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Chapter 100.

Changed Magic Store → Magic Well, Instant Body → Body Flicker, Shrink → Shrink s.p.a.ce

100 Oh? Appraisal-sama's state....?

I wander around the middle layer today.
Although quite a long time pa.s.sed since I reached the middle layer,  I still can't see the end.
As expected from the world's largest labyrinth.
If a man tries to capture this, isn't it that this is a level where the man have to be resolved to devote his life?

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Appraisal LV9』 has become 『Appraisal LV10』》


Finally, Appraisal-sama reach max level!
Uwa, I'm very happy!
The first one that I acquired, the Appraisal-sama that shared joys and sorrows has finally became a perfect form!

The "Appraisal" that was useless in the beginning.
A strange element is added whenever its level rises.
The joy that the usability gradually improves.
Appraisal-san who grew up and became splendid.
Although you were complained all the time, you grew up with effort.
And, to become the Appraisal-sama that everyone recognize.
Such you also have finally, finally!
You have done well.
I'm impressed!
Thank you, Appraisal-sama!
Please take care of me from now on, Appraisal-sama!

But, there's no evolution or derivation.
No, it's fine.
It's a great thing even if only Appraisal-sama reached max level.
Though I expected something like an evolution to a person who rules wisdom.
There's nothing.
I thought that there is if it's Appraisal-sama, but there's nothing.
It's a shock.
... Really nothing?

《Za,...... Zaa,...Za, Zaa, Zaa,......》

... What's this sound that's similar to the television's sandstorm?

《Zaa, Request, Zaa, ... lack of High Rank Administrator authority. Zaa, .......》


《Zaa, ... nager sari.........Zaa, ... Rejection, Zaa》

Somehow, it's dangerous.
Although I don't know what's dangerous, it's dangerous.

《Zaa, Pin!》

My body shook unintentionally when I heard the clear "Pin" sound.

《High Rank Administrator D accepted the request》
《Skill 『Wisdom』 is being constructed》
《Construction completed》

《Conditions met. Skill 『Wisdom』 was acquired》
《『Appraisal LV10』 has unified with 『Wisdom』》
《『Detection LV10』 has unified with 『Wisdom』》

《Skill proficiency reached. Skill 『Taboo LV7』 has become 『Taboo LV8』》

《Conditions met. t.i.tle 『Ruler of Wisdom』 was acquired》
《By the effects of the t.i.tle 『Ruler of Wisdom』, skill 『Magic Extremity』『Divine Magic』 was acquired》
《『MP Recovery Speed LV4』 has unified with 『Magic Extremity』》
《『MP Consumption Down LV4』 has unified with 『Magic Extremity』》
《『Magic Amount LV9』 has unified with 『Divine Magic』》 (星魔 )
《『Protection LV4』 has unified with 『Divine Magic』》


No no.
This is indeed strange in various ways.
What happen?
Why did it become like this?
What should I do?

Let's calm down.
Body in charge, first of all, take a deep breath.

Hi, hi, fuu.

Let's arrange it in turns.
First of all, it begun when I heard that sound.
What's that?
I don't know.
Although I will usually cast away things that I don't understand all the time, this time only won't that way.
After all, this is a clearly abnormal situation.

Abnormal, yes, it's abnormal.
Although I have acquired skills with recognition that this is such a world up until now, skills doesn't exist in j.a.pan.
It's more abnormal if there's skill in j.a.pan.
Such natural thing and this world is such a world, so is it okay to accept such a simple thought?

It was okay if it's a while ago.
But, now is different.
I certainly heard that the voice of heaven said like this.

《High Rank Administrator D accepted the request》
《Skill 『Wisdom』 is being constructed》
《Construction completed》

This words, it's just like someone is watching me and that person made a skill according to my grumble.

If it's really like that, then the criminal is the person called Administrator D.
And, when I think about the word "high rank", this existence called Administrator cannot be only be D.

Then, what does this Administrator manage?
It's decided.
If I think by this flow, that's the only that I can think.
In short, the skills in this world are given by those guys called Administrator.

What is it for?
As expected, I don't know that.
Although I don't know, I can only say this.

Something is strange in this world.

A cold thing runs on my back.
It's different from the time when I encounter the Earth Dragon and my Mother, it's an another kind of fear that invades me slowly.

The Administrator, are they chuckling when they see my panicking figure now?
The skills that I have relied on up until now has become something that's hard to be understand.
What should I do after this?
What should I do?

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