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Both best friend's turned their heads at once to see Xiu standing at the door with her eyes staring daggers at Dylan for some reason. Dylan could even feel his back turned cold because of the intensity of her gaze. What was wrong with her? Why was she looking like a bloodthirsty beast?

"Sweets?" Darren asked in a bit surprising tone but nonetheless a pleasant one. He knew that she took Nora somewhere and even thought that Xiu wasn't gonna be back till evening. And that's the reason why he decided to come to work since she wasn't home. It was truly a pleasant surprise to see her here.

Xiu - unbeknownst to his thought - however, wasn't in the mood to greet him yet. As she pointed her finger at Dylan and gritted out, "Get your paws off of my man! Right this instant!" 

Her statement was a bit... 

Darren and Dylan's face twitched seeing her domineering manner. Each word of hers was like icicles that were being thrown at Dylan. However, Darren found her intimidating manner to be a bit too cute. Awww, she was so adorable when she was angry. Those red puffed up cheeks really made him want to take a bite.

"I'm just hugging my best friend, what's wrong with that?" inquired Dylan after he got over his initial shock. He had no idea when or how she got here but her words were a bit ambiguous! 

"You're hara.s.sing my boyfriend," stated Xiu as she placed both her hands over her hips and stared at Dylan as if challenging him.

Dylan on the other hand almost puked blood at her choice of words. Hara.s.sment? Did a short circuit happen in her brain or something? Why was she uttering this rubbish?! Oh, no! It must be him whose brain had some fault. Otherwise, why'd he be willing to believe that this brat before her was actually his delicate and lovable G.o.ddess Xiu!

Xiu took long strides came to their side and tried with all of her strength to push Dylan away from Darren as she said, "Now, don't touch him! Keep at least three ft distance."

Dylan gnashed his teeth while he clenched his fists trying to calm down his anger but it seemed to be quite difficult right now. He let out a deep breath as he glowered, "Shouldn't you be brandishing your claws at other females around him? I'm his best friend!"

Xiu stood before Darren as if she was trying to protect him from Dylan as she replied calmly, "Sorry, but I feel most threatened by your presence. Other females? They don't even have a chance! But you! You're very sneaky and dangerous!"

Dylan's jaw dropped and hit the ground. What was she really implying? "For heaven's sake! He is like my brother! Also, I'm very much straight!"

Xiu shrugged her shoulders and said in nonchalance, "So what? I still don't trust you." She took a pause as she added, "Besides, have you seen my boyfriend? His beautifully gorgeous and deep grey eyes are enough to stir anyone's heart."

"Argh!" Dylan literally wanted to smash his head or hers. She was so unreasonable! This was the reason why it was so difficult to get along with her. She was stubborn! "You!" He pointed his trembling finger at her as he glowered, "You're really unreasonable!"

Xiu simply rolled her eyes at him in reply, "So are you, Mister!"

Dylan couldn't find a way to retort. He was rendered speechless. Indeed, he was just as unreasonable as she was. No wonder, Darren said they shared similarities.

Dylan's belly full of anger could only be swallowed. How was he supposed to deal with the fact that his G.o.ddess actually had a vicious tongue! This was unacceptable! His beautiful image of his G.o.ddess was being shattered now! 

Darren who had been silent throughout their exchange of verbal blows finally sighed. He was indeed amused to know that he was stuck between two equally matched kids. Oh, wait! Maybe his Sweets had an upper hand. Whatsoever, he still enjoyed this bickering. It reminded him of a scene where a wife was claiming her possession before the evil mistress.

However, in this case, the wife was Xiu and the evil mistress was none other than his best friend, Dylan. 

Darren really wanted to laugh out loud at these two. He didn't know what was wrong with them. But he was certain that with these two around, he'd be entertained for life. Because it was not possible for them to be at peace. He learned another thing, these two were actually turning into really good friends!

But the problem was that neither Xiu nor Dylan knew how to get over their initial disagreements. So, these two could only pretend to continue with those disagreements and dislikes for each other. It was really petty of them!

Then again, he knew that both Xiu and Dylan were indeed very petty.

He slowly lifted his hand to touch Xiu's head as he asked, "Are you done teasing him?"

Xiu turned her head around to look at Darren's face and scrunched up her face. "Not really. I'm having fun. His reactions are beyond my expectations."

Darren smiled at her. "But I think it's enough. Didi might decide to jump down from this building otherwise. Because you have finally managed to mess up his brain."

Xiu leaned into his touch as if she was the kitten being thoroughly pampered by her master. She adorably blinked at him. "Okay. If you say so, I'll stop now."

Hearing the exchange between them, Dylan's accusing eyes bore into Xiu. "You were playing with me?"

"Took you long enough to come around," stated Xiu with a chuckle. "Why are you so easy to fool, Dylan?" Dylan didn't know how to answer that question. He was actually not even paying attention to her words. He was focused on the way her eyes were sparkling with mischief and her smile... She really looked like a blooming flower.

That expression made something flash through his mind. This was the expression that made him fall in love with Chen Xiu. And at that moment, he could clearly see a mirror image of Chen Xiu in the girl standing before him. Ah! This girl was really confusing him!

Seeing him so quiet, Xiu felt weird as she turned around to look at Darren and asked, "Why is he not talking? Did I do something excessive?"

Darren shook his head. "No. You didn't do anything at all. He is just trying to calm himself."

Xiu's lips turned into an 'O' shape as she dragged out, "Oh..." 

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