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Chapter 126.
Changed Evil Eye of Static > Evil Eye of Stasis

126 Real tag The "it" is a spider 

Little by little.
So that I'm not noticed.
Sc.r.a.pe it off slowly.

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Heresy Attack LV1』 has become 『Heresy Attack LV2』》

k.u.mo here.
I'm in a pinch.
I'm gradually cornered.
What should I do?

The monsters disappeared.

Why there's nothing?
It's not caught in the nest and even I go out, there's nothing.
What's going on?

No, well, I do have an idea about it somehow.

Here, a question!
A monster came from the middle layer!
That monster is a dangerous creature that releases an outrageous intimidating air, spread curse and paralysis, and fires magic continuously.
If such a crazy person appears, what do you think that the monsters that inhabit in the upper layer originally would do?

The correct answer is of course they will run away, you idiot!

Isn't that crazy person is me?
Ah, yeah.
If you see me objectively, aren't I outrageously crazy?
Then, of course the monsters will run away.
After all, getting caught by me equals to being eaten by me.

Seriously, what's up with that?
If I don't go far in the upper layer, I can't find a prey.
The middle layer also, they keep staying in the magma.
Because I still have my "Satiation" stocks, I don't have to worry about starving suddenly, but if I don't think of exploring now, it might be too late.

Ah, well, it's not like there's no options.
I mean, that's the only one.

"s.p.a.ce Magic LV9", Long-distance Transfer.

This magic is a dreamlike magic that I can go anywhere as long as it's a place that I know.
Besides, because I can link it to Wisdom-sama's map, the place where I transfer can be set in detail.
I can Transfer to every path that I have pa.s.s through up until now since I was born.
If I use this magic to go to a suitable place, I can choose my prey.

But. I think that I shouldn't do that.
I feel like I should start looking for the exit soon.
Therefore, I will expand my field of activities while looking for preys, and I will Transfer back to home when I'm tired.
I think that I should repeat this.
If I make this home as a base, I can continue to raise my "Fire Resistance".

If it really reach to the point where I can't find any preys, I will go to lower layer.
If it's there, I will encounter a monster just by walking a little.
I think that the current me won't lose unless the Earth Dragon comes out.
Because the Earth Dragon will come when I say something like this, I don't want to go to the lower layer so much.

Thus, let's depart to expand the map!
While I'm at it, obtain meal!
... The monsters in the upper layer is bad though.

I stroll around the upper layer, and return home with Transfer when I get tired.
I continue such life leisurely.
The upper layer's map has expanded considerably.
Even if I say that, it's only 10% of the middle layer.
The middle layer was really long.

I didn't meet much monsters along the way.
Well, they are running away from me, so it's natural.
Thanks to that, I didn't obtained much experience points and meals.

However, there's only one that I obtained that's good in experience points and meal.
Although I came out from a similar pa.s.sage as the middle layer's pa.s.sage, I encountered the Earth Drake there.
It was a guy that looks like a dinosaur.
When I thought that I have seen it somewhere before, it was the guy that I saw in the crowd of monsters when I was just born.
Because there's a considerable distance from that place to here, I think that it's a different individual of the same species.

It was strong when I fought it.
Ah, it was strong.
I restricted it with threads, completely stopped it with "Evil Eye of Stasis", and absorb it until nothing with "Evil Eye of Grudge", but it was strong.
I'm sure that it must have been strong.

It's that.
I who's the Dragon Killer, as if a Drake can be my opponent.
Come to think of it, I won against the Fire Drake comparatively easy.
There's a wall that can't be surpa.s.sed by the Dragon and the Drake in strength.

Thanks to this guy, my SP stock has increased and the experience points was very delicious too.
Unfortunately, the taste was not delicious.
Thanks to the "Evil Eye of Grudge" absorbed it, my SP stock reached the max value without eating.
It's good that I have extra SP.
With this, the starvation course is considerably distant now.
The corpse that I was not able to finish eating was left enclosed with my threads, and when my SP decreases, I will just Transfer there to eat it little by little.

The experience points is also delicious.
Because it's approximately equal with the Fire Drake, I'm getting closer to level up.
But still, it's not enough.
But, if I continue with this condition, I will level up soon.
In that case, I can finally evolve.
Although it won't end because I evolved, it just becomes a break.
As expected, I should divide my objective into small, and achieve it one by one because it feels more efficient.

The present objective is to evolve.
Strengthen "Fire Resistance".
Find the exit.

There's no need find the exit in a hurry, so even if I found the exit, I will only feel that "It's good".
It would be troublesome if I meet with human beings.

Human being.
What should I do if I really meet one?
I don't think that I will kill willingly, but if they attack me, I will counterattack.
To be frank, I don't have the feeling of evasion towards murder when I was in j.a.pan.
Ah, I think that I probably don't have much feelings like that when I was in j.a.pan.
It was only troublesome, so even if I do it, there's no meaning to it.
When thinking so, if I kill a human being in this world, it might be troublesome.
I also don't want them to marked me down.

I wonder should I escape if I meet a human being.
I don't even know how strong is the human being in this world.
Are all human beings equal to the Dragon cla.s.s?
Well, I don't think that they are to that extent because they didn't break through the middle layer.

Anyway, let's pray that we won't come across.

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