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Chapter 157.

157 Sea fishing

I throw a thread.
And, fish.
I throw a thread.
And, fish.

What's with this sea?
This is not a big catch.
Besides, all are Water Drakes.
Although there are all sorts of it in level, the pseudo fishes that are caught always have the "Water Drake" skill.

As for the monster of the sea of this world, is the "Water Drake" skill a default equipment?
The sea is amazing.
It's the paradise of the Drake.

No no.
That's definitely no.
What's with that unpleasant paradise.

If it's a dangerous sea where there's an enormous number of such Drakes, isn't it hard to set sail to catch fish?
Even the crabbing is said to be risky in my previous life world, but isn't the degree of difficulty of fishery in this world is high?
Possibly, aren't the people concerned with fishery are chosen elite group?
The men of the sea who are more stronger than the recent knight cla.s.s fight desperately against the Drake.
Half-naked muscular men jump into the sea with a harpoon in one hand bravely.
c.r.a.p, that's a little cool.
Let's look for a fishing village when I'm done fishing.
There might be a nice half-naked old man.

I throw a thread.
As expected, the hooked rate worsened because they are cautious by the result of me who keep catching them.
After all, it's not a fish.
It's a clear monster.
There's wisdom to that extent.

I take it easy while dropping the thread.
Although it's amusing that it's a big catch, relaxing like this is not so bad either.

I think about the future while dropping the thread.
It's decided to look for a fishing village.
The problem is after that.
What should I do after I found the fishing village?

a.s.suming that ogling at the men of the sea is decided, I wonder what should I do after that.
At present, I don't have the intention to advance and ruin humanity.
Leaving aside culling them to some extent, I think that slaughtering ordinary villager is different.

As expected, I think that I won't scorn of my actions after I fight with warriors or soldiers that have the resolution to die.
Such people are trained to fight, so the experience points should be good.
Then, is it the best to take on the subjugation unit that aims at me that will be dispatched someday?
Ah, but I wonder how.
I have gone out like this, and I have destroyed a fort, so how will the subjugation unit moves?

It's better if I wait for the attack in the labyrinth, but now that I have destroyed a fort, there should be information about me came out of the labyrinth.
Then, won't the search party be formed earlier than the subjugation unit?
But, even if things are done leisurely, well.

Rather, should I go to a big town and act violently there?
If it's a big town, there will surely be a proper armed group.
Ah, but what if the armed group is stronger than I expected?
Oh, well.
The present me can't be defeated with just a blow, and if the opponent is too strong, I can just escape with Transfer.

For the time being, I will go on a tour of the world aimlessly.
Rather than thinking about ma.s.sacre, that seems to be me.

Well, there's the awareness that I'm doing something unusual.
To get involved in this world to the extent that I turn down Gyurigyuri's warning, no matter how I think, this is not my character.
But, I just don't like it.
I don't like it.

Even if I don't do anything like this, this world will surely give an answer in this world.
And, according to the answer, the world will be ruined, so it's not other people's affairs.
Even if I say that, that is a matter for the future.
From the feelings encountering with Gyurigyuri, that person doesn't want the world to ruined.
Although I think that it's fine to abandon such a world, he's a good-natured person.
Well, it's not abandoning, but it can't be abandoned.
It's a hardship.

No matter how you fall, only misfortune will visit Gyurigyuri.
Among the two choices, even if either is chosen, it's h.e.l.l.
In other words, Gyurigyuri has already been checkmated.
Die with his beloved woman, or betray the woman to save her.
Gyurigyuri has the intention of dying together at present.

But, I don't like that.
Therefore, I obstruct him.
You should do what you want to do.
I act with the reason of I don't like myself.
This feeling is my will that's not influenced by anyone without lie.
I'm sure that D wished for me to advance on my own will.
Then, I will do it.

When I'm thinking seriously, the thread is pulled.
It's here!
T-This power, it's not equal to the ones before!?
It's the big-shot today.
However, it's not equal to me!

The prey caught jumped greatly at a distance.
It was a Water Dragon.


Something like catching a Water Dragon by fishing is impossible.
No, I only have caught Water Drakes so far.
I mean, the Water Dragon just now, don't it has the pride as the Dragon?
Why is it fished?

Ah, I was surprised.
I have released it unintentionally.
But, it might be better to not defeat the Dragons anymore.
I don't want to fight against Gyurigyuri if I defeat it unskillfully.

Or rather, really, what's with this sea?
I guess I should try examine it.
Well, the Skill Search of the Ruler authority.
The target skill is "Water Dragon", search start.

The Skill Search of the Ruler authority is a convenient function that can search for the whereabouts of the guy who has the targeted skill.
Because it accesses the system, there's no consumption of the MP or the divinity area.
Well, but it becomes impossible to use for a while after it's used once.
In addition, because the searched result is vague thing that shows "over there", the usability is not good.
Because I link the map function of "Wisdom" and the result, it's considerably easy to use.

And, the searched result, what's this?
Within the range of the sea that can be seen, there's a lot of Water Dragons.
It was seriously a Dragon paradise.
Nai wa.

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