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Chapter 163.
Changed a little of the Ruler t.i.tle effect explanation about the rise of status.

163 Worship me, praise me

Why did it become like this?
People praying in front of my home are reflected in my eyes.
There are also people who put an offering among them.
A lot of them are sweets.

Somehow, I'm worshiped.
It looks like I'm treated as a Land G.o.d.
Why did it become like this?

First of all, the bandit hunting was not good.
Although I have hunted most of the bandits in this vicinity, I met the adventurers at that time accidentally.
I think that they took the request of the bandit extermination.
The fact that I'm doing bandit hunting have already been seen clearly.
Thanks to that, I think that the rumor of the spider monster over there defeats the bandits has spread among the adventurers.

I have a thin thread in the town secretly.
Although this thread is thin to the extent that it can't be seen, it's strong and hard to be cut.
I pick up the sound of the town with this thread like a string telephone.
I started to think that if I listen to a lot of conversations, I might understand the language in this world.
Well, I still can't understand it at all though.

And, there was a word that's used in the conversation excessively and frequently transmitted from the thread.
It's the one that's mainly said by the adventurers and the soldiers while looking at here.
Perhaps, I think that the word indicates me.
When I hear it, somehow, after my bandit hunting was witnessed, a strange respect or rather, it looks like they started to hold a feeling like belief.
I felt that at this point in time was bad.

In addition, in the form of delivering the final blow, a certain adventurer party visited the town.
When I thought that they look familiar, it was the people who I saved when they were attacked by the snake in the labyrinth.
They heard that there's a huge cobweb near the town, and they came to me.
Although my appearance should have changed to some extent after evolving, it looks like the adventurers recognized me somehow.
After they said words like grat.i.tude for a while, they gave me the Kurikuta fruit again that I swiped at that time.
Of course I accept it with pleasure.

It looks like the rumor spread in the town.
The adventurers sometimes come to feed me with sweet foods while I wonder if it's a test of courage.
Of course I accept it with pleasure.

The decisive one was I treated a child.
It seemed that the adventurers spread that I can use "Treatment Magic", and a mother who held an ill child came to me.
The mother who cries and implores.
Although I ignored her for a while, she keeps crying aloud the words of nuance endlessly, and I was fed up with it and I gave in.

When I appraise the child, the child was undermined by a considerably severe disease.
It's a disease that can't be cured f it's only treated normally,
In this fantasy world, of course there's no technology to cure a cancer.
The child's disease was a liver cancer.

Can a child have liver cancer?
Although I thought about that at first, I somehow guess it when I look at the child's status.
There was the Gross Feeder in the t.i.tle.

They might be poor.
They might be troubled by the cost of their food, so they ate various things like poison.
Although the digestive organ is protected by the effect of the t.i.tle, I think that the liver was not able to endure the acc.u.mulated poison.
The mother was also the same, her whole body is considerably worn-out.

Although there was no obligation to cure them, I cured both of them because I was free.
Because it can't be cured just by applying "Treatment Magic" normally, it's a considerably forcible method.
I made them sleep, hollow out the organs, and regenerate new organs with "Treatment Magic".
It's a method that the medical people of the Earth seem to faint if it's seen.
As expected of the fantasy world.

However, I did it with light feelings, and I regretted later.
A lot of wounded people and sick people came to me for treatment purpose from the next day.
I treated everyone because it has already come this far.
It's strange.
It's the exact opposite of the original plan.

As a result, I'm extremely worshiped.

But, this is quite good.
The offerings are all my favorite foods.
The sweet paradise that I saw in the dream was realized here.
Ah, happiness.

Judging from me, treating is my odd job.
Although I have a hard time with the serious illness people at first, it's not like I will lose something if I failed.
Although sweet offerings might stop, because I didn't a.s.sume such a thing in the first place, it will only return to the origin.
Well, because I succeeded in all of it, now I'm on a Land G.o.d boom.

Besides, I have a benefit properly.
Although it was the charity that I began little by little, when I continued it, I acquired t.i.tles.
「Rescuer」 「Medicine Technique User」 「Saint」 「Savior」 「Guardian」.
Somehow I acquired 5 t.i.tles.

『Rescuer:Acquisition skill 「Treatment Magic LV1」 「Light Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:Acquire a certain number of purgation:Effect:The effect of treatment rises:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who bring help』

『Medicine Technique User:Acquisition skill 「Medicine Synthesis LV1」 「Treatment Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:Use a certain amount of medicine:Effect:Enhance the effect of the medicine:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who use medicine』

『Saint:Acquisition skill 「Miracle Magic LV1」 「Holy Light Magic LV1」:Acquisition condition:Acquire a certain number of purgation:Effect:The effect of treatment rises greatly:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who bring much help』

『Savior:Acquisition skill 「Charity」 「Hero LV1」:Acquisition condition:Acquire a certain number of purgation:Effect:The elementary attainments of light attribute rise greatly:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who bring help widely』

『Guardian:Acquisition skill 「Impregnable LV1」 「Shield Talent LV1」:Acquisition condition:Protect many people:Effect:Each ability of defense and resistance rise:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who are a guardian』

Whatever I say, the Savior t.i.tle is amazing.
Why is the broken skill in there?
Moreover, the Hero.
I'm a Demon King and a Hero.
It's laughable.
The 「Ruler of Charity」 came as an extra naturally.
With this, it's 6 t.i.tles.
Laughter can't stop anymore.

『Charity:n% power capable of reaching the G.o.ds. Gives the effect equal to the Super-speed HP Recovery LV1 to everything that's recognized to be the ally around yourself. In addition, the W system is surpa.s.sed and the the right to interfere with the MA area is obtained』

『Ruler of Charity:Acquisition skill 「Miracle Magic LV10」 「Presentation」:Acquisition condition:Acquisition of 「Charity」:Effect:Every ability of  MP, magic and resistance rise. A+correction whenever Ruler-type skill proficiency gained. The Ruler cla.s.s privilege is acquired:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who rule charity』

The "Miracle Magic" reached max level right away.
Although this is the higher rank of "Treatment Magic", it's an outrageous recovery magic that's one step before the dead resurrection.
I mean, the effect of "Charity" is also amazing.
Although it's pointless because I'm a loner, if the commander of the army has this, the immortal army can be created easily.
I mean, I'm glad that I didn't use my points for this skill.

Compa.s.sion is not for other people's benefit.

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