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In their own world, Xiu and Nora had completely forgotten that there were other people in the room as well. But seeing this sweet scene between these sisters, none of those people had dared to disturb.

If Xin Zimen had seen Xiu's possessiveness over Nora last night, now he was seeing Nora's concern over Xiu. One could hardly tell that they were not real sisters. Because the definitely loved each other as one.

"Zi bro, she said she felt tired and she was nauseous. Don't you think there is a chance that she is pregnant?"

Xin Zimen rolled his eyes at Francesca's stupid conjecture. While Xiu and Nora had gone rigid to hear her words. 

"France, there is no bun in the oven. Stop a.s.suming on your own. The doctor has confirmed her condition already. There are other million reasons for feeling nauseous and lethargic." Xin Zimen didn't even bother speaking nicely. He was stating the truth.

"It sounds funny when you say there is no bun in the oven," said Francesca as she tried to understand this strange term before she turned to her son with disdainful eyes, "Dear son, you need to work hard then. What a disappointment you are!"

While Darren gaped at his mother in disbelief, Xiu almost choked on air. Was she for real? Xiu placed her hands over her cheeks that were feeling hot and she could bet it wasn't because of the fever this time. 

When Nora finally looked at Francesca, her eyes widened. She had seen a photo of her with Darren where she had a.s.sumed that Francesca could be anyone but Darren's mother. But now the way she addressed Darren...

"She's really Darren's mother?" Nora couldn't help asking Xiu secretly.

Xiu nodded her head in reply. "So when are you planning on jumping down the building?" She wiggled her eyes at Nora who had a bet last time that if Francesca was Darren's mother, she'd jump down from their balcony or something. Xiu hadn't forgotten that. Not at all.

Nora's face was priceless as she looked at her best friend. "You'd be lonely without me so I dropped the idea."

Xiu shook her head at Nora amusingly. It's not that she really was looking forward to that jump. She was just amused to see Nora's reaction. It was worth it!

Nora stood up from beside Xiu and turned to Francesca, "Hi, I'm Nora Cartwright. I'm Xiu's best friend and her sister. I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier."

Francesca shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly. "Either my presence is too insignificant or you both really are alike. Because Xiu also didn't notice me when we first met." Nora pursed her lips because she knew how Xiu didn't notice her mother-in-law. She had heard that story. "From your expressions, I believe you're familiar with the story."

Nora nodded her head in response as she grinned, "I guess we really are alike then."

While they were busy with the introduction, Darren noticed someone else standing at the door. Xin Xiaosi! His eyes lingered on Xiu's hand which had a bandage on it then it shifted to see that bruise on Ah-Si's face before he turned to look at the baseball bat that his mother placed on the couch earlier and finally his eyes landed on Xin Zimen with a brow raised at him inquisitively.

"You're smart enough to connect the dots," was Xin Zimen's simple reply.

Darren couldn't help looking back at Xiu in surprise. This sweet girl could really do some damage, huh! He wasn't really surprised though. Knowing her personality, it wasn't hard to guess what must have happened. 

Instead of saying anything, Darren just picked Xiu up from the end and moved towards the door saying, "I think it's better if I take her home. She won't be able to rest here."

Xiu didn't protest. She also felt like she should be at home now. Even Xin Zimen didn't say anything this time since Darren was with Xiu unlike in the morning when she was planning on driving on her own in that condition. 

Outside the house, Darren placed Xiu in the backseat of his car. "Nora, you coming with us?"

Nora shook her head, "I have to go to mom's place."

"Then how are you going? We'll drop you on the way," Darren offered kindly.

"Nah... Thanks but I have the car, I'll manage."

Darren nodded his head and was about to sit beside Xiu when she suddenly yelped, "My bat!" And just as she said it, her precious bat appeared before her eyes. She looked over to see Xin Zimen holding it out to her.

"Try not to use it very often. But if you do happen to get in trouble, just give me a call."

Xiu grinned brightly as she took her bat from him then she saw him turning to Darren to give her medicine to him and also some advice which she couldn't hear. From her seat, she could also see Nora saying goodbye to her little baby girl. She looked really reluctant to part with that bundle of joy but she had to.

"So, I just learned something new today." Xiu looked up to see Francesca who was sitting behind the steering wheel. "I just got to know that Ah-Si has a daughter named Ava. I also got to know that Ava's mother is Nora. And I also learned that Ah-Si and Nora are not together but they both love each other even now."

"Huh? How do you know the last part?" Xiu couldn't help asking that. The way Francesca said that Ah-Si and Nora were in love with each other seemed like she was certain.

"Honey, it's that obvious," replied Francesca as she turned slightly to look at Xiu's face. "Their eyes can't stop looking at each other with that longing palpable in those orbs. Only an idiot won't be able to tell."

Xiu chuckled at her reply, "I guess those two are the only idiots then."

"And I very much agree with you," Francesca smiled at Xiu gently as she started the engine and shouted at her son, "Oi! Are you coming or what?!"

"Patience, mama!" Darren shouted back at her while she rolled her eyes at her son.

"He's such a sweetheart but he can be a really annoying person sometimes," Francesca grumbled to herself but Xiu didn't respond to it. 

Xiu had also learned somethings today...

One; It was a very nice and warm feeling someone took care of you. Like when Xin Zimen and Francesca fed her with their own hands.

Two; Some relationships were hard to understand but that didn't make them any less beautiful. Like Nora and Ah-Si.

Three; A child is not necessarily an image of his/her parents. Like in Darren's case, he might look slightly like his mother but his nature or character were definitely not like hers.

Four; She had fallen in love with this family.

Five; She'd very much like to become a part of this family. The idea of having a family wasn't as scary as before.

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