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Chapter 164.

164 The picky savior

A lot of t.i.tles.
Well, that's because I have treated a number of people to that extent.
Somehow, not only the residents in the town anymore, but it looks like people from the town in the vicinity come over after hearing the rumor of me.

But, when it become like this, should I say as expected or rather, there's even a nasty guy among them.
The guy who tells to treat him in an arrogant manner.
Ah, I don't understand the language yet.
However, I somehow understand what they want to say by the atmosphere.

Of course I don't give any treatments to the guy who has arrogant att.i.tude.
Who will treat such an irritating guy willingly.
A treatment shop started here before I know it, and it's not like I'm treating because I like it.
The t.i.tle can't be acquired anymore too, so to be frank, there's no benefit for me.
Although I have the Savior t.i.tle, I'm a worldly-minded person.

If it's a guy who pays respect to me properly, well, it's fine to a.s.sociate.
Because I don't have the experience of being pampered in my previous life, I don't feel bad.
Praise me more and more.

But, the guy who come in contact with me equally is no thank you.
Do you understand it?
A ma.s.sacre is easy depending on my feelings, you know?
Why can you talk with an arrogant att.i.tude?
Are you an idiot?

Well, when there it's like that, I will either withdraw into my home quickly, or go to another place with Transfer.
I don't want to be concerned with them.
My anger gauge seems to acc.u.mulated just by being concerned.
I want to kill them quickly already.
But, it's hard to abandon this respect and worship state now.

Thus, this tolerant me will ignore it.
I'm very gentle.

Despite that, there's a very persistent guy among them.
The middle-aged man who still comes over incorrigibly and speaks to me arrogantly even though I continued ignoring him for a week.
To be honest, it's annoying.
Most of the guys who I ignored seem to be looked with cold eyes for some reason in the town, and on the next day, their att.i.tude changed when they come again, but I'm troubled because there's also such a persistent guy.

Such a guy is only a powerful man or a very rich person.
While it's a great annoyance to the people in the surroundings, no one can complain.
If they say it, they don't know what will happen.

Even if they have power, money, and even violence, it's something that's insufficient judging from me.
That only has an effect on humans.
I'm a spider after all.
Is it edible?
I don't need it if it's not edible.
Do you think that you can defeat me?
If there's not at least 100 humans of the Drake cla.s.s, you can't defeat me, you know?

Today also, I ignore the raving middle-aged man, and evacuate in the home.
With the human's power, no matter how much effort you put, my present home can't be destroyed.
But, fire is not good.
If he's too persistent, he might really do it.

It will be an real nuisance to the people in the surroundings.
As long as such thing is there, I will withdraw immediately.
If there's a person who really looks forward to the treatment, treatment won't be received because of that middle-aged man.
Well, it's not something concern of me though.
The one who's to blame is not me, but the guy who irritates me.
Because I cure free of charge, I should be allowed to be this selfish.

I confirm the middle-aged man's state afterwards with "Clairvoyance".
He stamp his foot on the ground with a flushed face, and shout at his attendants to vent his anger.
What a disgraceful adult.
Do you not understand the cold glance of the surrounding people?

Ah, no no.
I don't want to become such an adult.
I mean, can I be said as a child now?
Although I think that not even two years have pa.s.sed since birth, the content is pretty much a former high school student.
I mean, how much age is an adult for a spider monster?
I don't know.
In the first place, I don't even know whether there's a life span or not.
I have the "Immortality".

I drive out the middle-aged man from my head with such feelings.
Although it's good if it's a dandy middle-aged man, I'm not interested in a dirty plump greasy middle aged-man.

Several people steal up soundlessly.
Are they trained considerably? There's neither sound nor smell.
Well, but still, they can't escape from my Detection.

They are black from head to foot.
Although it's slightly different, it has a close resemblance of a ninja.
The ninja group enters my home quickly.
They use a tool to move the thread out of the way, made a gap and entered there.

How stupid.
If such thing is done, even if you do stealth operation specially until here, the master will know the abnormality when the thread is touched.
Although these guys might be excellent, it might be their first fight with a spider.

Yes, the ninjas intend to fight.
With this me.
Is it the middle-aged man's a.s.sa.s.sins?
The scheme to make me hear him out by beating me up?
Or, capture me and train me?
Well, it doesn't matter.

Originally, I'm not so kind like a Savior.
If they have such intention, I won't show mercy.

The ninjas who advance carefully in my home.
Eight people in total.
They don't notice my figure here.
Although I can kill them in a surprise attack quickly, I will wait for the other side to attack first.
Like that, I can insist that it's legitimate self-defense.

Thus, I show my figure magnificently.
While activating the "Tyrant" skill that's turned off usually.

They are scared.
The leader-like man start to talk.
But, I don't understand the language.

I incline my neck to the side.
Although I don't know how the action was transmitted to the other party, the ninjas prepare to attack.
Four people come here.
The remaining four are preparing magic.
Oh, four people constructing one magic.
Union magic?
Was there such a way to activate magic?
It looks similar to the way that I usually use the "Parallel Will" to activate "Abyss Magic".

Well, I won't let you shoot such a thing in my house.

The four people who are preparing the magic are pierced by the spear of the soil.
Although I was tormented badly by Alaba, in case of the opponent who can use the magic of the soil group, you must think that the ground is a lethal weapon and act.
If you stop there to prepare magic, that's an easy target.

The remaining four people who came here?
Such people have already suicide because they charge forward to the invisible Severing Thread that I spread in front of me.
Ninja shall die. (TL note: Ninja Slayer reference. The original is Ninja shall perish)
No mercy.
Just kidding.

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