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Before start reading Chapter 13, suggest me some suitable name for this:

悪食 = Gross Feeder
血縁喰ライ = Blood Relative Eater
禁忌 = Taboo
外道魔法 = Heresy Magic

13 I received a disgraceful t.i.tle

I succeeded in getting through my brother's attack easily.
I was saved because this guy was stupid.
Practically, it would be dangerous if it's a serious fight.

I managed to grasp my characteristic to some extent.
Given that I can't confirm my status like a game, I think I can judge my ability objectively.
Considering from there, my greatest weapon are my threads and poison fangs.
Restrain it with my threads and finish it off with my poison fangs.
This is my invincible winning combo. On the contrary, my defeat is decided when the combo is proven useless.
That's all for me, rather than that, for us, spiders, threads and poison fangs are important weapons.

This stupid a.s.sailant did not understand it at all.
I, who was the same species as my opponent, predicted the results of the fight that the one who restrain its opponent first will win.
Therefore, what's left was how to restrain the opponent with the threads because this strategy is the core of the fight and yet the result is this mess.
Throwing itself without any measures, are you an idiot? Are you stupid? Do you really want to die? Ah, it's already dead.

Rather how did such a fool manage to survive so far. I'm starting to admire that fool now.
The monsters outside of my home, to be frank, I  don't think I can win against those monsters. How did that guy survive so far?
Well, there's no help thinking about it and that guy is dead already.

You should know that what kind of end this dead guy will have in my territory right?
I'm very hungry.
Though it has a disgusting appearance, but I have already throw away my timid mind when I ate the first frog.
So what?
Originally, it's a species that preys on each other.

Therefore, Itadakimasu.

Thank you for the delicious meal.
Though it looks like that, it was more delicious than the frog.
After all, is it that?
Is it because that the frog has both poison and acid?
Well, it was better than the frog even though it's unchanged that this was not delicious because it has poison.

When I was relaxing, I heard a machine-like voice which was the voice of heaven.

《Conditions met. t.i.tle 『Gross Feeder』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the t.i.tle 『Gross Feeder』, skill 『Poison Resistance LV1』『Corrosion Resistance LV1』 was acquired》
《『Poison Resistance LV1』 has unified into 『Poison Resistance LV3』》

《Conditions met. t.i.tle 『Blood Relative Eater』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the t.i.tle 『Blood Relative Eater』, skill 『Taboo LV1』『Heresy Magic LV1』 was acquired》

Eh, what's this?
Every time I heard the voice of heaven, I would always be surprised but this time, rather than surprised, I was dumbfounded.
What's a t.i.tle?

Why don't I calm down for now?
When it comes to this, I produce threads to calm down.
I produce threads properly and roll it around and making a white fur ball.
Fuu, I calmed down a little.

Well, t.i.tle.
Is this that?
The one that I get after achieving a special condition?
Though it might be so, but the ones that I acquired was none other than some disgraceful and grotesque t.i.tle.
The t.i.tle 『Gross Feeder』 is just an insult rather than a t.i.tle!
『Blood Relative Eater』. With those words, it's definitely no good!
Other people can't see this right?
If the level of "Appraisal" is high, it's likely to be seen.
If it were to be seen, then it's definitely no good.
Well, I'm a monster and I would be dead before my t.i.tle was seen if I was seen by a human.

But if I ignore the words, isn't it the t.i.tles effects are good?
Because I acquired 4 skill from it.
Because I have the "Poison Resistance" from the start and judging form the words of the voice of heaven, did it get added into my skill proficiency?
It's inconvenient that I'm not able to see detailed information at such time.
I want my "Appraisal" level to increase quickly.

Leaving that aside, I'm interested with the remaining 3 skills.
Well, I can somehow understand "Corrosion Resistance".
The skill proficiency might rise if I eat rotten things.
I don't think I would willingly eat it....
The problem is the remaining 2 skills.

Though "Taboo" skill seems to be dangerous but I don't know its effects at all.
To be frank, I can't even imagine it.
Err, explanation please.
There's no use to it if I don't know what's its effect is.

"Heresy Magic" is the same.
I don't know how to use it.
Will it activate if I recite an incantation?
Even if I say that, I can't talk because I'm a spider.
I can only cry kichikichi or perhaps I should say grinding my teeth?
No, even if I can talk, I don't even know the incantation. It doesn't change that it's not usable.

I try to recite "Heresy Magic" is my heart for trial.
Un, nothing happens.
It's useless.

I thought that I got the t.i.tle and skill was a G.o.dsend, but the only substantial one was "Corrosion Resistance".
No, well, I think that the "Poison Resistance" was also a gain.
When thinking so, the only useful t.i.tle was 『Gross Feeder』 right?
『Blood Relative Eater』 does not serve any purpose.

Ah, if the condition to acquire the t.i.tle 『Blood Relative Eater』 is eating blood relatives then there should be a lot of my brothers who have the same t.i.tle.
However, only the fool that was eaten by me awhile ago reached here.
That means, there's no much change in battle abilities even if I acquired the t.i.tle.
It's meaningless if it's useless.
I see.
So there are some reasons for simple conditions.
When the conditions of the t.i.tle is easy, then its effect is low.

However, knowing that something like t.i.tle exist is big.
If I can collect t.i.tles, then maybe I can collect more skills efficiently.
I should try out various things to check whether I can acquire more t.i.tles or not.

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