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Chapter 116.
k.u.moko's survival. And she finally used it.

Changed Flame Clad to Flame Cloak

116 Spider vs Fire Dragon ④

The battle ends, and the Fire Dragon looks down at the sea of magma that's made by itself.
There's the appearance of the subordinate monsters, and there's no appearance of the spider.
The subordinate monsters have "Heat Nullity", but the spider doesn't have it.
There was no reason that it can survive after receiving a direct hit of the Fire Dragon's strongest breath.

Did you thought about that, fool!

A huge drop of poison is generated above the Fire Dragon.
That poison is different from the Weak Poison that covered my body a while ago.
It's the powerful lethal poison, Deadly Spider Poison that has paralysis set to the maximum.
The Fire Dragon was convinced that the battle has ended, and the Deadly Poison hits the Fire Dragon that became defenseless directly.
The lump of huge Deadly Poison breaks through the Flame Cloak's defense and erodes the body.

And then, sickle attack with all my might!

The perfect single hit that aimed at the moment the flame disappeared due to the drop of Deadly Poison.
My whole power is put into the attack.
In other words, the double combo of "Deadly Poison Attack" and "Corrosion Attack"!
The hard scales are torn by corrosion, and the inside is undermined by Deadly Poison.
I think that my strongest physical attack is nasty.

The Fire Dragon raised the voice of pain and falls into the magma.
I follow the thread that I attached on myself quickly and return to the ceiling.

The Fire Dragon should have clearly seen the image of me being killed.
I'm sure that it's confused now.

The whole story of how I survived is easy.
In the first place, I didn't received that guy's breath.
Before that, I didn't even go down to the ground from the ceiling.

The "Heresy Magic LV6" Phantom Dream's effect made it possible.
The trump card no.1 that I have waited to activate it all the time.
Phantom Dream is the magic that shows hallucination.
I cast the magic at the chance when it panics because it's about to swallow the poison generated by "Poison Synthesis".
If the "Heresy Magic" is not fired at such a chance, it would be resisted by "Reverse Scale" and its resistance ability easily.
The Fire Dragon might have saw me going down to the ground, but I was actually clinging to the ceiling.

And, a surprise attack when it became careless because the battle ended.
Before my strongest physical attack, even the Fire Dragon received a large damage.

I also thought about escaping using hallucination for a moment.
But, I must not escape here.
The escaping spider life.
If it's like that, no matter how much time pa.s.ses, I won't change from the time that my home was burned by that man.
'I will live proudly'.
I won't achieve that aim.
My pride can never be regained.
That's not good.
I'm the Ruler of Pride.
I as the Ruler of Pride must live proudly.
So, I won't escape.
Even if the winning chance is low, as long as the winning chance is not zero, I won't run away.

I will win against the Dragon here.
I will win against the Dragon and say goodbye to the weak me.
That's right, I will win against the hated Dragon.

Although I thought that the Earth Dragon is scary, I never really hated it.
Where does this feeling come from?

Such thing is not worth worrying now.
Even if I gave a huge hit, it doesn't change that I'm in a disadvantageous situation.
After all, my HP is 1.
The state that "Patience" is activated.
It became like this because of the recoil of my attack a while ago and my HP is reduced little by little.

Although the "Corrosion Attack" is strong, the recoil is also huge accordingly.
But, that's not the only damage this time.
The heat of Flame Cloak produce after being extinguished by the poison damages me.

I still have my MP.
In other words, I still won't die.
But, all of the Fire Dragon's attacks are instant death cla.s.ses.
The Fire Dragon also has received a considerable amount of damage by my single hit, but still, there's reserve strength.
In addition, the monsters that came as reinforcements.
Still a disadvantageous situation.

I avoid the magma and go down to the ground this time.
The Fire Dragon still remains sinking in the magma.
The other monsters have no time to care about me after being crushed by the Fire Dragon's body right after the breath's aftermath.
Now's the chance.

I activate the trump card no.2 that I have prepared ever since the battle starts.
My MP decreases at a ferocious pace.
In my current state, MP consumption is equal to life consumption.
But, this magic has the worth to activate even if I must pay the price.

Magic-in-charge, No.1, No.2.
〈Leave it to me!〉

The magic activation using the power of  two persons by the "Parallel Will" that leveled up.
No.2 advances the preparation all the time, No.1 turns to a.s.sistance and it becomes possible to activate at last.

Now is the time, Open, h.e.l.l Gate!

The vicinity darkens.
The enormous darkness that even swallowed the light generated from the magma crawls up from the ground.
That's as if the darkness of h.e.l.l that exist underground begin to leak out to the world.
Swallowing the magma, ground, and monsters.
The overflowing darkness swallows everything.

"Abyss Magic LV1" h.e.l.l Gate.
The highest rank Dark Magic that informs the beginning of h.e.l.l.
It's manifested in this world.

The darkness swallowed everything, converged, sucked into the ground abruptly and disappeared.
That's as if being sealed.
Like the gate of h.e.l.l was shut again.

After that, only the worn-out Fire Dragon and me that have remained.
It can even endure that.
But, the Fire Dragon's HP left a little.
Its MP and SP are almost exhausted too.
I'm sure that it used the skill's power to convert it into HP.
Otherwise, there's no explanation that it can endure h.e.l.l Gate.

My MP decreased considerably because I used the h.e.l.l Gate.
In other words, I'm also worn-out.

Both worn-out.
The battle will be decided by the next attack.

The attack that the Fire Dragon chose is the most primitive attack.
In other words, it was a ramming attack.
Ah, it's the right choice.
In the state that both MP and SP are very limited, it's probably the most effective attack that the Fire Dragon can take.
If it's the Fire Dragon's status and large build, it's the most effective attack.

That is if the opponent is not me.

I'm a spider.
What's the spider's best weapon?
Is it poison? Is it claw? Is it fang?
It's all wrong.

The Fire Dragon's body stops.
By the "Universal Thread" endowed with Fire Resistance.
Even if it's Fire Resistance is endowed, I can only use it for an instant in this middle layer.
But, that's enough.
If it's the Fire Dragon that don't have the Flame Cloak, I can stop it for an instant.

My sickle that swung down there.
Although one side was crushed because of the attack a while ago, both hands have my sickle.
And, my attack with all my might cut the Fire Dragon's body.

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