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Chapter 152.

152 The spider traveling alone aimlessly

The clear blue sky.
The green trees that grow in abundance.
The overflowing red blood.

The outside is wonderful.
After all, it was dark in the labyrinth, and there's no change in color because everywhere is rocks.
Although the middle layer was a superb view in a certain meaning, it's more brutal than that.
It's the first time for me to see the blue sky and the green plants since I was born in this world.

I got tired of looking at such thing.
There are monsters in the labyrinth that shed green blood, you know?
I think that there's a difference between that green and the green I'm seeing now in value.

That's why, blood?
Don't mind it.
The Soldiers-san only became a little mosaic.

I was surrounded.
When I break through the checkpoint, the next was the fort.
Well, I'm surprised.

I wonder how many monsters have come out of the labyrinth.
But, it's to the extent that the fort is built, so does it means they come out at a great frequency?
Well, it was right to build it though.

I destroyed it.
Ah, un.
When I'm attacked, of course I will counterattack.
If my attack hits the fort, of course it will break.
Look, I didn't do anything wrong.
I a.s.sert my innocence.
Therefore, Gyurigyuri don't come.

However,  it's really a fragile fort.
If it's Alaba, it won't even receive any damage with a magic of such level.
Although it might be harsh to compare it with that, what's with it when I just follow that by shoot magic repeatedly a little and it collapses?
Earthquake-resistant structure will laugh hearing it.
No, there's no earthquake-resistant structure though.

The blood of the people who got crushed flow from everywhere of the collapsed fort.
As expected, it's troublesome to dig them up specially to eat them.
I have eaten a lot and I'm full too.
Oh, well.
Leave it.

My level rose by 3, and there's no hindrance. With this, I can finally take a walk.
Then, let's look around the first outside world.

Which way should I go?
There's a quite big road beyond the fort.
If I advance along the road, I seem to reach a town or something.

Let's use the "s.p.a.ce Maneuver" to the sky.
I look around the surroundings from the sky.

I can see something like a town beyond the road.
It's unexpectedly near.
When deviating from the road, the right side is a plain.
On the left side, the plain continues a little, and tress gradually increase over there and becomes a forest.

And, when turning back, the plain continues for a while, becomes a forest, and I can see the mountain over there.
Because it says that it connects the continents, I certainly thought that the exit is near with the sea, but surprisingly, it's inland.
If I go over the mountain that's seen far away, is it the sea?

What should I do?
As expected, I should not go to the town.
Although I won't show mercy for those who attack me, I'm not a demon to the extent that I will slaughter nonresistant residents.
If it's an ordinary resident, the experience points might not be so high.

Although I'm interested in human food, I don't want to cause a needless uproar here.
Because I have already destroyed the fort, I think that it's already too late, but it's a defeat if I mind it!

Then, the right plain or the left forest or the back mountain.

Let's go for the mountain.
Even if I say that it's a mountain, it doesn't feel to be so high.
It should have at least 1000 meters above sea level.
Because I think that there might be the sea if I go over the mountain, I will wander around while sightseeing.

If it's the mountain, there might be monsters that are not in the labyrinth.
Something like deer or bear or wild boar.
If I compare it with the monsters in the labyrinth, doesn't it seems delicious?
Besides, if luck is on my side, I might be able to taste mountain foods.
Something like mushroom or fruit.

Such thing like scared of the poison in the mushroom is an old story.
Thanks to the Abnormal Condition Resistance acquired by the Conqueror t.i.tle, such thing is nothing.
After all, all of my abnormal condition-type resistance including "Sleep Nullity" have united, and evolved into "Abnormal Condition Nullity" straight away.
With or without poison, there's nothing that the present me can't eat!
However, is a raw mushroom delicious?
As expected, I want to eat it after burning it.

When I reach the sea, I want to enjoy seafood.
Not the pseudo marine products in the middle layer, but the genuine seafood.

Ah, by the way, the blow fish aka Water Drake of the Four G.o.ds(lol) that the summoner enslaved is a blow fish after all.
Although the meat was delicious, the part with the poison was dangerous.
Although it would be good if I can remove the poison, with my spider body, I can't do such a skillful thing.
Because I can use hands if I become the Arachne, cooking might be possible.
Although I only eat and drink instant things in my previous life, I can pretty much cook simple dishes.
Well, it's still a long way to go to be able to do that.

Cooking, huh?
If I learn the "Fire Magic", I can make simple things though.
Because I'm weak to fire as usual, a great amount of skill points is demanded for the acquisition of "Fire Magic".
Well, it can't be helped.
I can't use my precious skill points only for cooking, so I will just look at someone who uses the "Fire Magic", and learn it steadily.

When I reach the sea, there's the "Swim" skill too, so it might be fine to swim until I acquire it.
I also want to experiment how far the "s.p.a.ce Maneuver" can function underwater.
I think that I probably won't drown.
Because I not good at moving my body in my previous life, I'm not so good at swimming, but I'm not a hammer.
I don't know whether the spider can swim or not.
But, I'm sure that it's all right.
Perhaps, probably, surely.

Therefore, let's go.
I depart in high and proud spirits.
Aiming at mountain food and seafood!

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