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Chapter 154.

154 Mountain foods

One night pa.s.sed.
Ah, I was nervous.
I was too nervous to the extent that I can't sleep.

Isn't the hurdle too high that the first conversation in my spider life is the world's Administrator?
It's like telling me who's already shy of strangers to talk to the Prime Minister suddenly.
It's actually a person who's at a position higher than the Prime Minister in this world.
Because that's an exception, it's not counted.

It would be good if the first one is an ordinary villager C.
Why is it C?

Well, it seems that Gyurigyuri won't come and interfere me for a while from now on, so it's large that the concern disappeared.
That person is more naive than my imagination.
Well, otherwise, it won't become like this.
I was saved.

Then, let's forget about Gyurigyuri and head to the mountain.
Because I took it easy yesterday too much, I will increase my pace a little.

I moved with quick steps than yesterday while appraising.
When I found a plant that I didn't look at it with Appraisal yesterday, I will stop for a moment.
Although I intend to hurry, it can't be helped because I'm interested.

I pa.s.s through the plain, and enter the forest.
Because there's no road, it's hard to advance because it's thick, but I advance by jumping over the trees with "s.p.a.ce Maneuver".
There's nothing that seems to be an animal trail, and there's no figure of the monsters either.
There's no monster in this area.
It might be only few of them.

I discovered an ivy-like plant that bears red fruits.

『Bonkuura:A plant that grows naturally and widely in the Kasanagara continent. Periodically bloom and bear fruits. It's actually sweet, but contains a little paralysis』

I see.
I mean, what a harsh name.
(TL note: It's similar to ぼんくら(Bonkura), which means blockhead/idiot/dimwit)
Paralysis, huh?
Hmph, such thing like paralysis won't work on me who has the "Abnormal Condition Nullity".

Thus, itadakimasu.
Sweet, delicious.
There's a slight sour stimulation and it's delicious.
It's Delicious!

When I noticed it, I have eaten all the fruits that grew on the ivy.
Ah, it's already over.
It was delicious.
Thank you for the delicious meal.

After all, the raw fruit is different.
Because the one I ate some time ago was dried.
It was fresh.
It looks like it's not a rare plant, so if I search for it, I wonder will I find more of it.

But, my first purpose is the mountain after all.
Let's secure the one that grows along the way.

I advance the forest by skipping.
I discovered the Bonkuura several times on the way.
Of course I secured it.
The s.p.a.ce Storage of the "s.p.a.ce Magic" was useful for the first time.

s.p.a.ce Storage is the magic learned in the "s.p.a.ce Magic", the so-called Item Box-like magic.
It's said to be able to store things in a different s.p.a.ce and can take it out anytime, it's a very convenient magic for humans but in my case, because I don't carry things in the first place, it was left up until now.
After all, I have only eat the food on the spot, or bring it back to home with Transfer, or make a new home at the place.
I think that it's the home's fault because it's too convenient.
Isn't it fine with just the home?
I think so.

Although I experimented the s.p.a.ce Storage once when I learned it, my MP is consumed when it's activated, and when I take out something, my MP is also consumed.
The MP consumption increases in proportion to the size or the weight of the object stored.
The MP consumption when taking something out is slightly lower than storing.
However, if the MP becomes very low and the MP restorative medicine is stored, a tragedy seems to happen that it can't be taken out.

By the way, although it's stored in a different s.p.a.ce, the object will deteriorate steadily by time progression.
It seems that time pa.s.ses even in a different s.p.a.ce.
However, because it's a different s.p.a.ce, the deteriorating speed is slow.
So, something like proper preserved food can last for a fair number of days.
I expect that the "Dimension Magic" probably has a similar magic that time doesn't pa.s.ses.
I wonder if I can learn it if the level rises.

That's why, the s.p.a.ce Storage that was a useless magic up until now is useful.
Normally, this magic will never become a useless magic.

When I think of it, I think that I don't have useless skills.
Although it can be said that I pick the necessary ones, even the one that the was acquired by the t.i.tle is useful.

The one that was useless in the beginning like the "Poison Synthesis" has outstanding ability. The skills that were useless in the beginning became useful after evolving.
Although "Shadow Magic" is useless, the derived "Dark Magic" plays an active role.
The skills that still haven't place for its role are only the Ruler skills like "h.e.l.l".
Because the Ruler skills reduce the divinity area, I don't have the plan to use it in the future.

When I was thinking deeply about such things, I arrived at the mountain.
I mean, I entered the mountain before I know it.
Ah, well, it's hard to know the border of the forest and the mountain when it's nature.

But, unlike the forest, there's some distance between the trees, and the weed is also few.
In this case, it seems that I can walk on the ground.

My perception caught the reaction of creatures here and there.
Although it only caught small animals like small birds or mouses in the forest, the mountain has a quite big reaction.
For the time being, let's see the nearby reaction.

Although I can see it with "Clairvoyance", I want to move and catch it with my naked eye.
It's one monster that was there.

What's this guy?

Although the monster's face is pig-like, the body is like a gorilla, and on top of that, tentacles grow from its back. A strange-looking figure.
Chimera pig?
It doesn't seems to be delicious.

In addition, the status is lower than its sinister appearance.
Only exceeds the 100 a little is a weak monster of the upper layer cla.s.s if saying it in the labyrinth.
Somehow, the appearance and strength, it's an unbalanced monster.

It's defeated by the "Intimidation" that I emit, and it stiffens.
The "Intimidation" skill evolves and became "Tyrant".
The effect is just the same, with the increased power of "Intimidation".
If I always have this turned on and with the effect of Fear Bringer, the stealth-types are offset.
The stealth-types might can be said as useless skills in such meaning.

Well, I killed it quickly.
I mean, it was an instant with Evil Eyes.
Although I have the Evil Eyes turned off after coming out, it ascended to Heaven when I turn them on.

Although it doesn't look delicious, I will eat it just in case.


Is this the power of the mountain?
Even such a guy who seems to be bad can become delicious if it grows up in the mountain.
Mountain is amazing.

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