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Chapter 155.
The status again.... It's just 6 chapters

155 The reason to climb the mountain is because ingredients are there

This is amazing.
Mountain is amazing.
Although I have hunted several monsters after the pig, all were delicious.
I was surprised.
Although the eel was the most delicious in the labyrinth, delicious things idle approximately the same as the eel idle in the mountain.

I became addicted to it and ran around the mountain.
Usagi oishi kano yama. (TL note: I think the original should is 兎追いしかの山)
When I heard that song for the first time, I had a stupid misunderstanding whether the rabbit is delicious or not, but it was not necessarily wrong!

However, if I hunt too much, the mountain's ecosystem will collapse.
Unlike the game, the monsters don't sp.a.w.n infinitely, so if I don't restrain myself to some extent, I can seriously hunt the creatures in the mountain completely if it's my present strength.
The number of monsters decreased because of my overhunting even in that huge lower layer of the labyrinth.

After all, I hunted the monsters in the lower layer at least 3-digits one day.
If I hunt with such high pace, even if the lower layer is wide and the number of monsters is a lot, it's obvious that it will decrease.
Hunt monsters, eat, recover SP, and hunt monsters with the recovered SP.
Endless as follows.
Is it a virtuous circle or a vicious circle?

For the time being, I will restrain myself to this much for the mountain hunting.
I was able to harvest fruits and plants that seemed to be able to eat, and if it's only the monsters, the nutritional balance is bad.
Well, in the labyrinth, I never ate a plant before.

In the labyrinth, I only ate monsters.
It's amazing that I didn't even drink water before.
If it's a normal living thing, it's impossible.
It might be good that I was born as a monster around there.

Well then, it became dark again when I collect ingredients.
Although it's fine to even sleep in the open like this, I wonder should I go to the top of the mountain to watch the rising sum.
Oh, that might be good.
I only saw the rising sun in the television.
Well, because the scale of the mountain is small, it won't be a thing to be impressed.

Thus, depart to the top of the mountain.

Thanks to "Night Vision", I can advance smoothly even when it's dark.
Although my body get scratch sometimes by the pointed branches, my body is not wounded because of my high defensive ability.
After all, my defensive ability is 4-digits.
I don't get wounded often.

But, I can't be overconfident.
Although the status of this world is important, it's not absolute.
Even if my opponent's offensive ability is one-tenth or less of my defensive ability, I will get wounded when I'm wounded.
Even in the recent fort, I have been stabbed by the spear.

Well, thanks to that method, I was able to win against the snake in the old days.
Thinking back now, I think that with that status, I did well to win against the snake.
At that time, my status is in the first half of the 2-digits.
On the other hand, the snake has a status of the average of around 300.
If my Poison Fang didn't pierce it, I'm checkmated.

In the same reason, no matter how low my opponent's rank, I may sustain a wound sometimes.
Because I have the "Abnormal Condition Nullity" unlike the snake, I can't be killed by poison, and because I have Automatic HP Recovery, there's no way that it will become a dangerous situation.
In the first place, I'm immortal.
But, as a self-proclaimed evasion specialized, as expected, receiving damage is a disgrace.

When I thought about such things, my HP decreased.
The "Satiation" stock only decreased by 1, so it was replenished instantly by automatic recovery.
The problem is why did my HP decrease.

My HP decreases.
In other words, something wounded me.
It's almost impossible for the natural things to wound the present me.
Then, it's someone's attack.
There's only that.

The top of the mountain.
One monster was there.

『Peirens LV7
 Average Offensive Ability:918
 Average Defensive Ability:888
 Average Magic Ability:867
 Average Resistance Ability:856
 Average Speed Ability:901
 「Wind Drake LV5」 「Dragon Scale LV6」 「Magic Perception LV3」 「Magic Manipulation LV3」 「Wind Magic LV2」 「Shadow Magic LV1」 「Enhanced Wind LV2」 「Wind Attack LV6」 「Accuracy LV5」 「Evasion LV6」 「Stealth LV7」 「High-speed Flight LV5」 「3D-Maneuver LV5」 「Presence Perception LV6」 「Storm Nullity」 「Night Vision LV4」 「Enhanced Vision LV3」 「Life LV2」 「Magic Well LV1」 「Agility LV1」 「Endurance LV1」 「Powerful LV1」 「St.u.r.dy LV1」 「Magician LV1」 「Protection LV1」 「Dash LV1」
 Skill points:7750
 「a.s.sa.s.sin」 「Monster Killer」』

That guy, huh?
A Drake of wind.
It has a proper Drake form unlike the recent blow fish of the pseudo Water Drake.
However, because the wings are its arms, rather than a Drake, it might be better to called it as a wyvern.

Judging from its strength, I wonder if it's the mountain's master.
Speaking frankly, it's not my enemy.
But, I brace myself.

I think that my HP decreased is because of the effect of the a.s.sa.s.sin t.i.tle that gives a damage bonus to surprise attack.
But, the problem before that.
Normally, I won't receive an attack of this level even if it's a surprise attack or whatever it is.
Why did I receive an attack of such a guy?

It's obvious.
It's because I let my guard down.
I became slightly strong recently, and I was self-conceited.
My attentiveness has clearly become loose compared with the time when I was weak that I will die instantly if I receive a single blow.
It's not good like this.

I brace myself again, and face the approaching Wind Drake.

The result was an overkill.
I released my seriousness a little too much.
I apologize to the fragment of the former Wind Drake that became a terrible spectacle that's no use to be censored.
The amount that can be eaten doesn't remain anymore.

Although it's not good to be careless, it's not good to be too serious.

『Zana Horowa LV14 No name
 HP:6011/6011(Green)+1800(Details)(1718 up)
 MP:16553/16553(Blue)+1800(Details)(3261 up)
 SP:3765/3765(Yellow)(Details)(892 up)
   :3765/3765(Red)+1800(Details)(892 up)
 Average Offensive Ability:4141(Details)(1308 up)
 Average Defensive Ability:4206(Details)(1302 up)
 Average Magic Ability:15739(Details)(3130 up)
 Average Resistance Ability:15675(Details)(3130 up)
 Average Speed Ability:10833(Details)(2472 up)
「Super-speed HP Recovery (new)」 「Magic Extremity」 「Magic G.o.d Act LV4 (1 up)」 「Magic Granting LV9 (1 up)」 「Offensive Magic Power LV4 (3 up)」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV3 (1 up)」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV3 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Destruction LV8 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Blunt LV1 (new)」 「Enhanced Slashing LV9」 「Enhanced Piercing LV2 (new)」 「Enhanced Shock LV2 (new)」 「Great Enhanced Abnormal Condition LV3 (1 up)」 「War G.o.d Spirit LV2 (1 up)」 「Vitality Granting LV7 (1 up)」 「Vitality Attack LV3 (new)」 「Dragon Power LV9 (1 up)」 「Deadly Poison Attack LV8 (1 up)」 「Corrosion Attack LV5」 「Heresy Attack LV7 (1 up)」 「Poison Synthesis LV10」 「Medicine Synthesis LV9 (1 up)」 「Thread Genius LV2 (1 up)」 「Universal Thread LV7」 「Thread Manipulation LV10」 「Telekinesis LV4 (1 up)」 「Throw LV10」 「Shoot LV5 (1 up)」 「s.p.a.ce Maneuver LV9」 「Concentration LV10」 「Super Thought Acceleration LV2 (1 up)」 「Future Vision LV2 (1 up)」 「Parallel Will LV8」 「High-speed Calculation LV8 (1 up)」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV1 (new)」 「Stealth LV10」 「Camouflage LV4 (1 up)」 「Silent LV9」 「Tyrant LV3 (1 up)」 「Conviction」 「h.e.l.l」 「Degeneration」 「Immortality」 「Heresy Magic LV10」 「Wind Magic LV7 (6 up)」 「Soil Magic LV7 (5 up)」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV10」 「Darkness Magic LV6 (1 up)」 「Poison Magic LV10」 「Treatment Magic LV10」 「s.p.a.ce Magic LV10」 「Dimension Magic LV6 (1 up)」 「Abyss Magic LV10」 「Patience」 「Pride」 「Anger LV5 (1 up)」 「Satiation LV8」 「Sloth」 「Wisdom」 「Destruction Resistance LV7 (1 up)」 「Blunt Resistance LV8 (1 up)」 「Slash Resistance LV8 (1 up)」 「Pierce Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Shock Resistance LV1 (new)」 「Flame Resistance LV3」 「Wind Resistance LV4 (new)」 「Soil Resistance LV5 (4 up)」 「Dark Resistance LV5 (new)」 「Great Heavy Resistance LV3 (1 up)」 「Abnormal Condition Nullity」 「Acid Resistance LV8 (1 up)」 「Corrosion Resistance LV8」 「Faint Resistance LV7 (1 up)」 「Great Fear Resistance LV1」 「Heresy Nullity」 「Pain Nullity」 「Great Pain Alleviation LV6 (1 up)」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Clairvoyance LV9 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Grudge LV7」 「Evil Eye of Stasis LV6」 「Evil Eye of Magnetism LV4 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Extinction LV4」 「Great Enhanced Five Senses LV3 (1 up)」 「Perception Range Expansion LV7 (1 up)」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV7」 「Divine Magic」 「Destiny LV4 (1 up)」 「Body Flicker LV9 (1 up)」 「Durability LV9 (1 up)」 「Fort.i.tude LV3」 「Fortress LV3」 「Idaten LV8 (1 up)」 「Taboo LV10」「n%I=W」
 Skill points:4900
「Gross Feeder」 「Blood Relative Eater」 「a.s.sa.s.sin」 「Monster Killer」 「Poison Technique User」 「Thread User」 「Merciless」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Ruler of Pride」 「Ruler of Patience」 「Ruler of Wisdom」 「Drake Killer」 「Fear Bringer」 「Dragon Killer」 「Ruler of Sloth」 「Natural Calamity of Monster」 「Conqueror」 「Human Killer (new)」』

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