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Chapter 165.

165 It's a curse

Finish killing the ninjas, and now is the custom chewing.
This is a different taste from both the knights and the bandits.
Does a human's taste change depending on the job?
Perhaps, isn't it delicious when it's a patissier?

Well, let's leave the stupid delusion.
I must have him pay for this.
Which fool dispatched the ninjas?
It's that middle-aged man in all probability.

I wait and see the middle-aged man who stays in the town with "Clairvoyance".
Even though it's at such a midnight, the light in the room is still turned on, and he's walking around restlessly.
Did the attendant can't be indifferent? The attendant said something, and was shouted back.
Ah, if you let out such a loud voice in the middle of the night, it's a neighborhood nuisance.

However, he's obviously behaving suspiciously, so he's definitely the criminal.
He's the criminal, right?
I'm neither a great detective nor a good person.
There's also the pent-up anger so far, so even if he's no the criminal by any chance, isn't it fine?
At that time, I can just find the real criminal, and kill the person.

I manipulate an invisible thread spread in the town.
Because it's thin to the extent that it's invisible, it can enter the room easily from the gap of the window.
I wrap it around the foot of the middle-aged man gently so that it's not noticed.
Then, "Deadly Poison Attack" activate.

Normally, it's the poison attack that shows its best effect by invading into the body, but contact still has damage slightly.
The middle-aged man's status is same as the commoner, or rather it's slightly lower than that, so if it's my very powerful "Deadly Poison Attack", even the contact damage is enough.

The middle-aged man falls suddenly.
Without being defensive, a feeling like thud.
Ah, from the back of the head.
It seems painful.
Well, he will no longer feel something like pain though.

The attendant who runs up to the middle-aged man in a hurry.
The middle-aged man's body is shook desperately to wake him up.
Unfortunately, that person won't wake up anymore.
When the attendant is upset, I recover the thread that wrap around the leg.

I can't help but to say that it's a perfect a.s.sa.s.sination.
I'm sure that not many people can find out that this is an a.s.sa.s.sination.
Besides, no one will think that I'm the one who did it.
It's certainly perfect.
Perfect crime completed.
It's beautiful even if I do say so myself.

Well then, the nuisance has disappeared, so let's sleep.
Because I have the "Abnormal Condition Nullity" that has the effect of Sleep Nullity, I don't need to take a sleep, but it's the problem of the feeling.
It's a happiness to sleep comfortably
Eat and sleep.
After all, a healthy mind dwells in a healthy life.
Well then, good night.

Good morning.
Because I finished a job last night, a fresh awakening.
It seems that good things will happen today.

What happened after the middle-aged man died?
I look at the mansion in the town that the middle-aged man made as a base.
That middle-aged man used one room of the Vampire child's house in the center of the town.
Although that means he has the power to that extent, if he dies, power doesn't have a meaning.
Money, honor, and power will be lost if a person dies.

The state in the mansion looks busy.
The man who seems to be the Vampire child's father give instructions to the servants while having a tired look.
Perhaps, did this continue the whole time?
Well, a mysterious and unnatural death case happened in his mansion after all.
He woke up in the middle of the night and move around when he was on the verge of sleeping all the time.
I appreciate your efforts.

I mean, there are people who have a pale face other than the town chief who have a tired look.
It's that middle-aged man's attendants.
A splendid pale face that seems to die at any moment.
Human's face can become pale to that extent.
It's my first time to see such a human's face become pale like manga.
Generally, the people who confronted me become pale, but it was not to this extent.

The master dies suddenly, and is he doubted as the criminal?
It's wrong.
If it's the attendant who was in that place yesterday, it can't be helped to doubt him, but the others are not in the room, so I don't know why everyone becomes pale.
Do they think that the next one to die is themselves?
Although that seems possible, because nothing happened even one night pa.s.sed, it seems to calm down soon.

Whenever the town chief talks to them, they say something while feeling scared.
Really, what have happened?
If it's merely the master died, there's no way they will become so pale.
I'm interested.
But, because I don't know the language, I don't know the details.
It's inconvenient when I don't understand the language.

It would be better if D made a language translation function.
It's tough that what's translated is only the system.
Well, if the system is even in the language of this world, I will be checkmated, so I'm thankful there.

Although it seems that I will come to understand it someday if I make wiretapping the town as a daily routine, I don't know when is that someday.
Now I only understand a few words.
It's mainly the name of the sweets and fruits though.
With this condition, it seems to at least take years.
Ah, I wonder one year of this world is equal to how many days in Earth.
I don't even know that.

Can I learn language quickly?
It would be good if there's such a skill.
There's no such skill.

When thinking about such thing, the voice of heaven is heard suddenly.

『Individual, Zana Horowa has unified with individual, Queen Taratect』


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