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Chapter 110.

110 The thing acquired after defeating the Fire Drake

Well then, Body in Charge!
[Ah. Tiresome work is waiting]
Umu, take care of the scale peeling.

I leave the scale peeling of the Fire Drake and the eels to Body in Charge.
Meanwhile, I will check the ability of the t.i.tle that I have acquired.

『Drake Killer:Acquisition skill 「Life LV1」「Drake Power LV1」:Acquisition condition:Defeat a certain number of the Drake species:Effect:A slight increase in damage when the opponent is a Drake or Dragon species:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who defeated a lot of the Drake species』

『Fear Bringer:Acquisition skill 「Intimidation LV1」「Heresy Attack LV1」:Acquisition condition:Make others to gain skill proficiency of Fear Resistance until a certain point:Effect:Inflicts the heresy attribute 「Fear」 effect to those who saw your appearance:Explanation:The t.i.tle presented to those who embodies fear』

Leaving aside "Drake Killer", the effect of "Fear Bringer" is not good!
In short, those who saw me will feel fear, right?
That's not good!
It might be good for the enemy, but making everyone to fear of me is a negative effect instead!
Besides, this is different from skill because it doesn't have the on-off.
If it's a timid monster like the catfish, won't it escape at the moment it saw me?
It's possible.

Well, nothing can be done on the things that I have acquired.
I pull myself together and see the skills.
Although I should have seen these skills in the list, I don't remember the effects.
This lack of memory.
Should I acquire a skill of the memory?
Well, it's fine.

『Drake Power:Drake's power is temporarily gained』

Hmm, I don't understand.
It looks like a activation-type skill, so let's activate it once.

My status rose a little when I activate it.
And, both MP and SP decreased.
It looks like it's a skill that consumes MP and SP to raise the status.
It's different from the "Magic Combat Act" and "Fighting Spirit", the magic related status also rises.
Because it's level 1, the rise is not that much, but if I activate this continuously and raise its level, it might become an amazing skill eventually.
Although there's a great effect even if "Magic Combat Act" and "Fighting Spirit" overlap, if "Drake Power" joins there....
This is good.
That's really good.

『Intimidation:Inflicts heresy attribute 「Fear」 effect to the surroundings』

And, even you?
Although this one has the on-off function unlike the t.i.tle, if both overlap, won't common monsters escape at the moment they saw me?
Ah, the t.i.tle already can't be undone anymore, so activating this continuously is fine.
It doesn't seems that there's consumption too.

『Heresy Attack:Endows heresy attribute 「Soul Break」 to the attack』

Ah, this is a bad one.

『Heresy Attribute 「Soul Break」:The attribute that destroys the soul directly』

It's already not the level that it can be said as a mind attack!
How nasty.
Let's try it next time.

"Drake Killer" is simply an increase.
As for "Fear Bringer", the increase and decrease of the revenue and expenditure is strange.
It can be said as good, but it can also be said as bad.

Well, t.i.tle is such a thing.
Now then, the long waited skill points was obtained from level up.
Besides, because it rose without stopping, it's quite a large amount.
And, the skill that I had exactly requested is reached.
I didn't thought that I can acquire it so fast.

『s.p.a.ce Magic(500):The magic that manipulates s.p.a.ce』

This is it.
Speaking of "s.p.a.ce Magic", it's the standard of cheat.
Although I can't use the magic that I expected because it's level 1 after acquiring, I have the privilege that makes the magic-type skills to level up faster in the effect of the "Ruler of Wisdom" t.i.tle.
If I work hard to raise it, it should level comparatively fast.

The thing that I have expectation in this "s.p.a.ce Magic".
That's Teleport!
After all, there's such magic.
Speaking of "s.p.a.ce Magic", it's obviously Teleport, Item Box, and a villa in a different s.p.a.ce!
There might be the Item Box that can store things into a different s.p.a.ce, but I don't need it because I'm not carrying anything now.
Although I want a villa, I think that the level must be quite high, so it's still a long way to go.

The wonderful magic that can move to another place in an instant.
As long as I have this, I can end this huge middle layer without advancing with great effort!
Thanks to Wisdom-sama, there's the upper layer map!
If I link it with the map, I'm sure that I can teleport to the upper layer!

Thus, voice of heaven!
"s.p.a.ce Magic" please!

《Currently you have 500 skill points.
 The skill 『s.p.a.ce Magic LV1』 can be acquired by spending 500 skill points.
 Do you want to acquire it?》


《『s.p.a.ce Magic LV1』 was acquired. Remaining skill point 0》

Let's try the magic that's usable at level 1 at once.
Magic in Charge!
{Aye, aye, Sir}

Magic in Charge activates the "s.p.a.ce Magic LV1".
The name of the level 1 magic is 「Coordinates Specification」

A cube of green line appears.
Magic in Charge enlarges it, changes the shape, and moves it left and right.
It doesn't seems to be a material, and it sank not just into the magma but also the ground.
I remember the range specification of the PC.
I mean, it's probably that.

{This is only a magic that specifies s.p.a.ce}
What is it used for?
{Perhaps, a preliminary arrangement for magics after level 2?}
That means that it's useless unless it reaches the upper levels similar to the "Shadow Magic.

Well, I didn't think that it will be useful in combat right away, and the fact that I acquired it is important.
Let's raise its level steadily from now on.

Therefore, Magic in Charge.
{Use this one than the other magics, right?}
By the way, how many magics can be activated in parallel now?
{Depends on the magic. But, the Coordinates Specification is not so difficult, so I think that I can activate at the same time if it's another two simple magics}
Gain skill proficiency while moving within the range that you don't overdo it.
{Yes, Sir}

Body in Charge is still having a hard time with the scales.
Well, it's three eels and the Fire Drake of the size twice of the eel.
It seems that it will take a little more time until I can start tasting the Fire Drake.

However, I won comparatively easy against such a strong crowd of monsters leaded by the Fire Drake.
Am I much more stronger than I think?
Should I name myself as the Demon King in the future?
I also have the "Fear Bringer" t.i.tle, so I might have reach that point.
I am the Spider Demon King!
Just kidding.

I at this time didn't know about it.
That 'Becoming the Demon King' which I said as a joke.
The meaning of it.

『Zoa Ere LV15 No name 
 HP:502/502(Green)+189(Details)(199 up)
 MP:4096/4096(Blue)+437(Details)(2001 up)
 SP:522/522(Yellow)(Details)(206 up)
   :522/522(Red)+971(Details)(206 up)
 Average Offensive Ability:506(Details)(163 up)
 Average Defensive Ability:603(Details)(162 up)
 Average Magic Ability:3901(Details)(1902 up)
 Average Resistance Ability:4021(Details)(1891 up)
 Average Speed Ability:2580(Details)(834 up)
 「Automatic HP Recovery LV7」 「Magic Extremity」 「Magic Combat Act LV2 (new)」 「SP Recovery Speed LV6 (1 up)」 「SP Consumption Down LV7 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Destruction LV3 (1 up)」 「Enhanced Slashing LV3」 「Enhanced Poison LV7 (1 up)」 「Fighting Spirit LV4 (2 up)」 「Vitality Granting LV2」 「Drake Power LV1 (new)」 「Deadly Poison Attack LV3」 「Corrosion Attack LV1」 「Heresy Attack LV1 (new)」 「Poison Synthesis LV8」 「Thread Talent LV4 (1 up)」 「Universal Thread LV1」 「Thread Manipulation LV8」 「Throw LV7」 「3D-Maneuver LV9 (1 up)」 「Concentration LV10」 「Thought Acceleration LV7 (1 up)」 「Foresight LV7 (1 up)」 「Parallel Will LV2」 「High-speed Calculation LV3 (1 up)」 「Accuracy LV9」 「Evasion LV9 (1 up)」 「Stealth LV9」 「Silent LV5 (1 up)」 「Intimidation LV1 (new)」 「Conviction」 「h.e.l.l」 「Heresy Magic LV6 (1 up)」 「Shadow Magic LV7 (1 up)」 「Poison Magic LV7 (1 up)」 「s.p.a.ce Magic LV1 (new)」 「Abyss Magic LV10」 「Patience」 「Pride」 「Satiation LV1」 「Wisdom」 「Night Vision LV10」 「Visible Range Expansion LV3」 「Destruction Resistance LV3 (1 up)」 「Blunt Resistance LV3 (1 up)」 「Slash Resistance LV3」 「Fire Resistance LV4」 「Deadly Poison Resistance LV2」 「Paralysis Resistance LV5」 「Petrifaction Resistance LV3」 「Acid Resistance LV4」 「Corrosion Resistance LV4 (1 up)」 「Faint Resistance LV3」 「Fear Resistance LV8」 「Heresy Nullity」 「Pain Nullity」 「Pain Alleviation LV7」 「Enhanced Vision LV10」 「Telephoto LV8 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Curse LV7 (1 up)」 「Evil Eye of Paralysis LV5 (3 up)」 「Enhanced Hearing LV9」 「Enhanced Smell LV7」 「Enhanced Taste LV7」 「Enhanced Touch LV8 (1 up)」 「Divinity Area Expansion LV4 (1 up)」 「Divine Magic」 「Const.i.tution LV1」 「Body Flicker LV1」 「Durability LV1」 「Herculean Strength LV4」 「Solid LV4」 「Idaten LV4」 「Taboo LV8」 「n%I=W」
 Skill point:0
 「Gross Feeder」 「Blood Relative Eater」 「a.s.sa.s.sin」 「Monster Killer」 「Poison Technique User」 「Thread User」 「Merciless」 「Monster Slaughterer」 「Ruler of Pride」 「Ruler of Patience」 「Ruler of Wisdom」 「Drake Killer (new)」 「Fear Bringer (new)」』

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