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Chapter 138.
k.u.moko vs Alaba.

138 Spider vs Earth Dragon Alaba ①

Perfect victory against the spider army!
Incidentally, a level rose again.
One, huh?
Rose by 4 with the Arch, and 1 with the others.
Nai wa.

Well, because the affinity with the Arch was good by chance, I was able to defeat it easily, but it should be very strong normally.
Its status actually surpa.s.sed the Earth Dragon, and if I were to say which one is stronger if both of them fight, it's about the same.
If it's Kaguna, it might barely win by an affinity difference, but Geere probably can't win against the Arch.
Even if it's Kaguna, there's no guarantee that it can win.

Well, a win is a win.
No matter what kind of move is used, it's fine if I win, that's all!

But, what should I do with this large amount of food?
Although quite many turned into smithereens by Dark World, there's a tremendous number of corpses even if I exclude that.
Even though the Arch's large build alone is a considerable amount, can I eat all of these?
I mean, I will have a hard time even if I take all of these back to home with Transfer.

Danger Perception.

All of my body hair stands on end.
I remember this feeling.
I won't forget it.
There's no way I can forget it.
The real fear that I tasted for the first time since I reincarnated into a spider.
The symbol of death that I was conscious of for the first time since I reincarnated into a spider.

I turn around slowly.

『Earth Dragon Alaba LV32
 Average Offensive Ability:4610(Details)
 Average Defensive Ability:4597(Details)
 Average Magic Ability:4022(Details)
 Average Resistance Ability:4138(Details)
 Average Speed Ability:4555(Details)
 「Earth Dragon LV3」 「Heaven Scale LV2」 「Heavy Sh.e.l.l LV1」 「G.o.d Steel Body LV1」 「High-speed HP Recovery LV8」 「High-speed MP Recovery LV5」 「Great MP Consumption Down LV5」 「Magic Perception LV10」 「Precise Magic Manipulation LV1」 「Magic Combat Act LV9」 「Great Offensive Magic Power LV1」 「High-speed SP Recovery LV7」 「Great SP Consumption Down LV7」 「War G.o.d Spirit LV3」 「Great Vitality Granting LV3」 「Earth Attack LV10」 「Enhanced Earth LV10」 「Great Enhanced Destruction LV3」 「Great Enhanced Slashing LV10」 「Great Enhanced Piercing LV8」 「Great Enhanced Blunt LV10」 「s.p.a.ce Maneuver LV8」 「Accuracy LV10」 「Evasion LV10」 「Great Probability Correction LV4」 「Stealth LV10」 「Camouflage LV3」 「Danger Perception LV10」 「Presence Perception LV10」 「Heat Perception LV10」 「Motion Perception LV10」 「Soil Magic LV10」 「Earth Magic LV5」 「Shadow Magic LV10」 「Dark Magic LV7」 「Great Destruction Resistance LV1」 「Great Slash Resistance LV4」 「Great Pierce Resistance LV3」 「Great Blunt Resistance LV5」 「Great Shock Resistance LV1」 「Earth Nullity」 「Fire Resistance LV6」 「Lightning Resistance LV8」 「Water Resistance LV5」 「Wind Resistance LV6」 「Dark Resistance LV4」 「Great Abnormal Condition Resistance LV7」 「Corrosion Resistance LV6」 「Pain Nullity」 「Great Pain Alleviation LV7」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Visible Range Expansion LV7」 「Enhanced Vision LV10」 「Telephoto LV8」 「Enhanced Hearing LV10」 「Hearing Range Expansion LV3」 「Enhanced Smell LV7」 「Enhanced Touch LV7」 「Destiny LV3」 「Heaven Mana LV1」 「Heaven Motion LV3」 「Abundant Sky LV3」 「Fort.i.tude LV3」 「Fortress LV3」 「Heaven Path LV1」 「Heaven Protection LV2」 「Idaten LV3」
 Skill points:41100
 「Monster Killer」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Dragon」 「a.s.sa.s.sin」 「Conqueror」 「Natural Calamity of Monster」』

The appearing Dragon.
That appearance is majestic.

Long time no see.
My trauma.

This is bad.
This guy is dangerous after seeing its status again.
Picking the best of both Kaguna and Geere, and even more.
There's no chance at all.

The skill composition and the defensive ability that surpa.s.s Kaguna.
The skill composition and the speed that surpa.s.s Geere.
In addition, the high magic ability that both Kaguna and Geere don't have.
The worst thing is it can even use "Dark Magic" that's my weapon.
It's too troublesome that it has "Dark Resistance".

A perfect all-rounder.
It can attack, it can protect.
Therefore, it's strong even at the rear, and because it doesn't have a weakness, it won't lose.
It can be said that it's an ideal existence.

When it's so amazing, it can even make me laugh.
Ah, I'm glad.
The fear that I felt at that time was a real thing.
The fear that I felt at that time was right.
I will admit it.
Earth Dragon Alaba, you are strong.
To the extent that I think that I who became so strong can't win easily.
Rather, it's a formidable enemy that I should resolve to be defeated.

And yet, I'm happy.
Ah, I'm happy.
Now, I have grown to be able to fight against the opponent who I was not able to do anything but to tremble and hide at that time.
Earth Dragon Alaba.
Are you ready?
I'm ready.

If it's your perception level, you should have noticed that I was alive at that time, right?
You noticed me, and you overlook me because I'm a worthless thing, right?
That arrogance, I make you regret.

Thank you.
You taught me the terror of death.
Therefore, there's the present me.
I escape from you, escape and escape, and at the end after escaping safely is the present me.
Let me thank you.

And, die.
As the hateful existence that gave the fear of death to me for the first time.
I will kill you with my hands.
I will overcome your fear by doing so.
I won't escape from you anymore.
Let's put an end to this long, long escaping life.

Here I go.

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