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Here's chapter 16.

16 Leaving the nest


My steps are heavy.
The shock was bigger than I thought because I ran at full speed.
I lost my dear home.
Even if I became a spider, my heart will not falter even if I ate strange things.
Ah, the shock was unexpectedly huge when the time comes even though I intended to be prepared when there's a situation where I need to leave my home someday.
I thought that would be a little delay but the damage was huge.
 ( もう少しくらい猶予があるだろうって思ってたのも、ダメージを大きくしてる。 TL note: not sure about this)
I wanted to keep my home at least until I reached level 10.


Yosh, I end my hesitation.
Let's have a change of feeling.

For the time being, let's decide what to do in the future.
There are several choices.

1, Build a new home in another place.
2, Wander around the dungeon.
3, Head towards the dungeon's exit.

This is all I can think of now.
I want to pick choice no.1 when I thought about the security.
But, I intend to reject choice no.1.

My home is wonderful.
The necessities of life are satisfied and there's almost no need to work.
It can be said as that it was an ideal paradise.
But, I would be ruined steadily if I keep slacking in such environment.
Both physically and mentally.

I will become a good-for-nothing spider if I keep on hunting safely in my home and I won't be able to overcome unexpected situation.
I realized it after the human burned my home.
As it stands now, if someone were to breakthrough my spiderweb, I would only have the choice to escape.

It's no use if it's like that.
It would be endless if I'm depressed whenever I run away like this time.
Above all, there's something smoldering within me because my home was destroyed.
It seemed that I'm unable to allow myself to continue escaping
Yes, I'm really frustrated.

My home was destroyed easily, I'm there yet I can't do anything except thinking that escaping is the most obvious choice.
Yes, the one who didn't hesitate to think of escaping was none other than me.
But, how was it after escaping?
The feeling of frustration and how pathetic I am that can tear my body!
Escape once again?
Like I can endure such a thing.

What sets me seething was my home was not just a convenient place but was a place that was important to me.
If I were to say it hackneyed, it was the place where I truly belong.

In my previous life, I don't belong anywhere.
My family relations have collapsed and I didn't grow accustomed to school.
Even in the game, it's just a fiction world.
There's no place where I belong.
Well, I took a defiant att.i.tude that if I don't belong anywhere.

My home, the place build only for me, the place where I belong.
A place only for me without hesitating to anyone.

It was taken away.
It was plundered by an existence which was myself.
I can never be proud of if I hand it over here.
Is it happy just being able to live?
Ha, I was a Peace-loving idiot j.a.panese.
Living without pride is just like being dead.
I understood it from that matter before.

My home was lost.
My pride was hurt.
I must become stronger so that my pride won't be stained.
Hence, I can't shut myself in a new home and hunt safely.
I must gain experience through combats.

If that's the case, then it's either wandering in the dungeon aimlessly or head towards the exit.
However, both choices look the same.
After all, I don't know where's the exit.
In the end, the only choice left is wandering aimlessly.

In the first place, I hardly know about this dungeon.
I don't know the name of this dungeon even though I was born and raised in this dungeon.
I don't know how large is this dungeon, what's the difficulty in this dungeon and I even don't know about the dungeon's topography.
There are many things I don't know.

I feel that I have worried about things I don't know before this....
That's right. The time when I acquired the "Appraisal" skill!
That's right. I have "Appraisal".
It can't level up anymore when I am in my home but now that I am outside of my home, its level can be increase.
If its level rises, it might be useful so I should keep on appraising from now on.
Thus, I start appraising.

『Wall of Labyrinth』『Floor of Labyrinth』『Ceiling of Labyrinth』

It's not useful as usual.
Ah, the skill proficiency should be increasing because the appraisal results displayed one by one whenever I walk.
Ugh, I'm starting to feel sick because of the information flowing in my head.
I need to bear it a little until I get used to it.

When I appraise the large crowd of monsters for the first time, I didn't feel sick that time.
At that time, rather than feeling sick, I think I was dumbfounded by it.
At any rate, I should wander in the dungeon while appraising.

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