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Chapter 148.

148 I'm going to evolve! Part 5

I'm exhilarated.
I never thought that I can gain so much experience points by killing people.
Well, if I think about it, it's natural, but when it's this much, I can't stop my laughter.

The number of the defeated this time is 28 people with 6 level up.
Although I let the summoner and the magician to get away, I can kill them any time because I have marked them.
Similarly, the four people that escape by running also can be killed any time because I have marked them.
I have enough time even after evolution.

The evolution this time is pretty much the final one.
Equal rank to Mother as a monster.
Well, because there's a difference in the years lived, Mother is absolutely stronger if I fight it directly.
But still, there's the deep emotion that I climbed to the top from being the weakest.

Even if I say that, I have a further top.
Even if it's the highest rank monster in the world, it's only connecting until evolving into the Arachne for me.
And, the Arachne is also only connects to reach the Administrator.
There's still a long way ahead.

But, when thinking about the efficiency of human experience points, it might end unexpectedly fast.
I gain this much of experience points just by killing 28 people, so if I kill about 1000 people, my level seems to rise in a blink of an eye.
To be frank, hunting human is absolutely better than working hard in a mortal combat with the Earth Dragon.

If there's a problem, it's Gyurigyuri.
He's probably observing me, so he should know that "Taboo" has reached max level.
Defeat Alaba and humans, and if I start the human slaughter on top of that, he should know my purpose.
I think that he will come and stop me while he understands it.
He's really a troublesome guy.
Even though there's no significance to stop me.

Here, should I wait for a subjugation unit to be formed rather than striking them?
Because I let the summoner and the magician to get away, won't the next unit that comes to subjugate me will be more stronger?
Then, if I attack them back, "Oh wow, weird".
Legitimate self-defense.
It's not bad.

Let's wait in the labyrinth for the subjugation unit to come for a while.
You should come over nonchalantly without knowing that you were lured.

Meanwhile, I guess I can go defeat the Earth Dragon if I'm free.

For the time being, things in the future are decided to be such feeling, let's make preparations to evolve.
I recover the scattered corpses.
I leave it together with the Arch.

And, I set up threads to surround the Arch.
The Arch is huge after all.
This is a great hard labor.

Although it doesn't exceed the simple level, if it's only for evolving, this is enough.
The home has been burnt, so I must make a new bed with the outlook of moving.
Ah, but if I move, the subjugation unit can't come.
Should I even make a dummy bed?
But, if I make such a thing, isn't it better to just live in there?

Ah, but, it's dangerous if I stay at the same place too long.
Ah, although I remembered it because of that, how's the "Parallel Will" when evolving?
They are almost already physically independent of me.
What will happen if I enter the evolution state?

Oh, well.
Even if they are forced to enter the sleep mode as me, they won't die.
It should be impossible to erase them in reality unless the power outside of the system is used.
If the main body me don't die.

Thus, let's evolve.

《Individual Ede Saine evolves into Zana Horowa》

Yes Sir.

If it's the usual, I should lose my consciousness in this timing, but I don't feel sleepy.

Ah, is it possibly the "Sleep Nullity"?
The skill acquired from the Ruler of Sloth t.i.tle, "Sleep Nullity".
This skill doesn't only nullify the sleep attribute attack, but the bad condition by not sleeping disappears.
The penalty is not generated even if 24 hours all the year.
Moreover, because I can sleep normally when I want to sleep, it's a convenient skill.
Perhaps, thanks to this skill, I think that I evade the fainting when evolving.

However, this is the evolution, huh?
A strange feeling.
Although it doesn't bothers me at all, it's like a feeling of my body being remake from the inside.
Like being a completely different thing.
But, there's no unpleasant feelings like mystery and fear.

《Evolution completed》
《Became the Zana Horowa species》
《Every basic ability rose》
《Level Up Bonus:Skill Proficiency was acquired》

After that, the skills level up in succession.
Although I understood that the skills rise when evolving, when I hear it like this, a great amount of skills leveled up.

《Acquired skill 『Immortality』 by evolution》
《Skill points gained》


Somehow just now, I have a feeling that I heard something terrible that I must not miss.
What was it?
What did I acquired?

『Immortality:Impossible to die in the system』

Are you okay with it!?
This is the bad one!?
Something like inserting such a thing lightly, that D, how idiot is she?

Fine, I will take it!
I will take it gratefully!
With this, only Gyurigyuri can defeat me!
Isn't it fine for me to get carried away?

A plop sound is heard.
A smartphone fell there.

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