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Chapter 146.
For those who don't know yet, I have changed Charity > Mercy > Kindness.

146 I feel sick

Ah, this is irritating.
I'm irritated.
And all is because of that d.a.m.n Dragon.
Even though I don't like the fact that it's a Dragon, that last att.i.tude.
I'm irritated just by recalling it.

Why that guy has to put up a soldier air?
I'm irritated.
I'm angry to the extent that I can't become hungry.
Such a guy, I don't even want to eat.
Even if I eat it forcibly, my feelings will definitely become worse.
That's why, I erase that guy.

I'm also irritated with my halfway of dealing it.
Alaba might have wished to die by "Abyss Magic".
But, if I kill it with "Abyss Magic", I won't get any experience points.
Even though I worked hard to defeat it, it's painful that I won't get any reward.
I feel disgusted with such selfish thought.

Ah, I'm irritated.
When it's this intelligent, it's unpleasant.
It's a Dragon, so naturally, it should know about the structure of the world.
Alaba understands that, and wants to die.
Because it understands, it died.

Ah, that way of life is amazing.
But, try become the opponent's position here
Like this, it really a beheading.
I feel sick.

In order to distract my irritated feelings, I wander around the lower layer.
I vent my anger at the monster that catches my eyes.
And, my feelings recovered a little.

Let's return.
I carry the corpse of the monster that was teared into pieces back to home, and stress eating and sulk in bed.

Ah, before that, I must protect the corpse of the Arch with threads.
Because I leave it between the upper layer and middle layer, the monsters from both layer won't approach. In the first place, because the monsters need to break through my home before they can reach the Arch, it's impossible for them.
The middle layer is also the same. Because I go there frequently to raise my "Flame Resistance", most of the monsters don't approach that vicinity, so I think that there;s no need to worry.
But, after all, I can't calm down if I don't protect the prey that I killed with threads.

Thus, I transfer together with the monster's corpse that I killed moment ago to the place where I left the Arch.

There are humans at the transferred destination.

Eh, where did these guys come from?
Don't tell me that they know that I will transfer here and they are going to ambush me!?

It doesn't seems like that.
After all, everyone is trembling and panicking.
Um, what are these guys?
Ah, their appearances looks like the knights recently, is it those people's comrades?

Although I don't know why those guys came, I wonder why did these guys come here.
If I kill them, the Administrator Gyuriedistodiez might come interfere.
That's troublesome.

Come to think of it, how did these guys come here?
In order to come here, they must break through my home.
Wait a minute.
Somehow I have an unpleasant premonition.

"Clairvoyance" activate.
My, My Home, aaaaaaaaaaa!?

I-I-It's burningggg!?

The My Home that I made with all of my efforts.
It has burnt black.
Even if I endow it with "Flame Resistance", it's still weak to fire.

These guys, just when I'm irritated, what have you done to me!
Ah, enough already!
Who cares about Gyurigyuri!
I won't let these guys return alive!

It's convenient that the other side is motivated.
Aaah, preparing such things like swords.
If I speak of j.a.pan, this is surely legitimate self-defense, right?
Isn't it fine if I just say that "they attacked me, so I attack them back"?
Gyurigyuri seems to be naive, so he might overlook it.

Now that it's decided, there's no need to hold back.
I will kill you all!

Total of 34 people.
Their status is higher than the recent knight group.
Average of 400.
There are those with higher status that are 500.

In addition, there are two people who are outstanding.
Judging from the appearances, a warrior type and a magician type.
Ah, but the soldier type guy has the "Summon" skill.
"Summon" is the higher rank skill of "Taming" that makes the monster to obey the user.
The monster that obeys the user can be summon from a long distance, and limited transfer can be used.
Because this guy has the "Cooperation" skill and the "Direction" skill, rather than a warrior, it might better to call him as a monster tamer or a summoner.

The magician type guy is just as it is.
The skills and status feel like a magician.
However, on top of having higher status than the other humans, his skills are quite enhanced.
Although he look like the middle-age before the elderly person, isn't he quite powerful different from his appearance?
If it's this middle-aged man, he can at least defeat the mantis in the lower layer.

What's this unpleasant feeling?
At the same time as the strange feeling, a change appears in my status.
Being appraised?
Such a message is displayed in the status suddenly.
When seeing it, even my skills blink in red.

Ah, this means I'm being appraised?
That means that this strange feeling that continues from a while ago is the feeling of being appraised?
Uwa, the worst.
What are you peeping at, you pervert.
Even the part that blinks in red is being appraised, so that means the level is quite high.

Ruler authority activate.
Appraisal refusal.

《The use of the Ruler authority is confirmed. The effect of the 『Appraisal』 skill is obstructed》

I didn't thought that I need to use the Ruler authority in such a place.
I don't want to use it as much as possible because it uses Divinity Area, but being seen is unpleasant.

And, the criminals are the summoner and the magician.
I will surely kill those two.
Well then, let's do the first human killing in my spider life.

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