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Chapter 159.

159 Sneak thief > Bandits

I'm moving at the side of the highway that extends from the village stealthily.
No, if I walk on the highway grandly, I will be found.
Prevent unnecessary troubles.
This is the adult's secret of success in life.
Then, don't be a sneak thief?
This and that are different.

And, this highway looks like it turns around the mountain and leads to the inland.
If I advance along this highway, I should see the next town.
If it's a big town to some extent, I can see the state and act violently.
Well, it's only seeing the state, and if I think that it's fine to act violently here.

At present, n.o.body pa.s.ses the highway.
Well, if it's that remote farm village surrounded by the mountain and the sea, even the peddlers will not come here often.
Rather, isn't this the road for the villagers to go the town to deliver the crops, and to buy things?
There's no one who will go to that village specially.
I feel admired that the highway is not covered completely with gra.s.s.

I pa.s.s through the mountain zone and reach the plain.
Even if I say that it's a plain, there's quite a lot of trees, and it's like a half forest.
In this case, I can move while concealing my figure.

I advance without change.
The road joins other roads several times on the way, and the size of the highway gradually grows.
At first, it was a small road that's like an animal trail, but there's a width now, and it becomes the road that the ground was hardened.
If I see properly, there's the trace of the wheel.
Is it the trace of a carriage or something pa.s.sed?
Though it can't be limited that it's the horse that pulls it.

A carriage, huh?
After all, it's that.
The science is not develop to that extent.
I imagined it when the knights appeared though.
The life in the village was also considerably primitive.
Is this the fantasy world of the Middle Ages in Europe that's often the case?
This looks like D's hobby.
Well, although it's not that much, it seems to be better to think that science and technology are not developed in this world.
Because the world is remade once, it's obvious.

Ah, I discover the carriage in front.
Somehow, it's busy?
They are being attacked.

The people who look like the guards are fighting with the bandit-like people.
There are 4 guards, while there are 6 bandits.
If only by appraising them, either is almost the same strength, and in this case, the bandits are more advantageous with more people.
I mean, all of the bandits have the "s.n.a.t.c.h" skill.
So, this was seriously a bandit skill.

Ah, one of the guards was defeated.
What should I do?
Intruding is troublesome.
Having said that, I don't have the reason to overlook.
Even if I kill the bandits, it's a waste to leave excellent things.
But, then, won't that means that I saved that carriage along the way?
How troublesome.

Why must I do such an act of kindness.
Besides, even if I save them, I'm a monster.
There's a possibility that blades will be pointed at me by the other party that I saved, right?
Well, in that case, I won't show any mercy, but what's with that even though I saved them.

Rather, I should kill the bandits after the people in that carriage are annihilated.
Isn't it a good idea?
Then, there's no survivor, and there's no eyewitness information of me.
There's no future trouble too. I'm happy, and the remaining is unhappy.
Isn't it exhilarating that I can take everything?

No, huh?
It can't be helped.
Although I don't have the intention, I will save them.

I move quickly.
Because the bandits are concentrated in the combat with the guards. they don't notice my existence.
It's convenient.
Probably, the slightly large man who's at the center is the bandits' leader.
Because the status is the highest, it's probably the leader.
I go around to his back, and pierce my sickle to the defenseless back.

The sickle pierces the body of the bandit disappointingly and skewers the heart.
Ah, the death is decided at this point in time because the Deadly Poison is certainly set.
I pull out my sickle, and the bandit that lost his support falls.

I swing my sickle sideways to the bandits on the left and right who can't understand the situation and are dumbfounded.
Split in two.
With this, it's half.

I fire "Soil Magic" through the head of one of the bandits.
It looks like my apt.i.tude of the soil is also high.
The growth is better than the "Wind Magic" that was learned almost at the same period.

Remaining two people.
The man who tries to run away.
But, too bad.
Your body has already been restricted with threads.
I activate the Evil Eye to the two bandits who were not able to move.
All of the HP, MP and SP are absorbed, and the bandits die.

Cleaning completed.
With this, if I'm a Prince-sama or a Knight-sama, the girl inside the carriage will say 「Are you hurt?」, and I say something like 「I happen to be present on the site being attacked by the bandits unexpectedly in the middle of my travel」, and the flag is constructed.
Ah, no no.
Popular man is always this.

Let's make escapism to this much.
I defeated the bandits.
I saved the carriage.
The guards' swords point at me.
Here and now.

Oh, well.
I understood it.
I knew it.
Rather, it might be better that they didn't attack me immediately.
It's not that they are scared of me to the extent that they can't attack me.
Surely they are doubtful that I saved them, and I'm sure that it's the conscience that attacking the monster suddenly is somehow.
Although I will say it once again, it's not that they are scared of me to the extent that they can't attack me.
I said no, then it's no.

If I see properly, the guard that got defeated first is still alive.
Ah, now that I have come this far, I will save you to the end.

I go near the person who's on the ground..
Even though I only move a little, the other guards back off exaggeratedly.
... It's a defeat if I mind it.
I activate "Treatment Magic".
With this, he won't die.

Not only the guards, but the lady who watched the outside state from the carriage timidly is also surprised.
If a monster saved you from the bandits and even apply "Treatment Magic", of course it's surprising.

There's no more business anymore.
As expected, recovering the bandits' corpses in this condition feels awkward, the spider will leave coolly.

And, the lady in the carriage gets off in a hurry.
The guards are saying something to stop her.

But, such thing doesn't matter.
My eyes were nailed on the person held in the lady's arm.

『Human Vampire LV1 Name SophiaNegishi KerenAkiko
 Average Offensive Ability:9(Details)
 Average Defensive Ability:8(Details)
 Average Magic Ability:32(Details)
 Average Resistance Ability:33(Details)
 Average Speed Ability:8(Details)
 「Vampire LV1」 「Immortal Body LV1」 「Automatic HP Recovery LV1」 「Magic Perception LV3」 「Magic Manipulation LV3」 「Night Vision LV1」 「Enhanced Five Senses LV1」 「n%I=W」
 Skill points:75000
「Vampire」 「True Ancestor」』

The baby who was held by the lady.
There's too many parts to be retorted.

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