o.ddess Religion, the spider the messenger of G.o.ddess-sama.

Ah, yes.
I'm different from that one.
I mean, that messenger is a Demon King now.
I'm opposing her.
Is it fine?

That's why, the situation where I'm respected as Divine Beast-sama because I saved people on a whim, and the spider was originally regarded as sacred.
I see.

I understood a little of the middle-aged man who I killed yesterday.
This middle-aged man seems to be a n.o.ble of the neighboring small country.
Besides, his position is high.
But, the person is incompetent in the lineage only.
He was partly driven out of his own country by dispatching him as a goodwill amba.s.sador of this country.

Although I don't know whether it's a lie or truth because it's the citizens' rumor, isn't it bad to entrust diplomacy to an incompetent person?
Besides, that incompetent person caused a problem at the dispatch destination.
Rather, isn't the central figure of the neighboring country also incompetent?
If thinking from that middle-aged man's personality, it's obvious that he will raise a problem.

No, is that perhaps the aim?
Let the middle-aged man to cause a diplomatic issue, and use that reason to raise a war. Is that the purpose?
Certainly not.
As expected, that's leaping too much.

I'm hungry.
Even if I unified with Mother, my SP didn't recover to full.
It can't be helped.
Let's go a little hunting to fill my belly.

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